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Top 5 Online Courses to Learn REST Assured for Testing in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn REST Assured tool for testing your API and RESTful Web services and looking for the best online courses to learn REST Assured then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best online courses to learn various REST API development tools like Postman, SoapUI, and Selenium, and today, I am going to share the best REST Assured courses to learn this useful tool in 2024. These are the best resource I can find to learn REST assured, particularly when it comes to choosing online courses and they are from popular online platforms like Udemy and Pluralsight. You can join one or two of these courses to master this excellent tool to automate your REST API Testing.

So, we are here again and we meet for today on our journey of java. Hope you all are doing well and are in your pink of health. So, our today's topic is very exciting and we will be learning something very essential for our industrial journey. 

Today we will check out some of the best REST assured courses available in the market and will take a look at each one's benefits. So, what's the wait? Let's start! 

First of all, I hope everyone who is here knows what RESTAssured is and what it is used for. But, if you don't do not worry. For someone who is new to this field, let us have a quick look at what REST Assured is and how it is used, and what are pros and cons of RESTAssured are over other online automation testing tools like SoapUI, Postman, and Selenium.

What is REST Assured? 

This is the first in a series of Rest Assured Tutorials, which is a popular package for REST API Automation Testing. Rest-Assured is a Java-based library for RESTful Web Service testing. To access REST web services, this library acts as a headless client. 

To send to the Restful server, we may generate extremely customizable HTTP Requests. As a result, we may test a wide range of Request combinations, as well as various combinations of fundamental business logic.

The Rest-Assured library also allows you to validate the HTTP responses that you get from the server. We may check the status code, the Status message, the Headers, and even the Body of the response, for example.

Now, we are talking about REST Assured and how it is used for API testing. let us also take a look at what an API is and what API testing is and what REST is.

Application Programming Interface is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. It consists of a collection of functions that another software system can access and perform. As a result, it acts as a bridge between other software systems, allowing them to communicate and share data. 

REST is an architectural paradigm for inter-machine communication that leverages basic HTTP requests. REST lacks a message layer and instead relies on architectural conventions for designing stateless services. The resource may be accessed using the unique URI, and a representation of the resource is delivered to the client. 

The client is said to transmit state with each new resource representation. When using the HTTP protocol to access RESTful resources, the URL of the resource acts as the resource identifier, and the typical HTTP operations to be performed on that resource are GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, and HEAD.

3 Best REST Assured Online Training Courses for Java developers

Now that you know what is REST and how REST Assured can help you to write powerful, readable, and clean tests to automatically test your REST API, it's time to check the best courses you can join to learn RESTAssured in 2024. 

Now Let's see each one in detail

1. Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch -RestAssured Java

This is one of the best Udemy courses to learn REST API Testing using the Rest Assured tool. You will learn how to DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured API AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS using  REST Assured API.

The course is filled with many real-world examples which will help you gain a thorough knowledge of REST API Automation with RestAssured. It provides a comprehensive understanding of REST manual testing tools such as POSTMAN, as well as various practice API's showcase specialized

The course also comes with Instructor QnA where instructors will assist you with queries within 24 HOURS, resume preparation, and interview questions. You will also get an additional understanding of how to create outstanding client reports for API Test results.

By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of REST API Automation testing

And, here is the link to join this course Rest API Testing (Automation) from Scratch -RestAssured Java
Top 5 Courses to Learn REST Assured for Testing

        what does the course explain? 

    • Understanding the REST API architecture
    • Terminologies such as Endpoint, Resources, Payload, Parameters
    • What is POSTMAN?
    • How to test API with Postman?
    • Different types of REST requests
    • What is REST ASSured?
    • Setting up REST ASSURED environment for automation
    • Discussion on Google API's for automation
    • REST Assured methods
    • REST Assured validations
    • Methods to validate JSON and XPath responses
    • Optimizing scripts to Framework standards
    • Discussion on JIRA API's
    • Discussion on Twitter API's
    • Understanding OAuth authentication
    • POJO Classes usage
    • Serialization & Deserialization for Json inputs and outputs
    • Tons of examples of automating API's with rest assured validations
    • Logging feature to log responses
    • Migrating project to TestNG framework
    • Building Maven set up as a build management tool 
    • Creating BAT file to run the whole project with a single click

2. REST Assured API Automation, Allure Reports – An Introduction

This is a great course to learn the RESTassured tool. You will learn it by using the 'given-when-then' technique, creating REST Assured tests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE). You will also learn how to use Jayway JsonPath is used to extract responses.

what does the course explain?
  • Learn how to use POSTMAN to construct collections and environment variables.
  • POSTMAN is a protocol for sending requests that you should be familiar with and utilize (using GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, and HEAD operations)
  • REST Assured, a famous open-source framework for API test automation, is introduced.
  • Learn how to build up a Maven project using REST Assured.
  • Learn how to use REST Assured to develop tests for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests.
  • Learn how to utilize Allure Reports and how to set up and customize them.
  • In your reports, include stunning DisplayNames, Descriptions, and links to content.
  • In the reports, provide full test step information as well as attachment information.
  • How to Create a set of fictitious test results.
  • How to use POSTMAN to create collections and environments.
  • How to use POSTMAN  to submit various requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS & HEAD)
  • In Eclipse, create a REST Assured Maven project.
And, here is the link to join this course - REST Assured API Automation– An Introduction

Best Udemy course to learn REST assured tool


3. REST API Automation With REST Assured – A Complete Guide

This is another excellent online course to learn RET-assured testing tools in 2024. In this course, REST Assured, a popular open-source toolkit for API testing automation, is introduced using an example application supplied in the course, learn how to create tests for getting, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE operations.

You will learn how to test and extract the answer, understand and use JSONPath and XML Path (with Groovy syntax) and learn how ot use the Root path functionality to make creating JSONPath easier.

Along the way, you will also learn different Rest Assured concepts which are demonstrated through practical examples (Request Specification, Response Specification, Logging, Parameters, File Download, etc.)

Here are all the things you will learn in this course
  • Keeping track of requests and responses depending on test results
  • Using Request/Response specification concepts, you can avoid writing repetitive code.
  • Uploading and downloading files, sending SOAP queries, and utilizing Rest Assured to send requests via a proxy server
  • Rest Assured OAUTH1 Authentication with Twitter, OAUTH2 Authentication with Paypal
  • Rest Assured authentication with Spring Security and CSRF Token-based applications
  • Logging, request/response specifications, RootPath JSONPath, XMLPath, JSoup Libraries for data extraction Hard Asserts, Soft Asserts, Multiple Asserts, full JSON Body Assertions using JSONAssert Library
  • Jenkins & GitHub for Continuous Integration
  • Reports on Allure Implementation in TestFramework and Jenkins configuration

And, here is the link to join this course - REST API Automation With REST Assured – A Complete Guide

best REST assured online courses for java developers

REST Assured FAQ

Now that we have seen the best resources to learn the RESTAssured tool, now let's go through some common questions that many people ask about REST Assured, particularly beginners who just started learning this awesome tool

1. Is REST Assured open source?
REST Assured is an open-source (free) Java library available for testing primarily the RESTful web services.

2. Is REST Assured thread-safe?
Currently REST Assured is not entirely thread-safe.

3. What are the benefits of using REST assured
With REST assured,  you will get 
  •  fluence Java DSL, that among other things increases readability
  • A Flexible verification mechanism influenced by dynamic langauge like Groroyv
  • Verification and matches for both JSON and XML payload. 

That's all about the best online courses to learn RESTAssured in 2024. As I said, this is an excellent tool to automate your REST API testing and a good knowledge of this goes a long way in becoming a better and more competent full-stack Java developer. The Fluent Java DSL of REST Assured really makes writing testing easy and more readable and its various verification mechanism makes it easy to verify results. 

Hope you guys are now ready to choose the best REST Assured course as per your preference. If you ask me, I always recommend Udemy because they are most affordable and you can get most of these courses for just $9.9 on their frequent sales which run every month. 

By the way, I have only shared 3 courses now but I plan to add more to this, if you got any excellent courses, feel free to suggest them in the comments. 

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best RESTASsured online courses then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

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