Top 5 DevOps Certifications to Aim in 2023

Hello guys, if you want to become a DevOps Engineer or already playing a DevOps role and want to take your skills to next level and at the same time also want to acquire certifications to showcase those skills then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared top certifications for Java Developers, Azure Developers, AWS certifications, and Cloud Computing in general and in this article, I am going to share 5 best DevOps certification you can aim in 2023.  Development and operations are combined in DevOps. It's a popular approach that's being implemented by IT companies all around the globe. As a result, DevOps certification has grown fashionable in recent years. 

DevOps is more than simply a development methodology or a collection of automation tools; it's a subculture that brings research and administration teams together to collaborate on products.An authorized DevOps certification certifies a candidate's abilities and expertise in a certain area and helps in the development of a solid portfolio. It indicates to recruiters that the individual has practical experience. 

Through performance evaluations, numerous exams, quizzes, and training courses, a DevOps certification verifies that the applicant has met industry requirements.

5 Best DevOps Certification to Aim in 2023

DevOps is a complex subject, and there are a lot of qualifications to choose from. Some of them use several cloud suppliers, while others use various DevOps tools. Everything you need to know today is which certification will provide you with the best return on investment in 2023.

In brief, before investing in such certificates, you should always consult with other business experts and specialists. To save you time, we've compiled a list of the top 5 most widely recognized DevOps certifications where you can get right now.

1. Docker Certified Associate

Top 5 DevOps Certifications to Aim

The Docker Certified Associate certification helps in enhancing your abilities as a seasoned Docker practitioner and serves as a benchmark for real-world Docker expertise throughout the container industry.

You're probably already familiar with Docker, a critical DevOps technology. It's essentially a group of service platform technologies that provide applications in containers using OS-level virtualization. 

You will be able to comprehend Docker and its function in the DevOps lifecycle, construct images, containers, clusters, volumes, and networks, understand Docker security client packages and client-server authentication, and much more after completing your Docker Associate Certification.

Syllabus to work on :
  • Description of the Course
  • Version Control Systems in DevOps: A Quick Guide
  • Frameworks for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Automation Testing
  • Management Tools for Configuration
  • Continuous Monitoring in DevOps Practice Projects Requires Containerization with Docker

Course to learn for this certification

DevOps Culture and Mindset By Coursera.

In 2023, this is one of the finest online courses for learning DevOps. This training course will take you through the important DevOps foundation principles, concentrating on the DevOps engineer's attitude and culture, as well as how the development and operations teams collaborate in the same environment.

2. CKAD Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

This credential is for experts that use the Kubernetes ecosystem's basic principles. Candidates are assessed on their ability to design, construct, expose, and configure Kubernetes native cloud applications.

The key phase in the process is certification, which allows certified app developers to swiftly establish their reputation and worth in the job market, as well as for enterprises to acquire high-quality staff to reach their potential.

Candidates should also be familiar with cloud-native application principles, OCI-Compliant Container Runtime, and networking, as well as programming languages like Go, Python, or Java.
This test verifies a candidate's knowledge of Kubernetes, including their experience, abilities, application knowledge, and acquaintance with the platform.

Syllabus to work on :

  • Application lifecycle management.
  • Kubernetes fundamental principles
  • Networking, security, and encryption are all important considerations.
  • Monitoring and logging
  • Troubleshooting and security
  • Validation and installation.
  • Management of configurations.

Course to learn for this certification

Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course By Udemy
This is excellent Udemy course for learning DevOps with Kubernetes. If you want to manage and control your containers, have a look at this course on how to use Kubernetes to design, deploy, and scale your web application, and how to emulate Google's infrastructure agility and efficiency.


3. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

This is among the most prominent DevOps certificates right now, and industry specialists all around the globe recognize it. It enables you to boost your career by validating your DevOps skills and knowledge. 

This is a professional test for DevOps experts with multiple years of expertise creating, running, provisioning, and maintaining infrastructures in Amazon Web Services (AWS) settings.

It verifies your skills in areas such as AWS CD and CI systems, automated security controls, compliance validation, AWS governance, and monitoring procedures, implementing metrics, and logging. The DevOps certification assesses your ability to build highly scalable, self-healing systems on AWS.

Syllabus to work on :
  • Monitoring and logging Policies
  • Standard Automation Incident
  • Event Response High Availability, Fault Tolerance,
  • Disaster Recovery SDLC Automation Configuration Management
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) Monitoring and logging Policies
  • Standard Automation Incident
  • Event Response High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery

Course to learn for this certification

DevOps Tutorial: Complete Beginners Training — 5 in 1 Bundle By Udemy
This is perhaps the most thorough DevOps engineering Udemy course. This course explains the principles of conventional and new-age development philosophy, as well as the fundamentals of the DevOps approach, including how it works and how the team collaborates to sustain app development.


4. Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

The Azure Certified DevOps Engineer course emphasizes practical expertise with DevOps technology and tools, as well as an understanding of DevOps and Agile processes. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps experts are in charge of connecting people, processes, and technology to provide valuable goods and services that satisfy end-user demands and company goals on a continual basis.

Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Specialist training and certification is a role-based certification that reflects the Azure DevOps Engineer job position and so indicates that you have the necessary knowledge and abilities to function in that capacity.

Syllabus to work on :
  • Logging system design and implementation
  • Telemetry system design and implementation
  • Using logging and monitoring software together
  • Creating a notification strategy
  • Creating a method for predicting failure
  • Creating and implementing a health assessment
  • Creating a strategy for authentication and authorization
  • Developing a plan for handling sensitive data
  • Creating security and conformity
  • Creating systems for governance enforcement

Course to learn for this certification

DevOps Practices and Principles By EDX.
It is one of the greatest edX courses for experienced engineers to learn DevOps. This course will go into more advanced principles as well as essential ideals for implementing DevOps in a real-world enterprise.


5. Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

This is a Google-accredited certification for skilled cloud DevOps engineers offered by GCP. These specialists are typically in charge of effectively carrying out development activities in order to strike a balance between frequent delivery and service dependability.

This credential is for GCP experts who can create pipelines for providing applications, monitoring tools, and deploying them. Professionals interested in pursuing this certificate should have three or more years of work experience and two or more years of professional experience managing GCP solutions.

Syllabus to work on :
Taking care of service-related problems.
Creating and deploying CI/CD pipelines for services.
Increasing the efficiency of services.
Developing and implementing plans and strategies for effective service monitoring.
SRE concepts are being put into practice.

Course to learn for this certification

DevOps: The Big Picture By Pluralsight.
This Pluralsight course explains the concepts underlying the DevOps phrase, such as what is DevOps and how your business can restructure its development and operations teams' workflows to collaborate on product creation and deployment.


Wrapping up

We've spoken about DevOps, a popular software development culture, and the job of a DevOps engineer in this post. We also went through a few explanations why you should pursue at least one DevOps certification as an expert to validate your abilities.

We next went through the top 5 best DevOps certifications you can get in 2023, as well as its characteristics, curriculum, cost, test structure, and length. We hope that by looking at all of the top certified DevOps certifications accessible online, you will be able to choose the ideal one for you.

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