How Long does it Take to Learn Machine Learning in 2023?

Hello guys, if you want to learn Machine Learning in 2023 and wondering how long does it take to learn Machine Learning and become a Machine Learning Engineer then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best free Machine Learning courses and books and in this article, I will share how much time it take to learn Machine Learning and how you can quickly learn essential ML concepts and become a Machine Learning Engineer in 2023 but before that let's see what does Machine Learning means? Machine learning is the science of making the machine predict the result of something based on previous data. 

This science uses python language to create a machine learning model that can improve itself by learning. Completing the roadmap of being a machine learning engineer is long, and this article will explain the skills you need to know and how long it takes.

1. How Long Does It Take To Learn Machine Learning?

Let’s face it, you can’t master anything in this world, but being a beginner in machine learning can take you up to six months if you put many hours a day learning, such as five to six hours in learning this skill if you already have at least some experience in the mathematics knowledge and also have some analytics skills, if not, then you may take more time than six months.

Machine Learning RoadMap - How Long Does It Take To Learn Machine Learning?

2. Can you learn machine learning by yourself?

The quick answer is yes. You can learn machine learning by yourself at home, take online classes without even attending a degree in college, and spend that much time and money. 

Many companies nowadays, especially in the united states, rely on your skills more than a degree, so if you could learn machine learning and showcase your projects to the employee, you probably get hires.

3. How much will every skill take to learn?

Machine learning is a massive industry, and it takes a long time to master and a set of skills you need to have in your belt to get a beginner salary in a tech company. Let’s see some of the essential skills you need to understand to be a machine learning engineer:

3.1. Python Language: machine learning depends a lot on this language, so you may need to learn Python before jumping to the machine learning algorithms and any other skill. Taking an online course in Python is an excellent way to learn this language. I will recommend Python For Everybody specialization, which will take about three months to complete. You will be intermediate level as a python developer

best Python course for machine learning

3.2. Mathematics: learning math will help you a lot in your journey of being a matching learning engineer. It would be best to learn this foundation before jumping to algorithms and developing machine learning models. You can take this course, Mathematics for Machine Learning which will take around two months to complete.

best Coursera course to learn Mathematics for Machine Learning

3.3. Statistics: you can’t be a machine learning engineer and get a real job without understanding at least the basics of this science. You can consider statistics the core and an integral part of the machine learning/AI system. You can take this course, Introduction to Statistics, to learn its basics without any knowledge required and will take a few days to a week to learn it.

best Coursera course to learn Statistics

3.4. R Language is another good language for data analysis, visualization, and Python. You can choose one of these two languages, but knowing both is a huge advantage to showcase your ability to the employee. I will recommend this course, R Programming to learn the basics, which will take a few days to a week if you have some background in programming.

best Coursera course to learn R for Machine Learning

3.6. Machine Learning: you can take this course if you are comfortable using the python language and know the mathematics and statistics fields. This course, called Machine Learning, will help you learn the machine learning algorithms using Python, and it can take a month to complete.

best IBM course for Machine Learning

4. Courses Recommendations 

Many machine learning courses are available that will teach you this field using Python, and it may be challenging to choose the right course, but let me help you and suggest some courses:

4.1. IBM Machine Learning

You can learn machine learning from the IBM expert in this course, but it requires you to know the Python programing language. You will learn data analysis, supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, deep learning, and more.

best Couresra course for Machine Learning

4.2. Machine Learning A-Z

This is an exceptional course that will teach you first pre-process data using the two languages python/R, and then you will deep dive into machine learning using the python language. You will learn things like regression, classification, clustering, reinforcement learning, NLP, and more.

best Udemy course for Machine Learning

4.3. The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

This book will help you get foundational machine learning algorithms for beginners and experts who want to extend their knowledge in this field using the python language.

best book to learn Machine Learning


That's all about how long does it take to learn Machine Learning and become a Machine Learning Engineer in 2023. Machine learning involves many skills, not only mathematics knowledge and analytics skills but also how to code using Python/R languages, understanding data structures, data modeling, and more, but that depends on the job offer and which skills they require you to have since no one can learn and master everything and not all companies use the same language for machine learning.

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