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How to Swap Two Numbers Without Temp or Third Variable in Java - Interview Question Example

How to swap two numbers without using temp or third variable is a common interview question not just on Java interviews but also on C and C++ interviews. It is also a good programming question for freshers. This question was asked to me long back and didn't have any idea about how to approach this question without using temp or third variable, maybe lack of knowledge on bitwise operators in Java or maybe it didn't click at that time. Given some time and trial error, I eventually come out with a solution with just an arithmetic operator but the interviewer kept asking about other approaches of swapping two variables without using temp or third variable.

How to Print a left triangle star pattern in Java? Example Tutorial

Pattern based exercises are very common on Interviews as they are tricky for beginners and also offers coding practice. In the past, I have shared article on how to print pyramid pattern of stars in Java and Pyramid pattern of albhabets, and in this article, I will show you how to print left triangle star pattern in Java. There are different ways of printing different patterns, but most of them involves using loops and print methods like print() and println() to print characters like star, alphabets or numbers. If you know how to use loops and when to break from loop then you can easily solve pattern based coding problems. In this section, we shall be writing a program to print a left triangle star pattern. We would first implement that before I explain other things that you need to know in getting this task done.

Difference between Direct, Non Direct and Mapped ByteBuffer in Java?

ByteBuffer is one of the important classes of Java NIO API. It was introduced in java.nio package on JDK 1.4, it not only allows you to operate on heap byte arrays but also with direct memory, which resides outside the JVM. There are mainly three types of ByteBuffer in Java - Direct Byte Buffer, Non-Direct ByteBuffer, and mapped byte buffers. You can create both direct and non-direct buffers using java.nio.ByteBuffer class, while MappedByteBuffer is a subclass of ByteBuffer, which is created by FileChannel.map() method, to operate on memory-mapped file

How to Find Largest and Smallest of N numbers without using Array in Java? Example

One of the common programming questions is, how do you find the largest and smallest number in N numbers without using arrays in Java? Can you write a program to solve this problem? Well, it's very similar to the problem we have seen before, find the largest and smallest of 3 integers. You can use the same approach and generalize it for N numbers. All you need to do is start with largest as Integer.MIN_VALUE and smallest number as Integer.MAX_VALUE and loop through N numbers. At each iteration, compare the number with the largest and smallest number, if the current number is larger than the largest then it's a new largest, and if the current number is smaller than the smallest then it's a new smallest number.

How to Remove Duplicate Characters from String in Java? Example

This week's coding exercise is to remove duplicate characters from String in Java. For example, if the given String is "aaaaaa" then the output should be "a", because the rest of the "a" are duplicates. Similarly, if the input is "abcd" then the output should also be "abcd" because there is no duplicate character in this String.  By the way, you can not use any third-party library or Java API method to solve this problem, you need to develop your own logic or algorithm and then write code to implement that algorithm. This is one of the interesting problems from Java coding interviews and you can use this program to weed out Java programmers who cannot write code.

Difference between ByteBuffer vs byte array in Java

There are several differences between a byte array and ByteBuffer class in Java, but the most important of them is that bytes from byte array always reside in Java heap space, but bytes in a ByteBuffer may potentially reside outside of the Java heap in case of direct byte buffer and memory mapped files. Buffer is a byte array like abstraction which was introduced in Java NIO release to read and write data from FileChannel. It is extensively used in Java NIO for transferring data from one place to another and its also an essential Java concepts to know for any backend developer, particularly those who wants to create non-blocking server application using NIO in Java

The 2022 Laravel Developer RoadMap

Hello folks, if you want to learn Laravel for Web Development but no idea from where to start it then you have come to the right place. Laravel is one of the top PHP Framework for web development and also quite popular one. In the past, I have shared best Laravel Courses and best PHP courses and in this article, I am going to share the full 2022 Laravel RoadMap. I love these roadmap and in the past have shared many of them which you can find at the end of these article. They are often the most comprehensive guide to learn a new technology. 

How to Reverse a String in place in Java - Example

It's possible to reverse a String in place by using a StringBuilder. Since String is Immutable in Java, it's not possible to reverse the same String, but you can minimize the number of intermediate String objects by using StringBuilder or StringBuffer, which are mutable. The algorithm to reverse the String in place is similar to the algorithm we have used earlier to reverse an array in place. You need to traverse the String from one end, swapping characters at another end until you reach the middle of the String. At the point characters in your String are reversed. This algorithm only requires one extra character of memory to facilitate the swapping of characters. The time complexity of this algorithm is O(n/2)I mean O(n) where n is the length of String.

How to create an Array of Prime numbers in Java [ Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm Example]

Hello guys, I have said many times that a good knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms is the first step towards becoming a better programmer and that's why I share a lot of Data structure and Algorithm stuff in this blog. To continue the tradition, I am going to share an interesting algorithm today, The Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm, which can be used to generate prime numbers up to a given number. There are many occasions when you need to generate all prime numbers up to a specified integer and one algorithm which is most often used to generate prime numbers is the Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm. Surprisingly, not many developers know about this algorithm, particularly Java programmers, which is mainly because of not doing enough competitive programming.

Top 20 Kubernetes Interview Questions with Answers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for DevOps Engineer interview or a Developer interview, knowledge of Kubernetes is very important given the rise of Cloud computing and cloud native development. If you are looking for frequently asked Kubernetes interview questions to quickly revise key Kubernetes concepts then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared 20 Docker Interview Questions and in this article, I am going to share frequently asked Kubernetes Interview questions with Answers. But, before we get to the 20 most important Kubernetes interview questions, let me tell you more about Kubernetes. In the most simple terms, Kubernetes is actually a bundle of software solutions that allow developers and engineers to scale and service server setups.

The 2022 Data Analyst Roadmap

Hello guys, if you are want to become a Data Analyst but not sure which skills you need and how to acquire those skills then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared Java Developer RoadMap, Python Developer RoadMap, Web Developer RoadMapiOS Developer RoadMap, and  DevOps Engineer RoadMap, and in this article, I will share Data Analyst RoadMap which will help you to become a Data Analyst in 2022. All companies have data about their customers to improve their service and get valuable insight and a much better understanding of the customer's behavior. This can be done by hiring data analysts in your company to leverage the benefits of this hug customers' data.

[Solved] Fibonacci Series in Java using Recursion and Iteration - Example Tutorial

Printing Fibonacci Series In Java or writing a program to generate Fibonacci number is one of the interesting coding problems, used to teach college kids recursion, an important concept where function calls itself. It is also used a lot as coding problems while interviewing graduate programmers, as it presents lots of interesting follow-up questions as well. In the Fibonacci series, the next number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers. First two numbers of series are always 1 and 1, third number becomes 1 + 1 = 2, subsequently fourth number becomes 2 + 1 = 3. So a Fibonacci series looks like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 19, and so on, as shown in the image as well.

Top 20 Docker Container Interview Questions Answers for Programmers and DevOps

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Software developer job interviews like Java developer then preparing Docker is a good idea. Docker has become an essential tool and you can expect a couple of questions about Docker during Interview to check your knowledge. Having absolutely no idea of Docker before going into interview can be detrimental to your prospect considering the importance of container on deploying apps and services on Cloud. That's why I always suggest my students to prepare Docker interview questions and revise key Docker concepts before interview. If you are wondering where you can find Docker interview questions then don't worry, in this article, I have shared common Docker related questions you can prepare for interviews. They are also great to revise key Docker concepts and they cover essential areas. 

Top 12 SQL Query Questions from Interviews for Practice with Solutions

SQL, a short form of Structured Query Language is one of the essential skills in today's programming world. No matter whether you are a Java developer, C++ developer or Python developer, you must know how to write SQL queries. Every programming job interview has at least one or two questions that require you to write SQL queries for a given requirement and many developers struggle there. It's easy to answer theoretical questions like what is the difference between clustered and non-clustered index (see) or what is the difference between correlated and non-correlated subqueries (see), but when it comes time to actually write SQL queries to solve problems, it's not that easy, especially if you haven't done your homework and practice.

Quicksort Sorting Algorithm in Java - Example and Explanation

Quicksort algorithm is one of the most used sorting algorithms, especially to sort the large lists, and most of the programming languages, libraries have implemented it in one or another way. In Java, Arrays.sort() method sorts primitive data types using a double-pivot Quicksort algorithm, authored by Joshua Bloch and others. This implementation provides better performance for a lot of data sets, where traditional quicksort algorithms reduced into quadratic performance. This method also uses MergeSort, another good sorting algorithm, to sort objects. Quicksort implementations are also available in the C++ STL library.

10 Essential Skills For Cyber Security Professionals to Learn in 2022

Hello guys, if you want to become a Cyber Security Professional but not sure which skills you should learn to start your Cyber Security career then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared essentials skills for Java Developers, Python Developers, app developers, and Data Analyst and in this article, I will share important skills for Cyber Security Professionals. Cyber Security is one of the most lucrative career in today's age where every company and service is going online. Most companies infrastructure are connected to the internet, such as the employee's computers and the servers where the company has their valuable and confidential data, which means it can be hacked by people outside their network and cause significant damage to their system and even reputation so they need to hire cyber security professionals to help them secure their network. 

[Solved] How to Implement Binary Search in Java without Recursion? Iterative Algorithm Example Tutorial

Hey Java programmers, if you want to implement a binary search in Java, and looking for both iterative and recursive binary search algorithms then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the free courses to learn Data Structure and algorithms in Java, and today, I am going to teach you an important algorithm.  In computer science, a binary search or half-interval search is a divide and conquer algorithm which locates the position of an item in a sorted array. Binary search works by comparing an input value to the middle element of the array. The comparison determines whether the element equals the input, less than the input or greater. 

The 2022 Python Developer Roadmap

Hello guys, if you want to become a Python developer and looking for a complete 2022 Python Developer RoadMap then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared Java Developer RoadMapWeb Developer RoadMapiOS Developer RoadMapData Analyst RoadMap, and even a DevOps Engineer RoadMap and in this article, I am going to share with you the Python Developer RoadMap. Before writing this article, I looked for various roadmaps available online which list a lot of things you need to learn to become a Python Developer, which is really not needed. You may need them if you want to become a Python expert which can take years but just to start your career with Python, you don't need them at all.

[Solved] How to find the 3rd (kth) Node from end or tail in linked list in Java? Fast and Slow Pointer Pattern Example

Hello guys, the problem to find the 3rd element from the end in a singly linked list or Kth node from the tail is one of the tricky but frequently asked linked list problems in Programming job interviews. I know you can easily solve this problem by moving from tail to head or in the reverse direction but the main challenge here is to solve the problem in just one pass. That means, you can not traverse the linked list again and you cannot traverse backward because it's a singly linked list. So what do you think? Isn't this problem challenging? Well, I did struggle when I saw this problem very first time but once you understand the logic and some tricks to solve a linked list based problem like Recursion then it would be easy for you, and that's what you will learn in this article.

10 Essential Skills For Data Analyst in 2022

Hello guys, if you want to become a Data Analyst in 2022 but not sure which skills you need to succeed in this field or become a successful Data Analyst then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared essentials skills for Java developers and Python developers in 2022 and today I will share with you which skills you need to become a Data Analyst in 2022. Data analysis is a job in demand by most companies in the world who want to leverage the benefits of their data and make better decisions but analyzing data is not just knowing how to use a simple analysis software such as the Excel spreadsheet or visualize the data. It has many other skills you need to call yourself a data analyst.

[Solved] How to reverse an ArrayList in place in Java? Example

You can reverse an ArrayList in place in Java by using the same algorithm we have used to reverse an array in place in Java. If you have already solved that problem then It's a no-brainer because ArrayList is nothing but a dynamic array, which can resize itself. All elements of an array are stored in the internal array itself. By the way, if you need to reverse an ArrayList then you should be using the Collections.reverse() method provided by the Java Collection framework. It's a generic method, so you can not only reverse an ArrayList but also Vector, LinkedList, CopyOnWriteArrayList, or any other List implementation.

2 Ways to Check if a String is Rotation of Other in Java? Example

Write a program to check if one String is a rotation of another String is a common coding problem you will find on programming job interviews.  A String is said to be a rotation of another String, if it has the same length, contains the same characters, and they were rotated around one of the characters. For example,  String"bcda" is a rotation of "abcd" but "bdca" is not a rotation of String "abcd". One of the simplest solutions to this interesting problem is first to check if two String has the same length, if not then one String cannot be the rotation of another. If they are of the same length then just create another String by concatenating first String with itself, now check if second String is a substring of this concatenated String or not, if yes, the second String is a rotation of first.

How to Find Multiple Missing Integers in Given Array of Numbers with Duplicates in Java?

Hello guys, It's been a long time since I have discussed any coding or algorithm interview questions, so I thought to revisit one of the most popular array-based coding problems of finding missing numbers in a given array of integers. You might have heard or seen this problem before on your programming job interviews and you might already know how to solve this problem. But, there are a lot of different versions of this problem with increasing difficulty levels which interviewers normally use to confuse candidates and further test their ability to adapt to frequent changes, which is key to surviving in the ever-changing software development world.

50 Free Spring Professional Certification Practice Questions with Answers [VMWARE EDU-1202 Exam]

Hello guys, preparing for IT certification like Oracle's Java certification or Vmware's Spring Certification required a lot of hard-work. I have seen many experienced Java developers failing these certifications and losing money and time due to over-confidence and lack of preparation. A structured preparation involves reading books, joining course and doing practice questions. When it comes to Spring certification, practice questions are quite hard to find and that's why I created my Udemy course with 250+ Spring Certification questions. This course has helped more than 9000 students in their Spring certification preparation journey. 

The 2022 iOS App Developer RoadMap

Hello guys, if you want to become an iOS App developer and looking for a solid roadmap then you are not alone. I was also looking for iOS app developer roadmap when I stumbled upon this awesome looking iOS developer RoadMap on Reddit. This is one of the comprehensive roadmap to take your from zero to master in iOS App Development but its also too much comprehensive and hard to follow. To be honest, I cannot learn all the skills mentioned in this RoadMap unless I spend all of my time on learning them for another 5 to 10 years. So, I created a simplified version of my own iOS developer RoadMap where you only need to learn essential skills to start doing iOS Development and start your career as iOS App developer.

Top 30 Linked List Algorithm Questions from Programming/Coding Interviews

The linked list is one of the most common and essential data structure and that's why you would frequently find linked list based coding questions on interviews. The range of questions can be from simple questions like finding the length of a linked list to very difficult like merging two sorted linked lists. Nevertheless, the point is that you should be familiar with linked list data structure and must know how to perform basics task in the linked list e.g. adding or removing nodes from a linked list, traversing order linked list and implementing linked list in your choice of programming language like Java, C++, C, or Python.

How to Print Fibonacci Series in Java without Recursion - Coding Problem for Beginners

Fibonacci series is a great example of Dynamic Programming, Recursion, and how the use of Recursion can result in a clear and concise solution. That's why whenever asked about writing a Java program to get Fibonacci numbers or print the Fibonacci series of certain numbers, it's quite natural for programmers to resort to recursion. The interviewer often challenged this practice by asking candidates to implement the Fibonacci series without using recursion. Yes, you read it right, you can't use recursion and this is what you will learn in this article. If you have attended your programming classes regularly then you may know that many recursive algorithms also have their iterative counterpart which uses loops instead of recursion or calling itself. We will take advantage of that concept to devise a solution to this problem.

How to set an "Accept:" header on Spring RestTemplate request? Example Tutorial

RestTemplate is one of the most commonly used tools for REST service invocations. So one of the major problems you might have in this RestTemplate is that how to set an "Accept" header on Spring RestTemplate request.  In the last article, I have shown you how to POST and Consume JSON using RestTemplate in a Spring Based Java application and In this tutorial, we will go through some important points on how to add headers to RestTemplate and fix the errors related to them. 

Difference between Statement vs PreparedStatement vs CallableStatement in Java JDBC

Hello Java programmers, if you are looking to find out the difference between Statement, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement in Java then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared common JDBC Interview Questions and in this article, I am going to explain what is the real difference between these Statement types in Java and when to use Statement, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement in Java programs. JDBC API provides several classes and interfaces for various things, but three of the most important types of Statement classes are Statement, PreparedStatment, and CallableStatement. They are designed to execute different types of SQL queries

What is Bean scope in Spring MVC Framework with Example

Java classes or POJO which are managed by Spring Framework are called Bean or Spring Bean and Bean scope in Spring framework or Spring MVC is scope for a bean managed by Spring IOC container. You may know that Spring is a framework that is based on Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control and provides bean management facilities to Java application. In Spring-managed environment bean (Java Classes) are created and wired by the Spring framework. Spring allows you to define how those beans will be created and the scope of the bean is one of those details. Scope are similar to access modifiers in Java which specifies visibility of a particular class. 

Top 10 Udemy Instructors to Learn Software Development in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are thinking to learn Software development on Udemy but not sure which Udemy instructor has best Software development courses or which is the best software development instructor then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Software development courses from Coursera and best coding courses from Educative and in this article I will share the best Udemy instructor to learn Software development But, before we get to the 10 best Udemy instructors that will teach you everything you need to know about software development, let me tell you more about Udemy.

String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder in Java? Example

Difference between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder
The String is one of the most important classes in Java and anyone who starts with Java programming uses String to print something on the console by using famous System.out.println() statements. Many Java beginners are not aware that String is immutable and final in Java and every modification in String creates a new String object. For example, when you get the substring, you get a new String, when you convert uppercase String to lowercase, a new String is created. Even when you remove space by calling the trim() method, a new String is returned. 

[Solved] How to find first recurring character in given String? [Google Interview Question]

Hello guys, while surfing the Internet for a couple of weeks back, I come to know that this problem was asked on Google interviews, find the first recurring character in a given String. I don't know if that's true but this looks like a very simple coding problem from Google's Interview standard. If it was indeed asked, then that guy must have been very lucky. Anyway, I liked this coding problem and thought to write about it, because it's a good coding problem to check candidates' data structure and algorithms skills because it's tricky. It's tricky because it's very easy to make a mistake assuming just one recurring character in String, which you should avoid.

5 Ways to find length of String in Java - Example Tutorial

On another day, someone asked me, is there a way to find the length of String without using the length() method from java.lang.String class? I didn't ask why, because I know it might have been asked to him on Interviews. Before I explore ways to find the length of String, let's recap what does the length of String means in Java? Well, it's no different than C here, a number of characters in a String including whitespace, newlines are known as length of String. By knowing this, you can think of many approaches to calculating length e.g. getting a char array from String and counting a number of characters or many are by applying some clever tricks.

5 Projects You can do to learn Flutter in 2022

Learning Flutter to build mobile apps for android and iOS does not make you a professional developer that people can rely on you to build their app. In fact, you need to train as much as possible to create mobile apps so you can consider yourself a mobile apps developer. If you are now in the stage of learning Flutter for creating mobile apps and you want to enhance your skills by building as much as possible mobile apps for both platforms android and iOS you’ve come to the right place.

10 Examples of Joining String in Java - String.join vs StringJoiner

It's quite common in day to day programming to join Strings e.g. if you have an array or List of String let's say {Sony, Apple, Google} and you want to join them by a comma to produce another String "Sony, Apple, Google", there is not an easy way to do it in Java. You need to iterate through an array or list and then use a StringBuilder to append a comma after each element and finally to remove the last comma because you don't want a comma after the last element. A JavaScript-like Array.join() method or join() method of Android's TextUtils class is what you need in this situation. Still, you won't find any such method on String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, Arrays, or Collections class until Java 8.

Difference between Period and Duration class in Java 8? [Example]

What is the difference between Period and Duration class in Java is one of the popular Java 8 interview questions and has been asked too many of my readers recently. If you were also wondering the difference between Period vs Duration and when to use Period over Duration and vice-versa then you have come to the right place. Java 8 has two classes to represent differences in time like Duration and Period. The main difference between Period and Duration is that they represent the difference in different units, A Duration is used to calculate time difference using time-based values (seconds, millisecond, or hours) but Period is used to measure the amount of time in date-based values like days, months and year.

3 Ways to Remove Duplicates from a table in SQL - Query Example

There are a couple of ways to remove duplicate rows from a table in SQL e.g. you can use temp tables or a window function like row_number() to generate artificial ranking and remove the duplicates. By using a temp table, you can first copy all unique records into a temp table and then delete all data from the original table and then copy unique records again to the original table. This way, all duplicate rows will be removed, but with large tables, this solution will require additional space of the same magnitude as the original table. The second approach doesn't require extra space as it removes duplicate rows directly from the table. It uses a ranking function like row_number() to assign a row number to each row.

How to use EXISTS and NOT Exists in SQL? Example Query and Tutorial

Hello Guys, you might have heard about how useful the EXISTS clause is helpful in writing sophisticated queries. Still, at the same time, I have also seen that many programmers struggle to understand and use EXISTS and NOT EXISTS clauses while writing SQL queries.  If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. Today you will learn how to use the EXISTS clause in SQL by picking up a real-world example and an excellent SQL exercise from the LeetCode. Suppose that a website contains two tables, the Customers table, and the Orders table. Can you write an SQL query to find all customers who have never ordered anything?

10 Best Courses Of Brad Traversy on Udemy to Learn Web Development

Hello guys, if you are looking for best web development courses then learning from Brad Traversy is a great idea. He is one of the most engaging instructor on Udemy and having attended his web development courses on Udemy and watching his crash courses on Youtube, I really liked his crystal clear teaching style. A lot of you asked me about the best web development courses so I decided to compile all of his best courses into one article and here we are. But, before we get to the 10 best courses of Brad Traversy, let me tell you who he really is and why he is one of the most popular instructors on Udemy.

5 Examples of GROUP BY Clause in SQL with Aggregate Functions

There is no doubt that SQL is an essential skill and every programmer, developer, DevOps, and Business analyst should know SQL. If you want to learn SQL from scratch then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared many SQL interview questions and the best SQL courses for beginners, and today, I am going to share some GROPU By examples in SQL to write aggregation queries. THE GROUP BY clause in SQL is another important command to master for any programmer. We often use the GROUP BY command along with a select clause for reporting purposes, since the GROUP BY clause is mainly used to group related data together it's one of the most important SQL commands for reporting purposes. 

What is difference between SQL, T-SQL and PL/SQL? [Answered]

Today, we are going to see another common and interesting SQL interview question, what is the difference between SQL, T-SQL, and PL/SQL? It is also one of the most common doubts among SQL beginners. It's common for programmers to think that why there are many types of SQL languages, why not just single SQL across DB? etc. Well, let's first understand the difference between SQL, T-SQL, and PL/SQL, and then we will understand the need for these dialects. SQL is standard for querying, inserting, and modifying data in a relational database. It is categorized into DDL and DML and is powerful enough to create database objects e.g. table, view, stored procedure, and can perform CRUD operation (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE) query.

3 ways to learn MERN stack in depth in 2022

Hello guys, if you want to learn MERN Stack in 2022 but not sure where to start then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best courses to learn MERN Stack and in this article, I will share 3 ways to learn MERN stack from scratch. If you don't know MERN stack is one of the most popular and widely used web development stacks in the world. MERN stack uses React on the client-side while Node.js with Express.js on the server-side and MongoDB is used as the database. All the four technologies used in the MERN stack are widely used and because of this, their combination is also very popular.

How to check for Null in SQL Query? IS NULL Example Tutorial

One of the most common SQL Interview questions on Programming interviews is to select some rows from a table that also contains null values. Since many SQL developers are used to using = and != operator on WHERE clause, they often tend to forget the fact that column allows NULL or not. Using = or != is perfectly fine if your column has NOT NULL constraint and you know for sure that there are no NULL values in that column, but it does contain NULLs then your SQL query will return the incorrect result at times. This is one of the most common mistakes but at the same time hard to find SQL bugs if it managed to get into the real environment. In this article, you will learn the right way to check NULL values in SQL queries using IS NULL and IS NOT NULL predicates.

How to Find Duplicate values in a Table? SQL GROUP BY and Having Example| Leetcode Solution

Hello guys, if you are wondering how to find duplicate values in a table then don't worry, there are many ways to find duplicate rows or values from a given table. For example, you can use the GROUP BY and HAVING clause in SQL with count function to find all the rows which has same values for a particular column and then filter out rows where count is just one, I mean unique values. This way you can find all the duplicate from a given table. Using group by you can create groups and if your group has more than 1 element it means it's kind of duplicate. For example, you need to write a SQL query to find all duplicate emails in a table named Person. This is a popular SQL Query interview question as well as a Leetcode problem. You can see that email a@b.com is a duplicate email as it appears twice in the table. 

Java 8 forEach() Loop Example

Java 8 has introduced a new way to loop over a List or Collection, by using the forEach() method of the new Stream class. You can iterate over any Collection like List, Set, or Map by converting them into a java.util.sttream.Stream instance and then calling the forEach() method. This method performs given operation on every element of Stream, which can be either simply printing it or doing something else. Since stream can be sequential or parallel, the behavior of if this method is not deterministic if used with a parallel stream

Top 10 Google Interview Questions for Software Engineer - Books, Resources

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Google's Software Development Engineer roles and looking or Google Software Interview questions then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shred Amazon and Microsoft Interview questions and in this article, I am going to share popular questions from Google Interviews. These Google interview questions are some of my favorites collected from different sources. Every Programmer knows that Google is one of the best technology companies and its dream for many software developers to work for Google, but at the same time interview process at Google is very tough and only a few genuine intelligent programmers get through their interview process

Difference between Transient, Persistent, and Detached Objects in Hibernate

In the Hibernate framework, an entity can be in three states, transient, persistent, and detached. When an object is in a transient state, it is commonly referred to as a transient object, similarly, if it is in persistence and detached state, it is known as a persistent and detached object. When an entity is first created using the new operator like new User() and not associated with Hibernate session like you haven't called session.save(user) method then it is known as a transient object. At this stage, Hibernate doesn't know anything about this object and the object doesn't have any representation in the database like a corresponding row in the User table.

Top 5 programming languages for Artificial Intelligence or AI Development

Hello guys, if you want to do AI Development or want to create Artificial Intelligence based apps and looking for best programming language then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best programming language for web developmentapp development, and data science development and today, I am going to share best programming language for AI Development. All programming languages are not created equal. Only a handful of programming languages remain and serve the community out of countless. The programming languages we'll be discussing presently have stood the test of time. For decades, they've been used for a variety of undertakings.

10 Reasons to Learn SQL for Programmers and Software Developers in 2022

Hello guys, if you are on the fence whether to learn SQL or not, or want to learn SQL but not sure whether learning SQL is worth your time and effort then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best SQL books and courses to learn SQL for Beginners and in this article, I am going to share 10 Reasons to learn SQL. From my 18 years of experience as Software developer and 12 years as a blogger I can safely say that you should learn SQL. In all of these times, I have constantly worked with SQL in my projects and job. While database changes form Oracle to MySQL, to SQL Server, and now PostgreSQL but the knowledge of SQL still pays off. 

How Long does It take To Learn Linux?

Hello guys, if you want to learn Linux but not sure how to start then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best places to learn Linux and best Linux books for beginners and Linux interview questions with answers and in this article, I Am going to share the best way to learn Linux and answer frequently asked question, how long does it take to Learn Linux. In general, you can learn Linux in one weekend but it can take weeks before you become a Linux master as there are a lot of Linux commands and concepts to master. In this article, I will answer this question objectively depending upon your goal, for example, for a developer it can take a  week to Learn Linux but for System Admin it could be months because they need more in-depth knowledge. 

Top 20 PostgreSQL Interview Questions With Answers

Hello guys, if you are preparing for Postgres Interview or a Java development role where PostgreSQL skills are needed but not sure how to prepare, what to prepare etc and looking for PostgreSQL Interview questions with answers then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared 50 SQL Phone interview questions and 6 SQL Query questions and in this article, I am going to share frequently asked PostgreSQL questions with answers. You can use these questions and answers to prepare well for your Job interview and you can also learn essential PostgreSQL concepts by going through these questions.

How to return JSON, XML or Thymeleaf Views from Spring MVC Controller?

Hello guys, if you are working in Spring based web application and you wan to return JSON, XML, or Thymeleaf View from your application but don't know how to do that then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared how to create REST API in Spring and In this tutorial we are going to discuss, how to return to JSON, XML, or Thymeleaf view from the Spring MVC controller. To ensure that your payload from the MVC endpoint, ensure your project is using the Spring Boot starter web. You can use the following dependency to include spring boot starter web in your project. 

How to validate incoming payload on Spring MVC controller? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, if you are wondering how to validate incoming request payload in Spring MVC based Java web application then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have sharebest Spring MVC courses for Java developers and In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to validate incoming payloads on the Spring MVC controller which is also can be defined as validating the request body in the RESTful web services. So first let's have a look at validating the request body in the RESTful web services. Think you have a JSON post request and you are going to consume it. There should be a validation to this post request as the requested input will be zero or in a not accepted format.

10 Best Udemy Courses of Stephane Maarek to Learn AWS and Kafka in 2022

Hello guys, if you are learning AWS and Apache Kafaka and looking or best online courses or you have heard about Stephane Maarek and his popular Udemy courses on AWS certification, Apache Kafka, and Google gRPC but not sure whether to join or not then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best AWS courses and best Kafka courses where I have featured Stephane's Udemy courses but in this article, I am going to share all of the best Udemy courses by Stephane Maarek on Udemy which you can join in 2022. But, before we get to the 10 best Udemy courses of Stephane Maarek, let me tell you who Stephane really is and why his courses are really popular on the platform.

[2022 Udemy Course Review] - The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele

Hello guys, if you want to learn Web Development and looking for a beginner friendly course or you have heard about Colt Steele's Web Development 2022 Bootcamp course on Udemy and wondering whether its wroth to join this course in 2022 or not then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared best web development online courses and in this article, I will share my 2 cents on Colt Steel's popular Web Developer bootcamp course on Udemy. Learning web development nowadays is such a huge work to do because you are going to learn not only to design the front-end or the web interface but you are also going to learn the back-end as well as design and build the database system for that website or online service and that’s what’s known as Full-stack web developer

Top 5 Online Courses to Learn C# in 2022 - Best of Lot

If there is one programming language that deserves more credit, than it currently receives from developers, then it would be Microsoft's C# or C-Sharp. When we talk about popular programming languages, we mostly talk about how Java is ruling the programming world for the last three decades, how JavaScript changed the web world, or how Python has taken over all programming languages in the last couple of years, but we seldom mention C#, which is silently providing jobs and making a career with .NET, Unity, and became a preferred choice for creating desktop GUI applications. If you follow the StackOverflow survey, then you know that C# is always one of the top 5 Programming languages rated by programmers, and this year also close to 31.0% has said that they use C#, which is significant.

Top 5 Online Courses to Learn Maven in 2022 - Best of Lot

The Apache Maven or commonly known as just "Maven," is an essential tool for Java Programmers. It allows you to build your project, manage dependencies, generate documentation, and a lot more. I can vouch for Maven's usefulness because I have come from the pre-Maven world of Software development, where you need to manage all the JAR files required by your project. It may seem easy to you that just download the JAR file but it's not so easy in practice.  For example, you added a new library in your project say Spring framework which also needs log4j but you thought log4j is already there so you didn't do anything, only to realize that your application is not starting anymore and throwing long and convoluted errors. This can happen because a version mismatch like Spring needed a higher version of log4j than available in your project.

10 Best Udemy Courses of Neal Davis to Learn AWS and Cloud Computing in 2022

Before getting to the 10 best Udemy courses of Neal Davis, let me tell you who Neal Davis really is. Neal Davis is one of the most popular instructors on the Udemy platform. He has taught more than 350,000 students on Udemy and more than 77,000 of those students have given him a 5-star rating. Neal Davis is a highly experienced AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, a successful IT instructor, and the founder of Digital Cloud Training. He has been working in IT for more than 20 years in a number of different roles like support and architecture. 

Top 10 Coursera Certifications and Courses to Learn Python in 2022 - Best of Lot

While there are many online platforms out there to learn Python Programming from scratch, Coursera is one of the most popular and reputed websites to learn Python for beginners. The best thing about Coursera is that it provides access to courses taught at the World's top universities like the University of Michigan and Rice University, one of the top 20 universities in the USA. It has also got the best Python certifications offered by the world's most reputed companies like IBM and Google and the world's top universities like the University of Michigan and Johns Hopkins University. That's why many people flock to Coursera to learn Python and other Computer Science and Software Engineering skills.

Top 5 Project-Based Courses to learn Coding with Java, Python, and JavaScript in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are aiming to learn programming and code in 2022 with Java, Python, or JavaScript, the top 3 programming languages of the world then I suggest you join a project-based course. These are the courses where you will learn things by doing and I think that's the best way to learn programming and coding. Reading a book is Ok, watching videos are also Ok but they will not make you a Programmer or Coder, you must code to become a coder and these project-based courses give you that opportunity.

Review - Is Grokking the System Design interview Course on Educative Worth it?

Hello guys, we are here again today for another exciting topic to discuss. But today, we will not discuss something related to Java or any other language or spring boot. Today, we will discuss something that is immensely practical and has the potential to land you very high-paying jobs. Today we are going to review a course that focuses on System Design! System Design is crucial for coding interviews! And it's also one of the most challenging topics to master. I have shared the best System design courses for coding interviews in the past. Today, I will review one of the top system design courses for technical discussions, Grokking the System Design Interview by Design Gurus Educative.io.

Review - Is Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course on Educative.io Worth it?

Hello friends, if you are looking for an object oriented design interview course or wondering whether you should join Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview on Educative, you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared several Object oriented design courses, books, and OOP design interview questions and today we are gonna review a course that focuses on OOP Design! Object Oriented  Design is very important in software development as OOP is the most popular way to solve real world problem using code but its even more important when we are considering interviews! Many companies including big 3, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, they all put high importance on candidates design skill including object oriented design and that's where Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview course helps. 

Top 5 Courses to learn Quarkus and MicroNaut for Java Programmers in 2022 - Best

Hello Java Programmers, Microservices is quickly becoming standard way to build and deploy Java application on Cloud and that's why its very important for Java programmers to learn about popular Microservice development frameworks in Java. If you want to create Microservices in Java and want to explore Microservices frameworks like DropWizard, MicroNaut, and Quarkus, you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best Microsercies courses with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, and today, I will share the best online lessons to learn Dropwizard and Micronauts. These are the best online courses and tutorials you can get to know this helpful technology. Unfortunately, not many online courses are available, but API docs and guides are also handy; along with these courses, you can read them.

Top 5 Microservice Frameworks for Java Developers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello Java Programmers, if you are thinking about Microservice and Cloud-Native development in Java and exploring options like frameworks, libraries, and technologies then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Microservice courses, and Microservice design patterns and in this article,  I am going to share the best Microservice Framework for Java developers. While you may know that Spring Boot and Spring Cloud is the leading framework for developing Microservice applications in Java, there are a couple of more options as well like MicroNaut, DropWizard, and Quarkus IO. In this article, you will learn about the top 6 frameworks you can use to develop Microservice in Java.

Top 10 Microservices Design Patterns and Principles - Examples

Hello guys, if you are using Microservice architecture and want to learn about different Microservice design patterns and principles to better architect your application then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Java Microservices courses and books for Java developers, and in this article, I am going to share the essential Microservice design principle and patterns. We will cover patterns like Event Sourcing, Circuit Breaker, SAGA, CQRS, Strangle, and API Gateway and principles like Scailibity, Flexibility, Resiliency, etc. 

Udemy's The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu Course Review

Hello guys, if you are interested in web development and looking to join The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp course by Angela Yu on Udemy but not sure whether this course is right for you then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review this awesome web development course which can help you to make a decision on whether you should invest your time and money in this course or not. Web development nowadays is more important than what you actually think. and what’s more than that is web development is touching every aspect of the company's online business.

Top 5 Courses to Learn Spring Boot in 2022 for Java Developers - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are interested in learning Spring Boot and looking for some excellent resources, e.g. books, tutorials, and online courses to start with, then you have come to the right place. Earlier I have shared some great books to learn Spring Framework, including Spring Boot (see), and today, I'll share some of the best online Spring Boot courses you can join to learn Spring Boot by yourself. In the past, I was a big fan of learning from a book, but online courses have changed that completely. Now I prefer to start with an online course, like Spring Boot Essentials, and then move on to a book like Spring Boot in Action for more comprehensive learning. Anyway, before going through those Spring Boot courses, let's first revise what Spring Boot is, and its benefits, and why you should learn it.

What is @ModelAttribute in Spring MVC? Example

There are many annotations in Spring boot and from those, the @ModelAttribute takes a special place as this helps to bind a method parameter or method return value to a named model attribute then exposes it to a web view. So we are going to discuss what is @ModelAttribute in Spring MVC with an example given below.  The @ModelAttribute Annotation refers to a Model object attribute (the M in MVC ;). The @ModelAttribute annotation is special to Spring-MVC and is used to prepare model data. It's also used to specify the command object that'll be tied to the data from the HTTP request.

Top 10 Online Courses to Crack Coding Interviews in 2022 - Best of Lot

To be honest with you, getting your first job is never easy. It is, in fact, the most laborious task, and you need to put your best effort into finding a role in your dream company. Most of the computer science graduates dream of working for Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, but they are often not able to clear their rigors coding interviews. The single most important reason for failing those coding job interviews is a lack of knowledge and practice; hence, it becomes increasingly important that you prepare hard in advance. Unfortunately, I learned this little too late after spoiling my chances at Microsoft and Amazon, but you can learn from my experience and prepare better for your programming job interviews.

Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Kubernetes for Developers and DevOps Engineers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, DevOps is becoming an essential skill in today's Programming and Software Development world and Kubernetes is an important concept and tool for DevOps engineers. It takes container-based deployment to another level and allows you to manage it on the scale. You can use Kubernetes to scale your container environment or let Kubernetes do all the work for you by leveraging its auto-scaling feature. Many DevOps beginners think that Docker and Kubernetes are the same but they are not. Docker provides a container to deploy your application and commands to interact with those but container but Kubernetes is actually a container management technology, which decides how many containers are needed and deal with other management aspects.

10 Tips to Become a Better Java Developer in 2022 [UPDATED]

I often receive emails from my readers about how they can become better Java developers, what things they should learn, and which areas they can work on to become a Rockstar Java developer. After answering them individually over the last few years, I thought to jot down a couple of points, which I think will make you a better Java Programmer and Application developer. But, before going into that, I would like to stress that a better programmer is always a better Java developer, and that's why all the tips I have shared before to improve your programming skill and become a better programmer still hold true. If you haven't read them yet, you can understand them after this article; they will help you to improve your programming and coding skills, which is essential to becoming a better Java developer.

How to find the largest and smallest number in given Array in Java

Hello guys, today I am going to discuss one of the frequently asked programming interview questions to find the largest and smallest number from an integer array. This question is commonly asked on telephonic interviews and the first round for screening candidates. This coding problem is in the same league of other frequently asked algorithmic questions like Fibonacci, Palindrome, Prime, and Power of two checks. They are easy but you will find them difficult during the interview because of the pressure, particularly if you have not solved them before. Sometimes even if you have solved the problem one time, you tend to do mistakes because you haven't understood them properly. So, always take your time to understand the question.

Can a Non Static Method Access a Static Variable/Method in Java?

"Can a non-static method access a static variable or call a static method" is one of the frequently asked questions on the static modifier in Java, the answer is, Yes, a non-static method can access a static variable or call a static method in Java. There is no problem with that because of static members i.e. both static variable and static methods belong to a class and can be called from anywhere, depending upon their access modifier. For example, if a static variable is private then it can only be accessed from the class itself, but you can access a public static variable from anywhere.

How to use filter + map + collect + Stream in Java? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, many of my readers emailed me to write a post about the map and filter function of Java 8 because they found it difficult to understand and use. Even though I have previously blogged about both map() and filter(), I am writing this post again to explain the concept in more layman's language for a better understanding of my readers and fellow Java developers. The map() function is a method in Stream class that represents a functional programming concept. In simple words, the map() is used to transform one object into another by applying a function. That's the reason the Stream.map(Function mapper) takes a function as an argument. For example, by using map() function, you can convert a list of String into List of Integer by applying Integer.valueOf() method to each String on the input list.

What is happens-before in Java Concurrency? An example

A couple of days ago, one of my readers messaged me on LinkedIn about a Java interview question he has recently faced - what is the happens-before relationship in Java concurrency? What is the benefit of it, and how exactly it works? He kind of has some ideas about that its related to the Java Memory Model and provides some sort of visibility guaranteed but couldn't explain with conviction to his interviewer, particularly with a code example and was a bit disappointed. He then asked me if I can write an article about it. I said you should have read the Java concurrency in Practice book or join the Java Concurrency in Practice Bundle course by Heinz Kabutz before the interview, that would have helped, but nonetheless, I liked the idea to just provide a quick overview of what is the happens-before relationship between threads in Java.

Top 10 Courses to Learn JavaScript in 2022 - Best of Lot

There is no doubt that JavaScript is the most popular programming language at this moment, and it's also confirmed by StackOverFlow's Survey. You can build static websites, web applications, native mobile applications (yes, you can do that too), desktop applications, and even server-side applications in JavaScript. It also makes you a hundred times more employer as there are tons of web development jobs out there. Because of that, more and more developers are learning JavaScript to become web developers.

Top 5 Java Design Pattern Courses for Experienced Java Developers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, today, we'll talk about design patterns and some of the best online courses to learn design patterns in Java from scratch. If you are wondering what is a design pattern and why Java developers should learn them? then let me give you a brief overview. Design patterns are nothing but a tried and tested solutions of common programming problems, for example, the creational design patterns deal with the problems of object creation. They exist from a long time but made popular by famous Gang of four of Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, Ralph Johnson and Richard Helm in their classic 1994 book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, also known as GOF design patterns. This book documented 24 design patterns which are reusable to solve common programming problems. 

10 Essential Skills to Become a Successful Data Scientist in 2022

Hello guys, if you want to become a Data Scientist but not sure which skills to learn then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Data Science courses, tutorials, books, and best sites to learn Data Science online, and in this article, I will share essentials skills you can learn to become a successful Data Scientist in 2022. Since just knowing the skill is not enough, I have also shared relevant courses to learn those skills. Data science is an ever-evolving field, and the demand for these jobs is increasing year after year since companies need them to run their business better and make better decisions but to be a data scientist, you need to master many skills, and this article will help you discover those skills to have a successful career as a data scientist.

Udemy's The 2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python Review

With various programming languages nowadays, it becomes tough to choose what language you should learn if you are planning to have a software engineer career, but that actually depends on what you should be good at; being a front-end web developer, you must learn HTML and CSS. For android app development, you should learn Java or Kotlin.  Most of the language has a specific industry that you can use it in, but what if I told you that there is a language called Python that can work in many industries.

Top 5 Java Programming Courses for Beginners to Learn Online in 2022 - Best of Lot

If you are a computer science graduate or someone who wants to learn Java and looking for some awesome resources like books, tutorials, and online courses then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared some great books, websites, and tutorials to learn Java and in this article, I am going to share some of the best Java courses beginners can join to learn Java in 2022. One of the main problems with learning Java is keeping pace with the increasing number of releases. For example, Java 8 release completely changed how Java is written and after that, we have many Java releases in the form of Java 9Java 10, Java 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and now Java 17. But the good thing is that the core of Java is still the same and all its releases are backward compatible.

Top 5 Courses to Learn Eclipse IDE for Java Programmers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you are in Java development, you may know that Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs for Java development and millions of Java developers used it worldwide. Since IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJIDEA are an integral part of a Java developer's life, it makes sense to spend some time learning your IDE like Eclipse and get productive with it. This will not only save a lot of your time during development, testing, and debugging, but it will also make you a better developer. It's said that a craftsman is as good as their tools, and it's true for a programmer also. In general, expert developers have better tools, and they know their tools better, which often differentiates them from average programmers.

Difference between atomic, volatile and synchronized in Java? [ with Example ]

Hello guys, a lot of people are asking me about the volatile, synchronized, and volatile variables in Java concurrency. After answering them individually on Facebook and LinkedIn, I thought to write this article. In this Java multi-threading tutorial, we will learn about the difference between atomic, volatile, and synchronized variables in Java. Though there are a lot of articles, posts, books, courses, and tutorials already exist on Java concurrency and synchronization, where different people have tried to explain concurrency concepts, but unfortunately, multi-threading and concurrency concepts are still hard to grasp, especially the volatile variables.

Top 5 Courses to Learn Hibernate and JPA in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hibernate is one of the essential frameworks for Java and Java EE or JEE programmers, especially if you are working on the server-side of a Java Web development project. It's an ORM tool or a framework that allows you to deal with only objects while Hibernate takes care of your data on your behalf. For example, instead of writing classes with SQL to load, save, and update data using the DAO design pattern, you can simply use the Hibernate framework in your project. It will allow you to deal with just objects while it will load, save, and update data in the background. It's also one of the top Java frameworks in my list of top 10 Java frameworks Programmers can learn.

Top 5 Courses to become Full stack Java Developer in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you want to become a full-stack Java developer in 2022 but are not sure what path you should take and how to get there, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll share some online training courses you can choose to become a full-stack Java developer. The demand for a full-stack Java developer is very high becuase Java is the #1 programming language for backend and server-side development. Frameworks like Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are also leading the Microservice architecture development, which is better suited for deployment in Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Top 5 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Courses and Certifications to Learn Online in 2022 - Best of Lot

The GCP or Google Cloud Platform is a slightly late entrant in the world of public cloud computing but it has completely changed the public cloud landscape in the last few years, particularly the monopoly of AWS on Cloud has been challenged. It's still neither the most popular public cloud platform like Amazon Web Services, nor the darling of the corporate world like Microsoft Azure but its Performance, Tools, and innovation of Google is attracting more and more companies to Google Cloud Platform, particularly in the areas of Big Data and Machine Learning. With tools like Bigtable, BigQuery, and libraries like TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform is quickly becoming the go-to platform for Machine learning innovations. Because of all these, there is an increased demand for Cloud experts who are familiar with GCP and Google Cloud Platform concepts and tools.

Difference between GraphQL and REST API with Example

Hello guys, I have been learning GraphQL since last week and should I say, I am really impressed with its flexibility and how it address some of the pertinent problems with REST APIs. If you don't know, The GraphQL is a query language from Facebook which aims to solves some common problems with REST like a explosion of endpoints, over fetching and under fetching of data, response structure, versioning, and most important performance and Scalability. If you have used REST APIs then you know that you need to send a lot of request to get the data you want. You not only need send multiple request but also you get a lot of unnecessary data which you don't really need, and also need to know multiple endpoints. 

Top 5 Courses to Learn about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn what is NFT or Non Fungible Token and what is the buzz around NFT, and have questions like should you create and sell NFT etc then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best online courses to learn Blockchain and crypto currencies and in this article I am going to share best online courses to learn NFTs, but before that, let's understand what is NFT?  NFTs or else known as Non-Fungible Tokens are a form of digital art. Non-Fungible basically means that they are unique. If you own one NFT, there’s nothing else in this world that is the same as yours. Nothing! That uniqueness and sense of ownership is driving crazy sales with recent reports suggesting that NFT sale clocking at around $70 million and increasing exponentially.