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How to Enable log SQL statements in Spring Boot? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, if you are a Java developer developing Spring Boot applications, you may need to have proper knowledge of various kinds of errors and also how to overcome those. For example, most of Java developers use JPA in spring boot to make our work easy when managing databases. If you get an error like an internal server error (504 error), you need to go through your backend system and find the error. In many cases, these errors are caused by running invalid SQL or due to error on database. At that time, you often need to know which SQL statements are executed by Hibernate or JPA, or any other database library you are using.  

Difference between CAST, CONVERT, and PARSE SQL Server? Example Tutorial

Though all three, CAST, CONVERT, and PARSE are used to convert one data type into another in SQL Server, there are some subtle differences between them. The  CAST method accepts just two parameters, expression, and target type, but CONVERT() also takes a third parameter representing the format of conversion, which is supported for some conversions, like between character strings and date-time values. For example, CONVERT(DATE, '2/7/2015', 101) converts the character string '2/7/2015' to DATE using DATE format 101, representing United States standard.

Is CodeGym Good Place to Learn Java? Is CodeGym Premium Worth it?

>Hello guys, if you are learning Java or want to learn Java but not sure if CodeGym is the right place for you or not then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best places to learn Java coding for FREE and in this article, I will review CodeGym, one of the interactive platform to learn Java. But, Before we see whether CodeGym is worth it for learning and mastering Java, let me tell you a little bit about what CodeGy really is.   CodeGym is an excellent and innovative alternative to traditional learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera. It is basically a platform that is designed for young and passionate people who want to learn Java. The CodeGym platform aims to deliver practical learning with the help of games that can make learning fun and interesting.