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7 Best Free Datacamp Courses to Learn Online in 2023 [UPDATED]

Hello guys, if you are looking for free Datacamp courses to learn in-demand tech and data skills like Python, SQL, Data Science, Tableau, Data Analysis, etc then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared, best DataCamp courses for Beginners and in this article, I am going to share the best free Datacamp courses to learn Python, SQL, and Data skills. If you don't know, Datacamp is one of the most popular websites for learning Data skills. Their interactive and hands-on courses make learning really easy and that's why both beginners and intermediate data scientists join Datacamp. 

Online education is the type of education where students can learn in their home using only the internet connection and an entirely virtual environment. 

It encompasses learning via the internet and any subject like learning how to run your business and code your first website or even using phone apps to edit pictures and videos. This type of education has an estimation of $250 billion in 2020, and it will be increasing to almost $1 trillion as of 2027.

And there are many platforms out there letting students or any person create and upload their courses like Udemy, Coursera, Educative, Codecademy, and Pluralsight. Still, one of the best platforms run only by experienced people and target technical students is Datacamp.

7 Free DataCamp Courses to learn Python and SQL in 2023

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best free Datacamp courses to learn in-demand key skills in 2023 like SQL, Python, DataScience, Tableau, Seaborn, MatplotLib, etc.

7 Free DataCamp Courses for Beginners to Learn Python, SQL and Data Science  - Best of Lot

1. Introduction to Python [Free Course]

Python is a rapidly growing language among many developers since it can be used for almost any industry, such as data analysis and building web applications to program IoT devices. This course will teach you the python language and focus more on people who want to become data scientists. 

It will teach you the basics of this language, then learn the NumPy library and how to work with data like storing and manipulating your data. 

By the way, if you need more free courses to learn Python then you can also check out this list of best free Python courses for beginners. It contains the best free Python courses from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Educative, and CodeCademy. 

free Datacamp course to learn Python

2. Introduction to SQL [Free Online Course]

Another great course that students who want to become data scientists should take is SQL language. SQL is a language used to work with databases, and it can pull the data you need to perform your analysis. 

And this course will teach you to work with relational databases and begin your analysis using simple SQL commands. Then you will see how to filter your data according to your needs, use the aggregator functions, and sort & group your data.

And, if you need more free courses to learn SQL and database then you can also check out this list of best free SQL courses for beginners. It contains the best free SQL courses from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Educative, and Codecademy. 

free DataCamp course to learn SQL

3. Introduction to Tableau [Free Datacamp Course]

Tableau is a widely used software among companies such as Amazon to analyze their data, get insight for decision-making, and share the workbook between the team inside the company. You will learn first to import your data inside the software and its interface. 

You will start the visualization process and customizing them like slice and dice your data with filters. You will also explore how to visualize geographical data. Finally, learn best practices to tell the story about your data and share your insight.

free Datacamp course to learn Tableau

4. Data Analysis in Excel [Free Course]

Excel spreadsheet is a software developed by Microsoft.M. M. Most people think they are just used to store data and apply some easy functions. Companies are using this software to analyze big data and more. 

You will start learning about the data analysis process and exploring the Excel interface. You will learn to sort the tables and nesting functions and learn about cleaning your data using a variety of functions and apply all of what you’ve learned to a real dataset.

free Datacamp course to learn Data Analysis in Excel

5. Introduction to Power BI [Free]

Another alternative for Tableau software that companies use is Power BI, which Microsoft developed and owned and can give you excellent visual analytics capabilities. You will first discover the interface, start loading your dataset, and build a data model to understand the relationship between your tables and create some graphs. 

Then you will move to create more complex visualizations and customize them. Finally, make customized calculations using DAX, which is a Microsoft formula language.

free datacamp course to learn Power BI

6. Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib [FREE]

Python is a good language to learn when you want to visualize your data. There are a dozen of the library to achieve this goal, and matplotlib is one of them. This course will help you learn to use the matplotlib pyplot interface and create a simple visualization and customize that data appearance. 

And you will learn how to visualize your time-series data, which helps you clarify the trends and discover the relationship between them. Finally, learn to visualize the quantitative visualization and share your work with others.

free Datacamp course to learn Data Visualization with Matplotlib

7. Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn [FREE]

Many available visualization libraries for python language, and another one used a lot for statistical visualization and customization is known as seaborn, which is used a lot among data analysts. 

You will learn to create a scatter plot and count and plots using the most capability of seaborn, which is adding a third variable to your plot. Later, you will learn to visualize two quantitative and categorical variables and customize your seaborn plots.

free datacamp course to learn Data Visualization with Seaborn

That's all about the best free Datacamp courses to learn Python, SQL, Data Science, Tableau, and other important libraries. Datacamp is a must platform to learn from if you plan to become a data scientist or data analyst. It has hundreds of courses about subjects related to these fields, such as deep learning and machine learning for people who want to master artificial intelligence.

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