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Top 5 Websites to learn Google Cloud Platform Online for FREE in 2023 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn the Google Cloud platform, products, and services and looking for the best resources like books, online courses, tutorials, projects, and case studies then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared both best courses to learn Google Cloud platform as well as free Google cloud courses, and in this article, I Am going to share the best websites to learn about the Google Cloud Platform. These are great resources and include websites where can both learn and practice Google cloud for FREE. I have included both official courses where you can up-to-date material to learn Google cloud, do sample projects as well as online learning websites like Udemy and Coursera where you can get the best free resources to learn essential Google Cloud concepts. 

GCP or google cloud platform is a service where you can host your app or web application and run it in the cloud so people anywhere in the world can use it or you can host a regular website and it has data centers in many countries that lets you scale your business and the infrastructure that you get in the same what power the Google company and its services such as Gmail and so on.

Google cloud platform offers many products and tools that help your business such as compute where you can deploy and run your application. 

Another product is databases where you store information like the credentials of the users as well as another product for machine learning and AI where you can host your artificial intelligence app or take advantage of the pre-trained API such as vision.

This article will introduce you to some websites that will help you learn the Google cloud platform in-depth especially if you are a web developer who wants to deploy his app to the cloud. 

5 Best Websites to learn Google Cloud Platform for FREE

Here is a list of the best websites where you can learn Google Cloud Platform for FREE. These websites are reputed online websites and also contain both free and paid resources. I have mentioned both free and paid courses so that you can choose the best learning material depending upon your experience level. 

1. Udemy

If you asked me for the best resource to learn anything not only Google cloud platform I will suggest udemy as one of the best platforms and the first one in the term of the number of courses offered by tens of thousands of instructors around the world in different languages.

Many courses are available out there to teach you how to use the different products that are offered by this GCP service as well as how to deploy your applications. 

For example, you can join the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners course by Janakiram MSV on Udemy. This 4 hours long course will teach you everything you need to know about Google CloudPlatform. 

And, if you need free resources then you can also join the free course,  Google Cloud Platform Concepts on Udemy to learn essential Google Cloud services for the same purpose. 

free Udemy courses to learn Google Cloud

3. Coursera

The third suggestion in this article is a platform that is different than anyone else because its courses are not created by normal people but it is offered from top universities in the world and some of them deep-dive you into more concepts what's known as specializations.

When you search for GCP courses on Coursera you will find many courses that teach you the cloud architecture of Google clouds such as this course Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud Professional Certificate which is one of the most recommended courses to prepare for the Google Cloud Professional architect exam as well as a great resource to learn Google Cloud.

The best thing about Coursera is that all of their Google cloud courses are created by Google Cloud Training itself which means you will be learning from the source. For beginners, there is another one that teaches you the different products of google cloud so if you are a beginner you can start exploring this service with this course called Google Cloud Product Fundamentals

Most of the Coursera courses are free-to-audit, which means you can join them for free but you cannot access labs and assessments for that you need to purchase Coursera Plus, a membership plan or you need to join the specialization which cost around $39 per month.  If you want to pursue certification on Coursera, I recommend joining Coursera Plus to gain unlimited access to certificates and projects for just $59 per month. 

Free Coursera Courses to learn Google Cloud

3. Pluralsight [Free Trial]

Another great platform for learning GCP is Pluralsight among tens of courses out there to master these skills and learn how to deploy your project on the cloud and in this article, I’m doing to suggest some of the best courses on this platform.

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals is one of the simplest courses aimed to be for beginners who want to learn GCP and the difference between it and the other cloud providers as well as the architectural patterns of its common application. 

Another one is Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals — Core Infrastructure teaches you the different products available on this platform and how to incorporate cloud-based solutions. 

By the way, Pluralsight also has a partnership with Google Cloud but their courses are not exactly free, you need to get Pluralsight membership to access these courses which cost around $299 per annum but they also provide a 10-day free trial which you can use to access their courses for FREE. 

free Pluralsight courses to learn Google Cloud

4. cloud.google.com

This is the official website of Google cloud and it has tons of up-to-date resources to learn Google Cloud concepts. You can explore this website to learn essential Google Cloud services and the platform itself. 

It has small and big tutorials, case studies as well as detailed documentation to learn everything about a particular Google Cloud service or platform you want.  I particularly liked their Getting Started section and Best practices section which highlights best practices to get most of Google Cloud Platform

They have both text-based and video tutorials as well sample projects where you can get some hands-on practice. For example, the Bookshelf app is a sample web app that shows you how to use a variety of Google Cloud products and services like App Engine, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and much more 

You can also start these resources on any programming language of your choice like Java, Python, JavaScript, .NET, Golang, Ruby, and PHP

There are also resources to prepare for various Google Cloud certifications like Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer, Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and much more. If you want to learn Google Cloud in-depth, you should bookmark this website. 

best Places to learn Google Cloud Concepts

5. cloud academy

The last suggestion in this article is one of the great websites and probably the most growing and fastest in producing new courses in different technology topics and programming languages.

Many courses out there for Google cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals show you how to deploy your application in the GCP cloud how to utilize database service and networking inside the cloud and more.

best websites to learn Google Cloud for FREE

6. Edureka

Edureka is a small online e-learning platform that teaches you different topics about technologies such as machine learning data science web development and many programming languages such as python PHP and more.

Not many courses about GCP on this website but I’ve found one that looks pretty interesting called Google Cloud Certification Training that will deep dive you into what is this service and the different products that are available out there. 

best websites to learn Google Cloud

That's all about the best websites to learn Google Cloud Platform for FREE in 2023. Every business now should have a website so they connect with people by sharing articles and tips or a subscription model business to earn money and for this kind of website they should have a special hosting provider not like the regular one that we know so for that google have launched a service called Google Cloud Platform or GCP.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like this list of best websites to learn Google Cloud Platform and services online then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you don't mind spending a few bucks for learning a valuable and in-demand skill like Google Cloud Platform which is going to serve you for a long time then I highly recommend you to check out Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners course on Udemy by Janakiram which is one of the best Google Cloud course for beginners. 

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Thanks for sharing useful resources. I think you missed Youtube, particularly freecodecamp Youtube channel which has a lot of free resources. even Google Cloud own Youtube channel has a lot of free courses to learn key services.

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