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Top 10 Coursera Certifications for Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you are keen to start your career in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization field and looking for the best Coursera certifications, courses, specializations, and projects, then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best Coursera courses and certifications to learn Artificial IntelligencePythonSoftware Development, Cloud Computing, and Web Development, and, in this article, I am going to share the best Coursera courses, projects, certifications, and specializations for Data Science, Data Visualization and Data Analysis from reputed universities like Johns Hopkins and industry leaders and tech companies like IBM and Google

How to find If Linked List Contains Loop or Cycle in Java? Example Solution

Write a Java program to check if a linked list is circular or cyclic,  and how do you find if a linked list contains loop or cycles in Java are some common linked list related data structure interview questions asked in various Java Interviews. This is sometimes asked as a follow-up question of basic linked list questions like inserting an element at the beginning, middle and end of a linked list or finding the length of linked list. In order to solve linked list related algorithmic questions in Java, you need to be familiar with the concept of singly linked list, doubly linked list, and circular linked list. Until stated specifically, most questions are based on a singly linked list. For those who are not familiar with the linked list data structure, its a collection of nodes.

How to enclose a list of values into single quotes for SQL query? Microsoft Excel Example

Many times you get a list of values that you want to check in the database to confirm if they exist in your tables or to get more information bout them. For example, you got a list of 100 stocks and you want to check their last day closing prices in the database. The problem arises when values to be searched are Strings like VARCHAR or CHAR because VARCHAR values need to be enclosed in the single quotes in most of the database like SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL. If a number of values are less than 5 then it makes sense to add single quotes around them and separate them by comma manually so that you can use them on IN clause of your SQL query, but if it's more than 5 like 50 or 100 then manually enclosing them into single quotes will take a lot of time and most importantly programmers are not supposed to do such silly stuff manually.

How to create Tabs UI using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSP and JavaScript? Example

JSP is still a popular technology for developing view part of Struts and Spring-based Java applications, but unfortunately, it doesn't have rich UI support available in GWT, or any other library. On another day, we had a requirement to display HTML tables inside tabs, basically, we had two tables of different data set and we need to display them in their own tabs. Users can navigate from one tab to another, and CSS should take care of which tab is currently selected, by highlighting the active tab. Like many Java developers, our hands-on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are a little bit tight than a web guy, and since our application is not using any UI framework, we had to rely on JSP to do this job.

Top 5 books to Learn Object Oriented Programming and Design - Must Read, Best of Lot

The OOP or Object Oriented Programming is one of the most popular programming paradigms which helps you to organize code in the real-world system. It's a tool that allows you to write sophisticated software by thinking in terms of objects and relationships. Unlike its predecessor procedural Programming paradigm, which is implemented most notably by C, which solves the problem and complete task by writing code for computers, the OOP style of programming allows you to think in terms of real-world objects which have both state and behavior. You can view anything as objects and then find their state and behaviors, this will help you to simulate that object in code.

Top 10 Websites and Online Platforms to Learn Git for FREE in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, like many programmers, I have also worked with a lot of source control systems like SVN, CVS, TFS, VSS, Mercury, and I had always wondered why so many source control systems? Why not just one. It's one of the necessary software tools for development, and everyone needs a version control and code repository, there should be a standard solution. It seems Git and Github have solved that problem now. Now, Git is everywhere from open source to closed source, from small startups to big Investment banks, but there were still legacy projects which were lying on SVN and CVS, but they are now also started moving towards it.

How to use Adapter Design Pattern in Java with Example

The adapter design pattern in Java, also known as the Wrapper pattern is another very useful GOF pattern, which helps to bridge the gap between two classes in Java. As per the list of Gang of Four patterns, the Adapter is a structural pattern, much like Proxy, Flyweight, Facade, and Decorator patterns in Java. As the name suggests, the Adapter allows two classes of a different interface to work together, without changing any code on either side. You can view the Adapter pattern as a central piece of the puzzle, which joins two pieces, which can not be directly joined because of different interfaces.

How to fix tibrvnative.dll : Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform? Solution

Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on an AMD 64-bit platform is a generic error, which comes when a 64-bit process tries to load a 32-bit dll, but when it comes it's not that easy to resolve. One of my readers was getting this error tibrvnative.dll : Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on an AMD 64-bit when he was trying to install Tibco Rendezvous 8.2 on his Windows 8 HP Laptop. He was working on a Java application that was dependent upon Tibco Rendezvous for inter-process communication. After installing Tibco on his machine he was having a hard time running his Java application, first, he was getting errors like java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no tibrvnative in java.library.path and after resolving that he was getting a new error tibrvnative.dll: Can't find dependent libraries.

What is the Use of Interface in Java and Object Oriented Programming? [Answer]

Many times, I have seen questions like why should we use an interface in Java? If we can not define any concrete methods inside the interface the what is the user of the interface? Or even more common, What is the real use of the interface in Java? I can understand beginners asking this question when they just see the name of the method inside the interface and nothing else. It takes time to realize real goodness or actual use of interface or abstraction in Java or any object-oriented programming. One reason for this is a lack of experience in really modeling something real in the program using object-oriented analysis and design. In this article, I will try to answer this question and give you a couple of reasons to use the interface in your code. If you have a good understanding of Object-oriented basics like Polymorphism, then you know that it allows you to write flexible code.

Difference between Inheritance and Composition in Java and Object Oriented Programming

Though both Inheritance and Composition provide code reusability, the main difference between Composition and Inheritance in Java is that Composition allows reuse of code without extending it but for Inheritance, you must extend the class for any reuse of code or functionality. Another difference that comes from this fact is that by using Composition you can reuse code for even the final class which is not extensible but Inheritance cannot reuse code in such cases. Also by using Composition, you can reuse code from many classes as they are declared as just a member variable, but with Inheritance, you can reuse code from just one class because in Java you can only extend one class because multiple Inheritance is not supported in Java.

Top 7 System Design and Software Analysis and Design Books in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, System design and Software design are two important topic for coding interviews and also two important skill for Software developers. Without knowing how to design System you cannot create new software and it will also be difficult to learn and understand existing software and system. That's why big technical companies like FAANG pays special attention to System design skill and test candidates thoroughly. If you want to learn System design and looking for best resources like best System design books and courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best System design online courses, as well as Software architecture courses,  and common System design questions and in this article, I am going to share with you best System design books to learn Software design. 

Top 9 Blockchain Courses & Certifications For Beginners in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello folks, if you are not living under the rock, you would have definitely heard about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills, and there are not many people out there. If you want to learn Blockchain and related technologies like Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, etc., and are looking for Blockchain training courses and certification, you have come to the right place. But, before that, let's get a quick overview of what Blockchain is, why it's popular, and why you should learn Blockchain in 2022.

Top 6 Refactoring Courses for Experienced Programmers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to improve your coding skills, learn to refactor and other coding best practices,  and look for the best online courses to improve your coding skills, refactoring, and other best practices, then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I shared the best design pattern courses and best Data Structure and Algorithms courses, and today, I will share the best online courses you can join to improve your coding and programming skills. Coding skill is one of the most important differentiators when it comes to getting a programming job. It's simple, if you can't code, you can't go up the ladder, and you can't get better jobs. 

Top 10 Coursera Courses and Certifications to Learn Web Development in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If someone asked me 10 years ago about how to learn web development and get a job I would more likely say that you have to go to college and get your Bachelor’s degree and then try to get a job or internship. In short, it was only possible to become a web developer by spending years on education and thousands of dollars, now the internet has changed the game nowadays. These days many online platforms like CourseraUdemyPluralsight, CodeCademy, and Educative appeared to the world allowing people o take online training courses in almost any industry and web development is one of them. 

Top 20 Bootstrap Interview Questions Answers for 1 to 3 Years Experienced

Hello guys, if you are preparing for web designer or web developer interview and looking for bootstrap interview questions, one of the popular CSS framework then you have come to the right place. Earlier,  I have shared HTML 5 Interview Questions and JavaScript Interview Questions and today, I will share 20 common Bootstrap Interview questions for 1 to 3 years experienced web designers and developers. These courses are suitable for both beginners and intermediate developers. If you have used bootstrap and CSS then you can easily answer all of these questions but if you struggle to answer any of these questions then you can always go back and checkout these best Bootstrap courses to learn and revise essential Bootstrap and CSS concepts in quick time. 

Top 5 Courses to Learn TerraForm in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello folks, if you have done infrastructure deployment like creating a server, installing applications, and creating a production environment then you know that deploying and maintaining traditional infrastructure is a manual task fraught with repetitive tasks, inconsistent configuration, and always out-of-date documentation. Terraform is an essential DevOps tool that is used to version infrastructure as code. If you want to learn Terraform in 2022 then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best DevOps courses and best online courses to learn essential DevOps tools like Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes, and today I am going to share the best online courses to learn Terraform in 2022. The list contains courses for both beginners and experienced engineers.

Top 5 AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification Practice Test and SAA-C02 / SAA-C03 Exam Dumps in 2022

Hello guys, if you are preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03 and SAA-C02) certification exam and looking for challenging practice tests to assess your preparation then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share the best Practice test and questions to prepare for the AWS Solution Architect Associate  (SAA-C03 and SAA-C02) exam from Udemy, Whizlabs, and other portals, totaling more than 2000+ practice questions. These practice tests are created by AWS experts and certified developers and Solution architects like Stephane Maarek and Cloud guru Ryna Krooneberg. Mock simulators play an important role in any certification and the AWS Solution Architect Associate-level exam is no different.

Top 20 Web Development Interview Questions with Answer with 3 to 5 years experienced

Hello guys, if you are preparing for web developer job interview and looking for frequently asked web development interview questions then you have come to the right place.  Earlier, I have not just  shared HTML Interview QuestionCSS Interview Questions, and JavaScript Interview Questions, but also question from popular Frontend frameworks like React and Angular, and in this article, I am going to share common web development interview questions for 3 to 5 years experienced professionals. If you have worked as a web developer or created a couple of web projects then you may know answers of all of these questions but if you struggle to answer them then you can always go back and join any of these best web development courses to learn and revise key web development concepts. 

Top 6 Free Game Development Courses for Java and Unity Developers in 2022- Best of Lot

If you are a programmer with a passion for game development or a computer science graduate who wants to become a Game Developer for the console, Android, or iOS device and looking for some excellent courses to start with, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best Game Development courses which are entirely free using Unity, Corona, and LibGDX, three of the most popular game engines for Programmers and Game Developers. While LibGDX is Java-based and Unity is C# based but probably the most popular game engine at this moment. Unity Game engine is both powerful and free, which makes it ideal to use for game development. If you don't know, Unity is the same software used to create Pokemon Go and many other best selling mobile games!

Top 5 Free iOS App Development Courses for Beginners in 2022 - Best of Lot

If you are thinking to learn iOS App development like developing games and applications for Apple's iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and looking for some free courses then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share five free courses to learn iOS App Development and become the iOS developer you always wanted to be. This is the third article in my series of articles about learning iOS and venturing into app development using Swift. In my previous article, I have shared some of the best-paid courses to learn iOS development you can take to become an iOS developer this year and some free courses to learn Swift Programming language, Apple's own language to create iOS applications.

Top 5 Free Courses to Learn Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello there, welcome to my blog. The Microsoft SQL Server is not just one of the popular database solutions but also one of the most complicated software offerings from Microsoft. It requires you to have a foundation in networks, databases, and programming. This wide range of skills is often challenging to obtain without rigorous learning and years of hands-on experience. Since it's difficult to learn and master the demand for expert SQL Server DBAs and Programmers is always high, particularly in the banking sectors. I know many of my friends in London and all around the world become SQL Server DBAs after starting as a programmer just to work on those big banks and earn very high salaries.

Review - Is Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) on 101 Blockchains worth it?

Hello guys Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have evolved as one of the interesting technological trends and lot of people want to jump into NFT train. If you also want to learn NFT and looking for the best NFT certification then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best paid NFT online courses as well as best free NFT courses and in this article, I am going to review one of the best NFT certification from 101 Blockchains, the certified NFT Professional certification. In this article, you will find out whether a Certified NFT Professional certification is worth it or not. We will deep dive into this NFT course and figure out the strong and weak points of this course and check if this CNFTP certification is any good or not, and then evaluate whether the price you pay for this NFT certification is justified or not.

Top 5 Courses to learn Pandas and Python Data Analysis for Beginners in 2022 - Best of Lot

Pandas is one of the most potent and popular Python libraries for Data Analysis. It's also one of the favorite tools for Data scientists because it helps them in cleaning, transformation, manipulation, and analysis of Data. To be honest, data in the real world is messy, and before you can start with your analysis, you need to clean and transform the data in the format you want. A tool or library like Pandas really helps there. That's why it's essential to learn about Pandas while doing Data Analysis with Python. It's even more critical if you are in the field of Data Science and Data Analysis. If you know Paands, well and good, but if you don't mind, as I am going to share some of the best online courses to learn Pandas and Data Analysis with Python in 2022.

Top 20 IT Support Interview Questions with Answers for 2 to 5 Years Experienced

Hello guys, if you want to start your career as IT support engineer and  preparing for IT support interview and looking for frequently asked IT support questions from interviews then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared UNIX Interview Questions, SQL Interview Questions as well as Java support engineer interview questions and in this article, I am going to share common IT support questions for 3 to 5 years experienced professionals. If you have worked as IT support engineer then most likely you can answer all of these questions but if you struggle to answer them then I suggest you to first go through a comprehensive IT support course like Google's IT support Professional certification on Coursera to learn and revise key concepts required for IT support engineers. Even beginners can join this course to start their career as IT support engineers. 

Top 5 Apache Spark Online Courses for Java and Python Developers in 2022 - Best of Lot

Hello friends, we are here again today for another exciting topic to discuss. But, today we are not gonna discuss something which is related to Java or any other language or spring boot. Today we are gonna discuss something which is immensely practical and has the potential to land you very high paying jobs. Today we are gonna take a look at the best available Apache Spark courses online. Apache Spark is one of the most popular Big Data Framework and powering many companies Big Data processing. Earlier, I have shared the best courses to learn Hadoop and Big Data and many of you asked to share the best courses on Apache Spark so here we are with the best online courses to learn Apache Spark.