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The 2023 PHP Developer RoadMap

Hello guys, if you want to become a PHP developer in 2023 and looking for guidance like PHP Developer RoadMap, particularly PHP Backend developer roadmap then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best free PHP courses and MySQL courses for web developers and today, I am going to share how to become a PHP Developer in 2023 and a complete PHP Developer RoadMap which you can follow along. Making web applications can be fun and a promising career since it is insignificant demand and has a respectful salary. Many people are even learning this skill and working as freelancers from home. If you are planning to learn this skill, I will suggest learning the PHP language to make the back-end code of the web apps. This article will help you learn the roadmap to becoming a PHP developer.

Top 5 Common Spring Bean Exception, Error and Solution [BeanDefinitionStoreException, NoSuchBeanDefinitionException, BeanCreationException]

Hello guys, error handling and troubleshooting is an important skill for Java developers. During development you can get variety of exception and sometime they are quite difficult to solve especially if you have no clue what they are and what causing them. Things can be even more difficult if exception is coming from the framework you are using like Spring Framework or Hibernate, that's why its important to know common error and exception for standard framework like Spring. In this article I will explain what BeanDefinitionStoreException, BeanCreationException, NoSuchBeanDefinitionException and BeanDefinitionOverrideException are, what can cause them and how to fix those problems.

Top 50 Spring Framework Practice Questions Answers for Java Developers

Hello guys, preparing for IT certification like Oracle's Java certification or Vmware's Spring Certification required a lot of hard-work. I have seen many experienced Java developers failing these certifications and losing money and time due to over-confidence and lack of preparation. A structured and complete certification preparation involves reading books, joining course and doing practice questions. When it comes to Spring certification, practice questions are quite hard to find and that's why I created my Udemy course with 250+ Spring Certification questions. This course has helped more than 9000 students in their Spring certification preparation journey. 

How to use Named Query SQL in Spring Framework? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, many Java developers don't know that Spring Framework also provides support for NamedQuery where you can pass parameters in a much readable way by using named placeholders than the default placeholder of ? (question mark) which is used with PreparedStatement in Java. If you want to learn Spring JDBC then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best Spring Framework courses, books, and tutorials to learn Spring Framework and its different features, and in this example, I will show you how to use NamedQuery in Spring Framework. You can then use this technique to write much more readable queries on the Java layer for your application. 

Top 23 Design Patterns Experienced Java Programmers Should Learn

Hello guys, if you want to learn Design Patterns and looking for a comprehensive tutorial which covers all important object oriented design pattern then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Design pattern courses and books for experienced developers and in this article, I will introduce you with 23 common object oriented design patterns for writing better code. Design Patterns are tried and tested way of solving a problem within a given context. They are not invented, rather they are discovered, which is also obvious by use of word pattern. By using design pattern, you take knowledge of all wide communities and can safely use it to solve that problem. At times they might not give you perfect solution, require bit of tweaking, but they certainly provides one of the best solution, as long as you use them properly. While doing object oriented development, they are numerous task which appears quite often e.g. creating objects, structuring code, and implementing different behaviors based on different context.

Does Order of Multiple intercept-url's in Spring Security Matters?

Hello guys, one of the frequently asked Spring Security Question is about the order of multiple intercept-urls in Spring security configuration file e.g. applicationContext-security.xml. If you have to define more than one intercept URLS, which order will you define them? Does order even matters? The short answer of this question is, Yes, ordering of intercept URLs in Spring Security configuration file does matter and if you have to define multiple intercept-urls then you define the in a order from most specific to least specific. Why you should that? because Spring security tries to match the URL of every incoming request or outgoing response to the intercept urls in the same order they are declared. So if you declare the least specific URL first then most of the request will match that URL pattern and your more specific pattern will never execute.

How to use State Design Pattern in Java? Vending Machine Example

The State design pattern is a behavioral pattern, first introduced by GOF in their class is book design patterns. State pattern looks similar to Strategy pattern but it helps in managing object state and thus enabling them to behave differently in a different state. In this example, we will take a famous object-oriented design interview question, implementing Vending Machine in Java. In the past, we have solved this problem without using any design pattern, but here we will use state design patterns to create a vending machine with different states.  This example will not just help you to understand how to implement State Design Pattern in Java but also gives you experience about when to use State Pattern on your application. 

Top 7 Websites to learn HTML and CSS Online for FREE - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to learn HTML, CSS,  and Responsive Web Design and looking for best free resources like online courses, books etc then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best free HTML and CSS Courses, and books and today, I am going to share best places to learn HTML and CSS for FREE. Every web page in this world has at least two programming languages to be designed which are HTML and CSS. These two languages give the design of every page and HTML is responsible for the structure of the web pages such as the buttons the text and so on but CSS is the styling language where you can color the text the buttons the sections adjust the width the height and much more.

How to test a Spring Boot Application using JUnit, Mockito, and @SpringBootTest? Example Tutorial

Hello guys, if you are wondering how to test your Spring Boot application then you are at the right place. In the past, I have shared several Spring and Spring Boot resources like best Spring boot coursesbest Spring Boot booksSpring Boot Interview questions and even Spring Boot projects and in this article, I am going to share how to test your Spring Boot application using @SpringBoot annotation. This article will teach you essential concept for testing Spring Boot applications. It's expected that you are know about essentially the fundamentals of Java, Maven and Spring Boot (Controllers, Dependencies, Database Repository, and so on).