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Monday, December 4, 2023

Top 7 Courses to Learn Shell scripting in Linux (bash, ksh, csh) Online in 20243 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, you might know that a massive chunk of a developer's time is wasted in trying to repeat tasks and commands, especially when it comes to working with a bunch of UNIX or Linux machines, and a good knowledge of shell scripting can free you from such mundane task and give time to do some interesting stuff. If you don't know what shell scripting is then let me tell you is nothing but a program written using shell built-ins, and Linux commands to automate things, like checking if a host is reachable or finding and deleting large files that are older than certain days or archiving them into another machine.

Basically, it's a tool that allows you to automate boring and repeating tasks, and that's the way programmers should work. They should not be repeating stuff; instead, they should be investing that time to create a script or program which can automate that task.

Why Learn Shell scripting like Bash in Linux?

I always ask programmers, developers, and system admins to learn and master shell scripting because it's one of the skills which not only saves time and increases productivity but also separates yours from average programmers who don't have a passion for automation and are not good with their tools.

I'll give you one of the real-world examples from my career. Once I was working on a project which had around 40 Linux hosts where our Java application was installed.

After one big release, we realized that one config change was missed, and there wasn't enough time to do it a proper way, i.e. to create another build and load into the deployment tool (we're using Opsware that time) and release again. So, we decided to manually make the change in all 40 hosts.

I started doing changes, and 10 minutes later, my tech lead came to me and ask all done? I said, well, I have just started; only two servers are done now. He looked at me with curiosity and asked how I am doing the changes?.

I told him that I am going to each box, opening the config file in VI editor, and then making the change. He took control from me, make the change in the config file, and writes a script to copy that file to all 40 servers, which took just 2 minutes to him, and run it another 1 minute and all done.

I was surprised why I didn't think about that, but my lack of Linux knowledge and shell scripting prevented me.

That day I realized that if you want to improve your productivity and impress your colleague, then you must be good at your tools, and shell scripting is one of them.

7 Best Linux command and Shell Scripting Courses for Programmers in 2024

Now that you know what is shell scripting and why a programmer should learn shell scripting, it's time to go to the next level, how do you learn shell scripting? Or how can you improve your shell scripting skills in Linux

Well, an online training course is a good starting point, followed by the book for more comprehensive learning. Earlier I have shared some of the essential UNIX programming books and courses, and today, I am going to share some of the best online courses to learn Shell scripting in Linux.

1. Shell Scripting: Discover How to Automate Command Line Tasks

This is one of the best courses to learn shell scripting from scratch, particularly if you don't have much experience in shell scripting and automation. The course is well laid, and it's neither very long nor very short, which means you will learn essential knowledge in a quick time and start creating scripts in no time.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create shell scripts with ease. You'll learn how to take tedious and repetitious tasks and turn them into programs that will save you time and simplify your life on Linux, Unix, or MAC systems.

Here is the link to join this course:  Shell Scripting: Discover How to Automate Command Line Tasks

The course teaches essential shell scripting techniques like:
- checking the exit status of programs and commands and how to make effective use of them in shell scripts.
- how to accept input from the user
- how to write conditional statements and loops in shell scripts
- real-world examples of shell scripts from his collections.
- practice exercise and quizzes.

In short, one of the best courses to learn shell programming for Linux, Unix, and Mac.

5 Courses to Learn Shell Scripting in Linux Online

2. Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux [Coursera]

If you are looking for best Coursera course to learn Linux then you will love this Linux course which is created by none other than Red Hat itself. As I have told you before, Coursera is the best place to learn from authorities like Google, IBM, AWS and this is another course which is created by a top company, Red Hat which is behind the most popular flavor of Linux used commercially. 

This course will teach you Linux Fundamentals using RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. You will learn how a Linux system is organized, and see how common system administration tasks are performed, which you will be able to practice on your own as well. 

After completing this free Linux course on Coursera, you will have solid understanding of how to work with Linux from the command line, using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 as a model. You can also apply for developer and System admin jobs after completing this course. 

This course is also part of the Linux and Private Cloud Administration on IBM Power Systems Specialization, which is a great certificate for Cloud administrator and System administrator who want to master Linux. 

best Linux course on Coursera

By the way, If you are planning to join multiple Coursera courses or specializations, then consider taking a Coursera Plus subscription which provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects.

3. Linux Shell Scripting: A Project-Based Approach to Learning [Udemy]

This is one of the comprehensive course to learn shell scripting or shell programming in Linux, particularly with the bash scripts.

In this course, you will learn basics like creating and using variables, shell built-in commands and operators, conditionals, loop, checking exit status, and taking input from the user but also advanced concepts like performing text and string manipulation, processing multiple command-line arguments, and error handling.

Here is the link to join this course:  Linux Shell Scripting: A Project-Based Approach to Learning

The best part of this course is that It's project-based, which means instead of learning bits and pieces of information, you'll write actual shell scripts that you can use in real-world situations. You get the chance to immediately put what you learn to use so that you fully understand and remember it.

online course to learn shell scripting in UNIX

4. Bash for Programmers [Educative]

This is one of the best interactive courses on Linux Bash scripting and command lines. If you are working in windows and don't have access to a Linux machine for practice then don't worry this interactive bash course from Educative allows you to practice Linux commands in the browser. 

Shell scripting allows us to use the shell's abilities and to automate a lot of tasks that would otherwise require a lot of commands and by joining this bash scripting course for programmers, you can start writing bash scripts from word go, no need to set up a virtual box or a Linux machine for practice. 

Here is the link to join the course: Bash for Programmers

Bash scripting will help you automate routine tasks and save valuable time, whether you're a sysadmin, Linux user, or software developer. A shell script is much quicker than programming in any other language.

best interactive course to learn bash scripting

And, if you find the Educative learning platform and their interactive, text-based courses like Grokking the System Design Interview then consider getting an Educative Subscription which provides access to their 100+ courses for just $14.99 per month (70% discount now). It's very cost-effective and great for preparing for coding interviews and learning essential tech skills. 

5. Shell Scripting with Bash [Pluralsight]

Linux has many shells Like Bourne shell (sh), C shell (cash), Korn shell (ksh), and Bourne Again shell popularly known as bash.

It incorporates useful features from ksh and csh shell. Bash is not only an excellent command-line shell but a scripting language in itself, and this course helps you to realize the full potential of bash and Linux commands.

Here is the link to join the course: Shell Scripting with Bash

In this course, you will not only learn how to use bash for writing shell scripts, all the shell scripting basics including input and output, using variables, conditional execution, writing loops, string manipulation, but also learn several useful Linux commands in a quick time. Generally, anyone takes ages to discover those commands without any guidance, but this course teaches you in a couple of hours.

bash shell scripting tutorials and courses

By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year (14% discount). It's worth money because it provides instant access to more than 7000+ online courses to learn any tech skill. Alternatively, you can also use their 10-day-free-pass to watch this course for FREE.

6. Linux Shell Programming for Beginners

This is one of the most complete courses to learn shell scripting in Linux using the bash shell. In this course instructor not only explains basics like what is a shell or what is bash and how it is different from just typing the command in the command line but also goes on to show you how can automate your day-to-day task using shell scripts. 

The course teaches you how to write bash scripts, explains how command history, echo commands, and variables work in bash, operators, loops, statements, and all other concepts you need to write complex shell scripts to automate repetitive tasks. 

Here is the link to join the course: Linux Shell Programming for Beginners

In addition to providing you with all the theoretical information about BASH and Shell Scripting, the course also provides many examples at every step to get you familiar with how shell scripting works and what happens when you execute a particular shell script.

In short, a fantastic course to learn how to write well documented, modular, efficient, and complex shell scripts, automate daily routines, basic programming concepts such as loops, commands, and statements, how to effectively write command-line processing, process management, and even manipulate command-line functions.

Additionally, you can download all the scripts that were used by the instructor to try on your own.

best course to learn Shell Scripting in Linux

7. DevOps Bootcamp: Learn Linux & Become a Linux Sysadmin by ZTM Academy

If you are looking for a bootcamp Style course to learn Linux commands and concepts then you will love this DevOps bootcamp course on Zero to Mastery academy which is designed to teach you enough Linux to become a DevOps Engineer or Linux Sysadmin.

In this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a professional Linux Sysadmin and enhance your employability. Starting from scratch, you'll master the fundamental concepts and commands in Linux, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the operating system irrespective of distribution.

The course covers setting up the Linux environment, including the installation of both Ubuntu and CentOS on a virtual machine. Each Linux key concept or command is accompanied by a cheatsheet, quiz, and practice exercises to reinforce your learning.

Beyond basic Linux proficiency, the course delves into Network Security and Ethical Hacking, exploring key concepts such as Reconnaissance, Sniffing, and Iptables Firewall. You'll also gain insights into Linux File Permissions, Processes, User Account Management, Networking, and Software Management.

The practical aspect of the course ensures that you can apply your deep understanding of Linux in real-world projects. Additionally, you'll build a solid foundation in Netfilter/Iptables Linux Firewall, covering Chains, Tables, Matches, and Targets. By the end of this course, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of Linux administration and contribute effectively to various projects.

Here is the link to join the course:  DevOps Bootcamp: Learn Linux & Become a Linux Sysadmin

best Linux bootcamp course

Btw, you would need a ZTM membership to watch this course which costs around $39 per month but also provides access to many super engaging and useful courses like this Python course and his JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio course. You can also use my code FRIENDS10 to get a 10% discount on any subscription you choose. 

That's all about some of the best shell scripting courses for programmers and Linux users. Automation is a really important skill, and as your experience and responsibility grow, you will appreciate automation more. A good knowledge of shell scripting using bash in Linux or using Python or Perl or any other scripting language goes a long way to improve your productivity while working as IT professionals.

Other Online Resources for Programmers and Developers you may like

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best Linux shell scripting courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are looking for some free online courses to kick-start your Linux shell scripting journey then don't get sad. I have also shared some of the best free courses to learn bash scripting in Linux earlier, you can check them out as well. The bottom line, learn shell scripting to become a more valuable programmer.


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