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3 Books to Learn Eclipse IDE for Java JEE Programmers - Best of Lot

In order to become a good Java developer solid knowledge of Eclipse IDE, or whatever IDE you use, like Netbeans or IntelliJIDea, is a must. Java has been blessed with excellent tooling which turbo-charge application development. IDEs or Integrated Development Environment allows you to code, run, test, and debug from just one tool. They are an immense productivity booster. Since I have started Java development coding in Notepad, TextPad, and JCreator, I know how it feels to have the power of IDEs with you. There are three big IDEs in Java world, Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJIDEA. The first two are free, and the third one requires the license. I use Eclipse, and it's also the most popular IDE in Java world.

I have been writing about Eclipse productivity tips and useful shortcuts for a long time in this blog, but I have never shared some great books to learn Eclipse IDE. I didn't think about it until one of the readers chatted with me on Facebook and ask for some recommendation because he was struggling with Eclipse and his project requires him to work on Eclipse IDE.

This article is dedicated to all those Java programmers who want to learn Eclipse IDE better. It doesn't matter, where you are a core Java programmer or a Java EE developer,   you will learn a lot from these Eclipse books.

You will not only learn how to use Eclipse IDE effectively but also, learn some hidden gems of Eclipse, which will help you in your day to day work. It's always worth to invest some time and money learning the Eclipse IDE itself, this will make you more productive in Eclipse IDE.

Btw, Along with these books, I also recommend you to check the Beginners Eclipse Java IDE Training Course from Udemy to learn in a more interactive way.

Books to Learn Eclipse IDE for Java JEE Developers

If you have just downloaded Eclipse IDE for Java or JEE developers and not sure how to start, read the Eclipse IDE (vogella) by Lars Vogel. This book assumes no prior knowledge and can be used by a new Java developer to learn Eclipse.

It's an essential read if you want to become a more productive Java developer. It covers a more recent version of Eclipse IDE, like Eclipse 4.2 and Eclipse 4.3, so it's one of the updated books to learn Eclipse in the market. You can also combine this book with  The Eclipse Guided Tour - Part 1 and 2 courses from Pluralsight for more active learning.

Best book to learn Eclipse IDE

Just remember, you need Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers to access the database. It contains tools for database development, e.g. database explorer. The Eclipse IDE for Java Developers doesn't contain those tools by default. FYI, I am using Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers, Version: Kepler Service Release 2.

Alternatively, if you are primarily a Java EE developer, then you can also take a look at Ram Kulkarni's Java EE Development with Eclipse book, which will help you to write code, debug, test, and troubleshoot Java EE 7 applications right from the Eclipse IDE.  One of the best Eclipse books for Java EE developers.

Best Eclipse book for Java EE Developers

The third book, which I am going to suggest is one of the most popular ones, and many of you already knew about it, David Gallardo's Eclipse in Action: A Guide for the Java Developer. Once you download Eclipse and realize that it's quite big took, you need a textbook that can help you to move along.

Best Book to learn Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

This book, which is full of practical tips, tricks, and step by step guide to tell you how to run a Java program or how to remote debug a Java program. This book will tell you everything about Eclipse features, plugins, and how to use Eclipse for Java JEE development.

It will teach how to write JSP, how to use content assist with JSP and Servlet, how to install Tomcat Server for running Java web application from Eclipse etc. In short, one of the good companion books when you start using Eclipse IDE.

Further Learning
Beginners Eclipse Java IDE Training Course
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P. S. - If you prefer IntelliJIDEA over Eclipse and looking for some free resources to learn IntelliJIDEA better for Java programming then I also suggest you check out this free IntelliJIDEA course on Udemy. It's a great course to improve your productivity on IntelliJIDEA.

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