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Monday, December 27, 2021

Top 10 Pluralsight Courses For Java and Web Developers to Learn in 2024 - Best of Lot

Since last week, I have been sharing about my 2024 learning goals and what Java programmers should learn in 2024, but I haven't shared with you how will I learn those new technologies, like Git, Angular, React JS, Spark, and Machine learning, etc. Well, there are many ways to learn a new technique or programming language, 10 of which I have shared in my earlier post about how to learn new technologies. Still, two of the best ways to learn any new technology are by using online courses and reading books. I have been learning from books since my childhood, but ever since I have tried learning from online classes, I found them more interactive and useful.

Whenever I have to learn new technology, be it by choice or by need, the project I am going to work on in 2024 requires Git, React.js, and uses unit testing libraries like Mockito, Cucumber, PowerMock, etc.; I always go to the Pluralsight.

I had bought the annual membership of Pluralsight last year, and I just loved their courses. By just paying $299, you get access to their 5000+ courses, and since I have to learn a lot of new things, that was the best investment I have ever made.

Fortunately, Pluralsight is running a Pluralsight 33% OFF SALE for both old and new members to encourage people to learn a key technical skill in a weekend, and if you haven't had a Pluralsight membership yet, this is probably the best time to get access to their online courses, projects, and interactive learning material and save almost $100.

Alternatively, you can also join Pluralsight later to boost your learning. Having this kind of subscription is actually a must to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest tech skills. You can even gift the Pluralsight membership to your friend or colleague, and I am sure they will appreciate it every time they use it.

10 Best Java and Web Development Courses from Pluralsight

I have Pluralsight membership, and for the last couple of weeks, I was going to the site and short-listing some of the courses which I am thinking to take in 2024. How I am choosing courses? Well, it depends upon your goal.

I have already shared what I am going to learn in my last post, 10 things Java programmers should learn in 2024, and that's why I am searching for courses related to those technologies like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Unit testing, etc. If you haven't set up your goal for 2024, then you should do it this week.

1.  Getting Started with Docker

This is one of the most popular courses of Pluralsight and must take if you are thinking to learn Docker in 2024.

Docker is a powerful game-changer tool that solves the problem of running the same code in different environments. It not only helps with development but also make the deployment easy because instead of deploying application and their multiple dependencies you deploy a container that contains everything.

best pluralsight courses to learn Docker for beginners

In this course, Nigel Polton will tell you what is Docker and why should a developer use it. This course will get learners quickly up to speed with the fundamentals of Docker and Containers. The course includes major new features introduced in Docker 1.12, including Swarm mode, services, and stacks.

2. Git Fundamentals

Git is a popular, distributed version control system (DVCS). This is one of the top courses from Pluralsight which teaches you how to create a local repository, commit files, push changes to a remote repository, fix errors in your commits, and many of Git's other features.

It will also help you to understand the difference between the working copy, staging area, and the repository itself. One of my goals is to master Git in 2024.

best pluralsight courses to learn Git

Even though I know Git and I have downloaded a couple of projects from Github but by using Git client in Eclipse. I have yet to work with the Git command line and that's where this Pluralsight course is going to help me. Come learn the power of Git.

3. What's New in Java 9 to 17 

It is time to get up to speed with changes in Java 9 to Java 15 and its developments. In this series of courses in Pluralsight, you will learn new features in each Java version from Java 8 to Java 15. There is a separate course for each version where you'll learn about the new features, such as the module system, newly introduced APIs, and changes to the language.

I am particularly interested in API enhancement as I have seen creating collections like List, Set or Map is become very easy, much like Groovy in Java 9.

Since one of my 2024 goals is to learn changes in JDK 9 to JDK 17, this seems to be the perfect course to start with. If you also decide to learn Java's new features in 2024, you can also check out. It's free if you sign-up for a 10-day free trial of Pluralsight.

best pluralsight courses to learn Java 9

4.  Big Data: The Big Picture

This is one of the new things I am going to explore in 2024. The Big Data technologies e.g. Spark and Hadoop are my focus but I will spend some time learning the bigger picture and that's where this Pluralsight Course will going to help me.

In this course, ZDNet’s Big Data correspondent Andrew Brust teaches you about concepts, companies, and technologies that make up the Big Data world and devise a strategy for adopting Big Data in your organization.

No Big Data or NoSQL knowledge is required, but you will learn a lot. This course is for everyone like a developer, tester, project manager, and anyone who wants to understand what is Big data actually means.

5. Understanding Machine Learning

Apart from Big Data technologies, one more thing I would like to explore in 2024 is Machine learning. It's getting increasingly popular and 2024 seems to be the right time to learn about machine learning algorithms.

best pluralsight courses to learn Machine learning

If you work in technology today, you need to understand at least the basics of machine learning and this one of the best Pluralsight courses provides a short introduction to the topic that assumes only a basic IT background.

If you've been looking for a simple overview of machine learning this is the course you should take.

6.  React.js: Getting Started

I have recently started working on a project which is using React.js for creating views and it's mandatory for me now to learn React.js.

I have some idea about it e.g. it's a similar framework like Angular framework but backed by Facebook but yet to do a deep dive and that's why I have selected this Pluralsight course to take in 2024.

This course covers the basics of React.js and prepares the student to start developing web applications with the library.

It also explains the essential React.js concept using a sample web application to demonstrate math skills in kids' games. 

7. Advanced Unit Testing

One more thing I seriously want to improve in 2024 is my unit testing skills. I have been using JUnit for a long time but it's the right time to go to the next level and improve it further.

This course teaches you various advanced techniques for making unit tests more robust and easier to maintain. It assumes that you have prior experience with unit testing.

best pluralsight courses to learn Unit testing

You'll learn how to make the Arrange and Assert parts of your tests easier to read and maintain, as well as how to model unit tests to match the System Under Test. If you have to take just one course from Pluralsight in 2024, this should be the one.

8. Spark Fundamentals

Apache Spark is one of the popular Big Data frameworks and one of the new frameworks I am aiming to explore in 2024.

top pluralsight courses to learn Apache Spark
I have already shortlisted some of the best Apache Spark online courses from Pluralsight in my earlier article and one of them is Apache Spark Fundamentals from Pluralsight.

This course will teach you how to use Apache Spark to analyze your big data at lightning-fast speeds; leaving Hadoop in the dust!. If you need more courses, then check out my full list of Apache spark courses here.

9. Docker Deep Dive

This is another top Docker course from Pluralsight and Nigel Poulton. This course will teach you the Docker fundamentals required to create a basic container and explain every single concept about containers and Docker.

It also provides a solid foundation for learning Kubernetes and taking the Docker Certified Associate exam.

best pluralsight courses to learn Docker in depth

First, you’ll learn the core concepts of images and containers – how to build, manage, and work with them. Finally, you’ll dive into orchestration and some of the enterprise features that are now available. When you’re finished with this course, you'll be prepared for most of the topics presented on the Docker Certified Associate exam, and be ready to work with containers.

You should also take this course after taking Getting Started with Docker to better learn Docker in 2024.

10. Android Fundamentals

I have already shortlisted some of the best Android courses from Pluralsight in my last article. That includes both beginner and an intermediate course on Android.  If you are also learning Android or improving your Android skill in 2024, you can take a look at my full list of shortlisted Android courses for Java programmers here.

best pluralsight courses to learn Android

11. Getting Started with Kubernetes

Along with Docker, if there is one more technology that deserves your attention then it is Kubernetes or K8s. While Docker solves the problem of deployment and the same code running on every environment, Kubernetes solves the problem of container management at scale and it is arguably the most important container management technology in the world. 

This is another great course by Nigel Poulton and it will teach you the theory and practical skills required to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Best Kubernetes course on Pluralsight

That's all about the 10 best Pluralsight courses programmers can take in 2024. By the way, this is my list of top 10, and your list may be different depending on what you are going to learn in 2024. So, if you haven't made your goals or resolutions yet, this week is probably the best time to do it.

Also, whatever technology, framework, programming language, or library you choose to learn a Pluralsight annual membership is always handy. You can always find the right courses for the technology you want to learn.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best Pluralsight courses to learn Java, Docker, Kubernetes, Big Data, Angular, and React, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - Given that Pluralsight is now offering 33% OFF on annual membership now, there is no better time to get the Pluralsight membership. If you are serious about your learning and keeping yourself up-to-date then you should get it before the offer expires this weekend.

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