Sunday, December 3, 2017

Interview question asked on Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol

Here are some of the common questions asked on any  FIX (financial information exchange)  protocol or financial interview , these questions are just some on top of my mind please add any other questions you have faced in your financial interview position , I would add them in list.

·         What is an Exchange?
·         What is the difference between a Stock and a Bond?
·         What is the difference between Sell Orders and Short Sell Orders?
·         What is naked short and what is covered short?
What is the difference between an ECN and an exchange?
·         What is limit order?
·         What is a market order?
·         What is a stop or stop loss order?

Monday, November 20, 2017

XPath Tutorials Examples for Beginners and Java Developers

XPath Tutorials for Beginners and Java Developers
This XPath Tutorial is collection of my Xpath Notes which I prepared recently when I was working on XML and XPATH. Though I was familiar with XML but not with Xpath and thought to note down bullet points about Xpath to get myself up and running. It’s not quite detailed but gives a nice overview on what is Xpath and how can you use Xpath in Java. I have not edited order of notes and presented it as it is in this XPath Tutorial. It also contains some example of xpath expression to give you an idea of how they look like but its analogous to SQL which is used to retrieve data from tables.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Result of Recent Google PageRank Update in November 2011

Just come to know about recent Google PR update which is due today 8th November 2011 and thought about this post to share result of recent Google Page Rank update based on my experience.
Everybody in web is talking about this Google PR update which is coming after recent Google Panda or Caffeine update, which has affected many sites ranking. I think Google PR update has been done or under work because I can see PR updates from zero to two on some of my articles. I can also see that this time Google is more restrict on awarding page rank and the one which got PR 3 on last Google PR update on Augst 2011 is getting PR 2 this time. Google has also adjusted PR of existing articles along with new articles.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

List of Tibco RV, EMS Tutorials , Tips from Javarevisited

Hi guys , just thought about some more topics to explain on this tibco tutorial series , let me know out of below which Tibco topics you would like to me cover first , please suggest if you have other topics in mind. I am now updating this post as most of the topics are already covered but I forgot to update this post.

I have covered difference between routing daemon and Tibco daemon in this part. basically main difference between both of them is the purpose. RVD is mainly for sending and receiving message in same network between two Tibco RV publisher and subscriber while RVRD is used to bridge two different network from two different countries, cities or even continent. Most of the investment banks has RVRD bridging there London to New-york traffic or London to Tokyo traffic. Bandwidth of these WAN networks are very important because if  you have just one slow Tibco subscriber that can bring down whole network link between two regions. We had an incident when one of out application is publishing huge amount of updates in MB and on other side we had a GUI on a slow desktop which is keep asking for resend, this problem is often referred as Tibco RV storm and its very serious issue while working with Tibco messaging. One important thing to note here is reliability parameter of tibco rv which actually defines how long publisher should hold the message if set very low can cause frequent retransmission request.

The Most Simple trick to Loss Weight - Buy A Digital Weight Machine and Check Your Weight Daily

You must be wondering why I am sharing a weight loss or physical fitness tip in my Java programming blog? Well, after reading Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual by John Sonmez, a software developer, and life coach, I found that fitness is very important for programmers and it's about time we should take it seriously.  In general, programmers and IT professionals are not the most physically active persons and hence the easy target for the life-threating disease like heart-attack and diabetic. I started my weight loss journey last year, achieved something but lost it again due to busy work schedule. In this article, I am going to share some of my experience, starting with the most simple trick to lose weight, which worked for me and helped me to lose 8Kg in 3 months.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What are builtin Properties in ANT >> Tutorial Example

This is the fourth article of series "ant tutorial for beginners" here I have included some more fundamental concept in form of Q/A to provide you clear and concise description and situation where you apply these concept. Please let me know if you have any questions , comments I will be happy to reply those .

What are built in properties available in ant ?
Built in properties are those which ant provides by default , you need not have to declare these property you can just use it. You can divide them in two parts

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to use Regular Expression in Unix Linux

One of the most powerful tools available to programmers are Regular Expressions, if you are good with regular expressions you can solve many day to day problem extremely quickly e.g. find all the lines with ERROR in the log file , find the count of any particular ID in the log file , find exceptions etc.

Regular Expression Example in UNIX

a regular expression is a generic concept which has implemented in many different languages and many different tools including Java , here is some of the tools and languages which use a regular expression.

The vi editor which comes standard with the Unix/Linux operating system.
  • Any decent programmer's editor e.g. EditPlus
  • The grep command found standard on many operating systems including Unix/Linux.
  • The Perl programming language.
  • The PHP programming language.

regular Even if you feel regular expression is complex and hard to learn I would suggest to familiarize with at least basic set of regex and try to use it as much as possible and later you will only want to learn more and more to do the stuff quickly.

here are some of the basic regex and their examples:

1) you want to find ERROR in a log file in Linux ?
grep ERROR logfile

2) you want to find lines starts with ERROR ?
grep ^ERROR logfile (^ is used to find for starts with)

3) you want to find lines ends with ERROR ?
grep ERROR$ logfile ($ is used to find for ends with)

4) you want to find empty lines in a log file ?
grep ^$ logfile

5) you want to match upper or lower case ERROR ?
grep [Ee]RROR logfile ([] is used to include letters]

6) find all lines that contain Error or Exception ?
egrep ERROR|Exception logfile ( | is used for OR condition)

7) Match the letter E when it appears at least 3 times in a row but possibly 4 or more times in a row: E {3,}

8) Match the letter E when it appears 3 times in a row or 6 times in a row or anything in between. E{3,6}

9)Match E when it appears 1 or more times in a row.

10) (E+ and E{1,} mean exactly the same thing!)

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Share Your Interview Experience with Javarevisited

Hello Guys,
How are you? Hope you are doing well.
It's been 5 years since I have started Javarevisited. In last five years, I have worked hard to make Javarevisited a good resource to prepare for Java interviews, and to make it even more useful, I am inviting you, my readers, to share your Interview experience with us, the Javarevisited community. If you like Javarevisited and think that it has helped you in past, and you want to give something back to the community, then it's time to share your own interview experience with us.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Networking Basics for FIX Connection in Unix Linux

Knowledge of networking basics are extremely important if you are dealing with FIX connection , FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange protocol and its the most popular protocol for electronic trading and supported by many brokers , exchanges etc.

here I am discussing few important network related information which is quite useful for FIX connection establishment.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Finally Eclipse supports JDK7 in Eclipse Indigo 3.7.1

Much awaited release of Eclipse with JDK7 is now over, Eclipse has announced release of version Indigo 3.7.1 which will support JDK7.though I already have downloaded Netbeans with JDK7 support I was eagerly waiting for my favorite java development IDE to comes with java7 support. I am expecting this to support all new java7 features including automatic resource management, string in the switch and multiple-cache block in exception handling. You can download the new Eclipse 3.7.1 version from here. You can also update your existing eclipse IDE with new feature from Menu-->Help-->Check for

There is not much in this release except JDK7 feature, no new feature has been introduced which will probably be released in either 3.8 or 4.2. Java community is still embracing JDK7 but sooner or later it will adopt it and my feeling is that it will happen very soon because it contains the similar features which JDK 1.5 was contained though not that significant but still pretty useful for day 2 day work.

eclipse with jdk7, eclipse indigo 3.7.1 with java7

Further Learning
The Eclipse Guided Tour - Part 1 and 2
Java Fundamentals, Part 1 and 2
The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Check Java Documentation of a Class in Netbeans IDE

Recently I have downloaded Netbeans IDE 7.0 to learn its GUI builder Matisse and I was impressed with the changes I saw in the Netbeans from my last use of it in 2007. I was a hardcore Netbeans fan when I was developing mobile application using J2ME and Netbeans integrated environment with WTK, Profiler, and Network Monitor just rocks and on top of that they had conditional compilation feature based on type of platform you   were working like you could maintain your code easily even if you are using device-specific libraries e.g. Nokia UI library etc. Anyway, those were the things of past, what attracted me is the Javadoc feature of Netbeans. Though this feature might have existed long back I have just started using it. Earlier to see Javadoc I used to Google and then go to Sun (now Oracle) website to view Javadoc of any class. While playing with Netbeans I discovered that you can easily Javadoc in the Netbeans IDE itself no need to visit the web.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

10 Websites to Practice Coding Challenges and Improve Your Programming Skill - Best of Lot

Do you love programming challenges? If Yes, then you will be happy to see so many free resources available to improve your programming skills. There are so many websites, which has interesting programming questions, puzzles, riddles, problem set, and challenges. Some of them even provide a worldwide ranking, so that you can judge yourself among other programmers from all over the world. In this article, we will see my collection of 10 websites, which provides programming and coding challenges. I have tried to include a mixture of sites that have both easy, moderate, tough, and extremely difficult programming challenges.

Java swing tutorial: Learning JList with code example

In this java swing JList tutorial, we will learn important properties and function of JList while working on a task with examples. In my opinion best way to learn swing is to actually doing the task and so I designed this tutorial around the task. We will start with a simple example and proceed with more  complex one step by step adding new functionality and in the course, we will learn JList both concept and API. In this first example, we need to implement a list which shows names of companies in sorted order. 
Before start coding let's see some fundamentals of JList:

Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to revert back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 Update?

If you remember, I have updated to Windows 10 yesterday and blog about the problem I was facing with respect to clarity of text and blurriness on Chrome and Firefox browser e.g. text was turned white to some places and it wasn't pleasant working in the browser. There were few other issues, which prompted me to revert back to Windows 8.1 update, which was the version I was running before upgrading to Windows 10.  Though Windows 10 has lots of good feature in terms of improved search, security and start menu, I didn't adjust it well. Since I don't have time to play around different visual settings and other things, I decided to roll back to Windows 8 version.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to bypass Websense Internet Filter at Office, School to Access Programming WebSites

Recently one of my readers emailed me that he can not access any .blogspot or .wordpress domain from his office because Websense is blocking them as personal blogs category. Since we techies, often relied on personal technical experience, tips shared by fellow developers for our work, this feels really annoying, but same time it's difficult to convince Websense guys or local Websense security team to not put such restriction. I was thinking about alternative and done some research on the internet, which tells me that you can bypass Websense filter at school or office by using proxy sites, but this idea doesn’t seem good to me, as they may contain some unwanted piece of crap, which is not good for anyone's computer. Also, if you are working for a decent size company, there is good chance that those proxy sites will also be blocked by Websense. This leaves no option at all to access any technical or programming blog, hosted on a free domain like .blogspot or .wordpress domain. That’s why some blogger prefers to have their own domain name than relying on blogger or WordPress.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Good time to become Java Certified Programmer - 20% discount on ALL Exams

In a nice gesture, Oracle has announced 20% discount on any Java certification to celebrate 20 years of Java. Which means now you can get your Java SE certification at 20% discount, this is almost a saving of almost 50 USD. This is really exciting to all Java developers who are preparing for Java SE 8 certification, 1Z0-808 (Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer) or certified Java developers who are looking to upgrade their certification for Java SE 8. This discount is available to ANY Java certification, including OCPJP 6, OCAPJP 7, OCPJP 7 and OCAJP 8. Now, the big question, how do you get this discount?  Not much, just choose the exam you want to take and register for it as shown below, but don't get late. This offer is only valid till 31st December 2015.

Friday, June 23, 2017

20 Fancy Acronyms Programmers should know?

Do you read blogs on Internet? Do you understand what TL;DR or ITT means, Well I didn't, not until last year. Internet is full of acronyms. Techies, programmers, developers and bloggers has developed a lot more fancy acronyms than you can think of. If you participate or read articles on sites like Reddit, Hacker news or StackOverFlow, you will see extensive use of these mysterious acronyms. If you don't know meanings of acronyms like TL;DR, AFAIK, PSA, YSK or TIL, there is good chance that you will lost in conversation and comments. So when I come across this list of acronyms, I thought to share it with you guys. This list contains lots of popular acronyms, which is been used by many bloggers around internet and community web-sites like Reddit, Hacker News, DZone and StackOverFlow.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tibco tutorial : Reliability Parameter Explained

Reliability parameter is one of the important stat up parameter we provide to Tibco rvd and incorrect setting up of this parameter can screw up things in a big way. When I wrote Tibco Tutorials for beginners I thought to explain some individual concept on separate tutorials and this article is part of it. Tibco messaging is one of the most used messaging solutions on Investment banks over the years and will continue for coming years.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

10 Famous Laws of Computer Programming and Software Enginnering World

Like any other field, Software and Programming world too has some interesting and famous rules, principles and laws, which programmers, developers, managers and architects use often in conversations, meetings and chats. These laws are either rules, principles, or famous words from great personalities of computer programming world. At the same time these laws are interesting, funny, worth knowing, and few of them are just amazing to read. I have sharing things which is worth knowing and useful for not only Java programmer but also developers from other programming language e.g. we have seen 10 Object oriented design principles, which is not only useful for Java guys but also with any OOPS programmer. In this article, I am going to share my collection of 10 famous software and computer programming laws, I am sure you would have few more to add into this list. Please share a computer programming rules, or a thought of wisdom, which is worth knowing among software professional.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Top 10 Most useful cvs commands in linux/unix

This article is in continuation of my earlier article Top 10 basic networking Commands in Unix  and 10 tips of working fast in unix  to read more see here 10 tips of using find command in linux.

Here is my list of most useful commands in Linux , its important that we know this and use it regularly while working with files folders which is in CVS.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TIBCO Ledger file in Certified messaging : TIBCO Tutorial

TIBCO Ledger files in certified messaging
This is in continuation to my previous article on TIBCO Certified messaging, in this TIBCO tutorial we will discuss about what is TIBCO ledger? What is process based ledger and what is file based ledger?  Which messages are stored in TIBCO ledger? What are advantage and disadvantage of using TIBCO ledger? When should we use Process based and File based ledger etc. if you would like to read my earlier TIBCO Tutorial please see.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Things to note down while writing your own FIX Engine on FIX protocol

This is in continuation of my FIX protocol tutorial, i am just sharing some of thoughts which are important to remember while writing FIX engine for FIX protocol , though there are couple of professional third party FIX engines are available you may need to write your own if your firm requires.
While writing your own FIX engine I would suggest paying attention to certain points which could save lots of time during maintenance phase

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to use Assertion in Java Code - When, Where

Where and when to use Assertion in Java is probably the most important thing you want to know about Assertions. In last couple of articles we have seen What is Assertion in Java and How to enable or disable Assertion in Java while in this article we will discuss most important part “Where to use Java Assertions” as I have always said Java Assertion should be taken as replacement of JUnit testing or Exception in Java Instead Assertion compliments both Unit testing and Exception and if used property provides you another testing tool which may test application with more real data than JUnit tests.

Monday, January 16, 2017

How to enable or disable Assertion in Java

The good thing about Assertion in Java is that you can enable or disable Assertion at runtime. The designer of java are really very thoughtful, they have thought of many situations while designing java and its API. one of the gems is the ability to enable or disable assertion in runtime without any change on code. In last article we see how Assertion works in Java and now we will see some step by step guide on how to disable or enable Assertion in Java By default assertions in Java are disabled at runtime and JVM provides following options to deal with assertion in Java :