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List of Tibco RV, EMS Tutorials , Tips from Javarevisited

Hi guys , just thought about some more topics to explain on this tibco tutorial series , let me know out of below which Tibco topics you would like to me cover first , please suggest if you have other topics in mind. I am now updating this post as most of the topics are already covered but I forgot to update this post.

I have covered difference between routing daemon and Tibco daemon in this part. basically main difference between both of them is the purpose. RVD is mainly for sending and receiving message in same network between two Tibco RV publisher and subscriber while RVRD is used to bridge two different network from two different countries, cities or even continent. Most of the investment banks has RVRD bridging there London to New-york traffic or London to Tokyo traffic. Bandwidth of these WAN networks are very important because if  you have just one slow Tibco subscriber that can bring down whole network link between two regions. We had an incident when one of out application is publishing huge amount of updates in MB and on other side we had a GUI on a slow desktop which is keep asking for resend, this problem is often referred as Tibco RV storm and its very serious issue while working with Tibco messaging. One important thing to note here is reliability parameter of tibco rv which actually defines how long publisher should hold the message if set very low can cause frequent retransmission request.

The Most Simple trick to Loss Weight - Buy A Digital Weight Machine and Check Your Weight Daily

You must be wondering why I am sharing a weight loss or physical fitness tip in my Java programming blog? Well, after reading Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual by John Sonmez, a software developer, and life coach, I found that fitness is very important for programmers and it's about time we should take it seriously.  In general, programmers and IT professionals are not the most physically active persons and hence the easy target for the life-threating disease like heart-attack and diabetic. I started my weight loss journey last year, achieved something but lost it again due to busy work schedule. In this article, I am going to share some of my experience, starting with the most simple trick to lose weight, which worked for me and helped me to lose 8Kg in 3 months.

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What are builtin Properties in ANT >> Tutorial Example

This is the fourth article of series "ant tutorial for beginners" here I have included some more fundamental concept in form of Q/A to provide you clear and concise description and situation where you apply these concept. Please let me know if you have any questions , comments I will be happy to reply those .

What are built in properties available in ant ?
Built in properties are those which ant provides by default , you need not have to declare these property you can just use it. You can divide them in two parts

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to use Regular Expression in Unix Linux

One of the most powerful tools available to programmers are Regular Expressions, if you are good with regular expressions you can solve many day to day problem extremely quickly e.g. find all the lines with ERROR in the log file , find the count of any particular ID in the log file , find exceptions etc.

Regular Expression Example in UNIX

a regular expression is a generic concept which has implemented in many different languages and many different tools including Java , here is some of the tools and languages which use a regular expression.

The vi editor which comes standard with the Unix/Linux operating system.
  • Any decent programmer's editor e.g. EditPlus
  • The grep command found standard on many operating systems including Unix/Linux.
  • The Perl programming language.
  • The PHP programming language.

regular Even if you feel regular expression is complex and hard to learn I would suggest to familiarize with at least basic set of regex and try to use it as much as possible and later you will only want to learn more and more to do the stuff quickly.

here are some of the basic regex and their examples:

1) you want to find ERROR in a log file in Linux ?
grep ERROR logfile

2) you want to find lines starts with ERROR ?
grep ^ERROR logfile (^ is used to find for starts with)

3) you want to find lines ends with ERROR ?
grep ERROR$ logfile ($ is used to find for ends with)

4) you want to find empty lines in a log file ?
grep ^$ logfile

5) you want to match upper or lower case ERROR ?
grep [Ee]RROR logfile ([] is used to include letters]

6) find all lines that contain Error or Exception ?
egrep ERROR|Exception logfile ( | is used for OR condition)

7) Match the letter E when it appears at least 3 times in a row but possibly 4 or more times in a row: E {3,}

8) Match the letter E when it appears 3 times in a row or 6 times in a row or anything in between. E{3,6}

9)Match E when it appears 1 or more times in a row.

10) (E+ and E{1,} mean exactly the same thing!)

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How are you? Hope you are doing well.
It's been 5 years since I have started Javarevisited. In last five years, I have worked hard to make Javarevisited a good resource to prepare for Java interviews, and to make it even more useful, I am inviting you, my readers, to share your Interview experience with us, the Javarevisited community. If you like Javarevisited and think that it has helped you in past, and you want to give something back to the community, then it's time to share your own interview experience with us.

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Networking Basics for FIX Connection in Unix Linux

Knowledge of networking basics are extremely important if you are dealing with FIX connection , FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange protocol and its the most popular protocol for electronic trading and supported by many brokers , exchanges etc.

here I am discussing few important network related information which is quite useful for FIX connection establishment.