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Is worth to Learn Tech Skills? Should You join Eductaive? Review

Hello guys, if you are thinking bout joining Educative to learn new tech skills in a guided, an interactive manner but not sure then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best Educative courses for programmers and software developers as well their best  free text based courses to learn programming, and  also reviewed their best online courses like Grokking the System Design course, and OOP Design course and in this article, I will review the for learning Tech skills and preparing for Coding Interviews using online courses in 2022. 

Online education is the new trend in this age, and you can say it is not enough to rely on your college degree if you want to get hired from big companies or learn high skills that are in demand just by the college. Many online platforms come to this life taking advantage of this trending, and one of them is called Educative

1. What is Educative?

For people who want to be a software developer and learn computer science as a beginner or even already working as a software developer but want to upgrade their skills, you better see the platform.

Educative is a platform designed to teach people and professionals the skills needed to become a software developer using online courses in many different programming languages and topics such as web development & mobile app development.

What separates Educative from other popular online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, Datacamp, edx, Udacity, and Codecademy is their text-based interactive courses and platform which allows you to run Java, Python, JavaScript or any programming code on your browser.

This ability of Educative have removed a lot of friction which beginners and even experienced developer face while learning a new technology and that's why you not only learn quickly but also learn better and remember things longer than just watching videos. 


2. What Courses Does Educative has?

Educative is a profit company offering courses in the category that is related to programming and software development such as python languageweb development technologies, machine learning, mobile app development, cloud computing, databases, software testing, system design, and even more, to name a few. 

Apart from that they have the best online courses to prepare for Coding interviews. Instead of giving just one course to shallow preparation, Educative has dedicated courses to prepare key coding interview topics in depth.

For example, their Grokking the System Design Interview Course is one of the best online resource to prepare for System design interview, which is often the difference between success and failure in coding interviews. 

They have now also launched its second part to cover more advanced topic in advanced System design interviews, both of these courses are amazing resources to crack system design questions on programming job interviews. 

Grokking the System Design Interview Course review

Similarly, their Grokking the Coding Interview Pattern course is one of its kind course which teaches you 15 essential coding patterns like sliding window, two pointer, fast and slow pointers etc which can be used to solve 100+ Leetcode problems. 

This is way better than just blindly practicing leetcode problem and hoping that you will get one of them on interview only to get disappointed in the end. 

Learning these patterns not only teaches you how to solve common coding problems but also prepare you for unseen and unknown coding problem which is normally asked on FAANG and big tech interviews. 

Grokking the Coding Interview Pattern course review

Unlike the other online learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, edx, they offer video courses, educative offers articles tutorials, and interactive environments to practice what you’ve learned.

3. Who Share Courses On Educative?

Many other online platforms, such as Udemy, let everyone publish a course and set their pricing. Coursera edx lets only organization and top universities publish their content, but for educative, it is different. 

This platform has experienced developers who always publish new content and make it one of the best online education and trusted websites for even employees who work for big names companies such as Amazon & Google, with more than 975k learners today.

4. Educative Courses Recommendations

If you liked the platform and you want to try learning some new skills, then I will try to suggest some of the best courses that will boost your career as a software developer, but it all depends on your need and what you want to be at the end:

5.1. Python for Programmers: this is an excellent introductory course for learning python language that is one of the good and in-demand skills in many jobs now, and you can create endless projects with this language.

5.2. Beginning Flutter: this is a framework based on the dart language which can develop hybrid mobile apps, which means you can create one code and extract mobile apps that run on iOS & Android.

5. Educative Pricing

Most of the Educative courses are paid, but you can have a FREE account with limited access to their courses and other benefits. Educative has programs like Educative unlimited which charge per month subscription or yearly subscription will cost around $9.99 per month if you pay yearly, which will be billed as $119, and for the monthly plan, it can cost you approximately $35 per month, which is a lot more expensive than the other option.

Is Educative Unlimited Worth it?

You can also pay for two years at once, which will cost you around $8.97 per month, and billed for two years for $215, which is better than the other two plans if you want to use this platform for a long time. The price may sometimes change depending on the day you see it, and maybe they will run sales on some specific days to sell more courses.

Also, courses in educative can be purchased individually, and you won’t lose access to that content forever. Hence, it is a good thing for people interested only in one topic, not using this platform for a long time, and learning many other skills. Otherwise, a subscription will be better for this situation.

Most developers and engineering expect an online education platform based on videos. Still, tutorials based on text are better than videos since the average number of words spoken in a video is 150 words per minute. The average reader can achieve 250 words per minute, making it faster for learning new things and don’t expect to watch a total of 3 hours of video content that can be hard to understand.

The educative platform also has a plan for teams, so if you are a company that has at least three employees and up to 25, you can purchase the team plan, which will cost around $119 per learner per year. If you have a company with more than 25 employees, you need to contact them for the price of this whole package.


Thanks for reading! As I’ve mentioned, Educative has more than 975k learners and thousands of companies using their content, which makes it a trustworthy platform to learn new skills and upgrade yourself in software development. They also offer 7-days-free trial which is a great way to check there courses and platforms and I strongly recommend this to you. It's free and you get a chance to check their most amazing courses. 


John said...

What is difference in Educative and CodeCademy, both looks similar to me and in face CodeCademy learning experience is even better than Educative? Udemy and Coursera are completely different as they are video based courses.

javin paul said...

Yes, both are similar platform but Educative has wide range of courses and content for everyone, Codecademy is more beginner level course.

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