Tuesday, July 14, 2020

2 Ways to Check if a String is Rotation of Other in Java - Algorithms

Write a program to check if one String is a rotation of another String is a common coding problem you will find on programming job interviews.  A String is said to be a rotation of another String, if it has the same length, contains the same characters, and they were rotated around one of the characters. For example,  String"bcda" is a rotation of "abcd" but "bdca" is not a rotation of String "abcd". One of the simplest solutions to this interesting problem is first to check if two String has the same length, if not then one String cannot be the rotation of another. If they are of the same length then just create another String by concatenating first String with itself, now check if second String is a substring of this concatenated String or not, if yes, the second String is a rotation of first.

Top 5 Courses to learn Natural Language Processing (NLP) in depth - Best of Lot

Hello folks, If you're considering a career in Natural Language Processing (NLP), you might want to think about pursuing a verified certificate. As you may know, NLP is a computer science discipline that focuses on teaching computers to decipher and process the data that comes from human languages, which is unstructured and inconsistent. By going through a certificate program, you can really dive deep into the subject matter without having to go back for a full degree. Instead, you'll gain more in-depth skills and knowledge to help you reach your goals in the field.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Grokking Algorithms Review - Best Book to learn Data Structure and Algorithms in Python

Hello guys, I have read many books on data structures and algorithms like Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Corman and Algorithm design manual by Steve S. Skiena, so when I come to know about this book, I thought, just another book on algorithms, but I was wrong. This is not just another book on algorithms but one of the most interesting books you will ever read on Algorithms and Data structure. It doesn't cover all the data structure and algorithms you see in Computer Science but whatever it covers, it does really well and that's what matters most for beginner programmer or Computer Science students.

Top 5 Online Courses to learn Blockchain in 2020 - Best Blockchain Certifications

Hello guys, if you are not leaving under the rock then you would have definitely heard about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. If you are looking for Blockchain training courses and certification then you have come to the right place, in this article, I am going to share the best online courses to learn Blockchain programming from UdemyCoursera, and Pluralsight, but before that, let get a quick overview of what is Blockchain and why it's popular.  Blockchain is a set of blocks that are open for anyone and containing information and the hash of the block and some other info.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Difference between JVM, JIR, JRE, and JDK in Java

JRE, JVM, and JDK are three terms you often heard in conjunction with Java programming language, and most people either confuse them or think they all are the same. In this Java article, you will learn what is Java Run-time (JRE), what is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and what is Java Development Kit (JDK) along with Just in Time compiler or JIT. Once you know what JRE, JVM or JDK means you can differentiate them easily by yourself.  This article is in continuation of the Essential JVM options which every Java programmer should know. If you haven't read those articles, you can also read them as well. 

Top 5 Courses to Learn QlikView and QlikSense in 2020 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you are in Business Analytics and Intelligence world then you would have definitely heard bout QlikView and QlikSense, two of the most modern tools for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Both products are offered by Qlik company and widely used for BI and Data Visualization performance. QlikView is a powerful tool for Data Visualization and if you are learning Data visualization you can learn it in 2020. QlikView bills itself as a guided analytics tool, which helps extract insights from large datasets. It lives up to that billing by striking the right balance between interactivity and robustness. QlikView combines the data management capabilities of a serious database, with the zippy, responsive UIs that make drilling into data really simple