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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Top 5 Java 8 Online Courses to Learn Stream and Lambda Expression in 2024 [UPDATED]

It's been more than 6 years since Java 8 was launched in March 2014 and many of you already thinking that Java 8 is now a legacy version but there are still so many Java developers out there who don't know how to code using new language features of Java 8 like lambdas, stream, and method reference. It's high time for all those programmers to learn and master Java 8 before their skill becomes outdated. After that, we already have a couple more Java releases like  Java 9, Java 10, Java 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, and Java 21in the space of just 6 years apart but Java 8 is still the most used version, particularly when it comes to coding style.

In the past, I have shared a lot of books and tutorials to learn about several key Java 8 features like lambda expressions, Stream API, method references, default methods, new Date and Time API, Optional and other smaller API enhancements but my readers kept asking me about some online courses they can take to learn Java 8 quickly.

I can understand that because online courses have become the most popular way to learn new technology in a quick time.

They have almost replaced books as the go-to source to learn new technology, which I still think is the best resource to master a topic because they provide the most comprehensive and authoritative knowledge.

But, what works best for an online course is interactivity which is not possible with books. That's the single most reason why many people are using online courses to learn almost anything on the web at a very cheap price.

I have collected the courses which will especially teach you Java 8 features, except The Complete Java MasterClass which is a comprehensive Java course and covers the language from A to Z. If you are starting to learn Java from Java 8 or newer versions, I suggest you check this course. This 80-hour long course is one of the comprehensive and also the most up-to-date Java course on Udemy. 

5 Best Online Courses to Learn Java SE 8 in 2024

In this article, I am going to share some of the best Java 8 courses from Udemy and Pluralsight to learn Java 8 in no time. I have a Pluralsight annual membership but I also shop on Udemy, mostly on their flash sale where they sell courses for just $9.9 or $10.99 which is like getting a course for FREE.

Anyway, without any further Ado, here are my top 5 courses to learn Java 8 quickly by yourself:

1. Java 8 New Features In Simple Way

If you quickly want to be familiar with all the new features introduced in Java SE 8 release then this is the right course for you. This course is a direct classroom recording of Java 8 classes so you will feel like attending the class personally.

The course covers all essential Java 8 features like Lambda Expressions, Method reference, Functional Interfaces, Default and Static Methods, Common Functional interfaces from java.util.function package like Predicate, Function, Supplier, Consumer, etc.

It also covers Stream and new Date and Time API in good detail which is very important to code in Java 8 style.

Top 5 Java 8 Courses to Learn Online - Best of Lot

2. Java Streams API Developer Guide

One of the most important features of Java 8 was the introduction of lambda expression and Stream API, which now allows you to perform bulk data operations in Java easily.

One of the main challenges developers face while writing code in Java 8 style was using lambda expression and Stream API and that's where this course helps.

It is a completely focused course that will teach you everything about Stream API. The course covers iterating over Stream, Max, Min, and Comparators, Collectors, Filtering, and Transformation using a filter, map, and flatmap methods.

It also covers the findAny() and findFirst() methods, pulling out statistics from your data, Grouping of data in SQL like Group By example, map-reduce, and joining strings.

Overall a great course to learn Java 8 Stream API in depth.

Java Streams API Developer Guide Udemy course

3. What's New in Java 8

If you have a Pluralsight membership and you are looking for a good course to start with Java 8 then "What's New in Java 8" is a good course to start with.

It provides a nice overview of all important Java 8 features like lambdas, stream, method and constructor reference, new Date and Time API, default and static methods of interfaces, etc.

It even covers Java FX changes and JavaScript engine Nashorn which were added in JDK 8.

Btw, if you don't have a Pluralsight membership then also you get this course for FREE by signing of Pluralsight free trial, which gives access to Pluarlsigh courses for 10 days for free.

What's New in Java 8 Pluralsight course

4. Java 8 for Experienced Developers: Lambdas, Stream API & Beyond

This is another Java 8 course for an experienced developer who wants to master Lambda, Stream API, and other exciting features of Java 8 like CompletableFuture. This course is different from previous courses because it's a text-based interactive course from Educative. 

If you don't know Educative is a new online learning platform that allows you to run code on the browser, which means you can learn and practice without installing any software on your machine and getting stuck in the process. 

This course shows the new patterns introduced in Java 8 based upon lambda expression, the functional interfaces, the new and modified Collection Framework, the newly introduced Stream API, and most importantly CompletableFuture, one of the useful concurrency enhancements from Java 8 which is often ignored. 

Java 8 has changed how you write code in Java and that's why many standard Java idioms have now become outdated. This course will teach you new patterns to build efficient and clean Java applications and I highly recommend this course. You can either buy this course alone or get an Educative subscription for just $14/99 to get access to all of their courses. 

Top 5 Java 8 Online Courses to Learn Stream and Lambda Expression

5. The Complete Java MasterClass - Updated for Java 11

This is not just the Java 8 new feature course but the most comprehensive course to learn Java. If you are a beginner and starting with Java 8 then I recommend this course to start with.

It is also constantly updating. The course now covers Java 8 and Java 9 but I expect it to soon also covers Java 10 features as well.

It is detailed, comprehensive, and covers most of the topics a Java developer should be familiar with like core Java, Collections, Concurrency, File IO, JVM internals, and many more.

In short, a complete course to learn Java from scratch.

The Complete Java MasterClass - Updated for Java version Udemy course

That's all about some of the best courses to learn Java 8, Stream API, and Lambda expression online. These courses will quickly teach you essential features of JDK 8 like lambda expression, default methods, method reference, functional interface, and new Date and Time API. However, you should focus more on lambdas and Stream to make most of Java 8. Those are also the key skills that are tested on Java interviews.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Java 8 Courses to learn Stream API and Lambda expression then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

P.S. - If you are new to the Java world and want to start from scratch, then I also suggest you check out these 10 best Core Java courses for beginners. It will not only teach you all new features but also the basics of programming and how to write a program in Java.

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