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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Top 5 Concurrent Collections Java Programmer Should Learn

Several new Collection classes are added in Java 5 and Java 6 especially concurrent alternatives of standard synchronized ArrayList, Hashtable and  synchronized HashMap collection classes. Many Java programmer still not familiar with these new collection classes from the java.util.concurrent package and misses a whole new set of functionality which can be utilized to build more scalable and high-performance Java application. In this Java tutorial, we will some of the useful collection classes like ConcurrentHashMap, BlockingQueue which provides some of the very useful functionalities to build concurrent Java applications.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Top 5 JSON Library Java JEE Developers Should Know- Best of Lot

The JSON format is one of the most popular formats to transfer and exchange data on the web. Almost all RESTful web services take JSON input and provide JSON output but unfortunately, JDK doesn't have built-in support for one of the most common web standards like JSON. As a Java developer if you want to develop a RESTful web service and produce JSON data or if you are developing a client to existing RESTFul web services and want to consume JSON response, you don't need to be disappointed. Fortunately, there are so many open source libraries and APIs available for creating, parsing, and processing JSON response in Java, like Jackson, Google GSon, json-simple, etc.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Top 25 Spring Security Interview Questions with Answers for Java Developers

Hello guys, Spring Security is one of the most popular security frameworks in the Java world and I strongly believe that every experienced Java developer should learn it. Because of its popularity, there is always some question on Spring Security on Java interviews but there are not enough resources to prepare for that. That's why when  I shared the spring boot interview question last year, a lot of you asked me to share similar interview questions on Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Microservices. I listen to those requests and have been doing some research since then. Last week, I published the Spring Cloud Interview questions and Spring Data JPA interview questions and in this article, you will find 25+ frequently asked Spring Security Interview Questions for Java Interviews with answers and explanations. You can use this list to not only prepare for a telephonic round of interviews but also for face to face interviews.