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Top 10 Pluralsight Courses to learn React.js for Beginners in 2021 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, Pluralsight free Weekend is coming on this weekend. This means all the Pluralsight courses, projects, and interactive learning material will be free. Why not use this opportunity to learn React.js? I thought so and collected a bunch of React.js courses to learn React in depth. You can also use these courses to learn React.js in 3 days. By the end of this weekend, you can become zero to hero in React.js. I mean from just knowing that React.js is a cool library to build responsive UI, you can actually start building real React applications.

If you can create an application on your own and deploy it you can call yourself a React Developer. I would suggest not only taking these courses but experiment and play around with it as you go. 

If you’re curious how a particular feature works or want to experiment, doing it on your machine as you’re learning is the best way for the concepts to sink in.

10 Best React.js Courses from Pluralsight for Beginners to Advanced

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best Pluralsight courses to learn React.js in 3 days. You can actually learn the React.js course on one weekend by following these courses, and if you are already familiar with React then you can choose one of them to learn Advanced React concepts like React Router, Redux, Hooks, and Flux. 

The list contains courses from beginners to experienced developers. It even contains a project-based course where you will learn how to build a quiz game using React.js

1. React: The Big Picture

This is the intro level React.js course on Pluralsight and you should take it if you’ve never done anything in React, and you want to understand how it all works and how to get started. As the title suggests this course provides a 1000 feet overview of React.js.

This course is created by Cory House, one of the best React.js instructors on Pluralsight and can be used to explore why React is worth considering, tradeoffs to consider, and reasons React may, or may not be the right fit for you.

best React course for beginners on Pluralsight

2. React: Getting Started

This is the best React.js course on Pluralsight for Beginners. Created by Samer Buna, this course will get you up and running and creating things using React.js. You will learn the React way to build rich interactive UIs using both class and function components with React Hooks and build a game for kids with it.  If you are a complete beginner on React.js I highly recommend this Pluralsight cours to learn React in 2021.

Top 10 Pluralsight Courses to learn React.js in 2020 - Best of Lot

3. React Fundamentals

This is one of the best React.js course on Pluralsight, particularly for intermediate developers who wants to learn React.js in depth. Created Liam McLennan this course starts to deep into React.

You’ll learn about key React concepts like:
  • Components
  • JSX
  • Events
  • Forms
  • State
If you only take one of the courses listed here, take this course, it's good to learn React.js in detail.

best  pluralsight course to learn React in depth

4. Using React Hooks

After completing the fundamentals React.js courses from Pluralsight, you should have a good base for learning about advanced and new concepts like hooks. React Hooks bring state and lifecycle events to React to Functional Components.

It also helps to streamline code that previously was coupled and complex. Created by Peter Kellner, this Pluralsight React.js course is good to learn techniques for using React Hooks including Redux-like state management with React Context.

best pluralsight course to learn React with Hooks

5. Project: Build a Quiz Component With React

Do you know that building a project is the best way to learn React.js? But, that's also one of the most difficult things to do, not anymore. Pluralsight provides guided projects where you can build projects alongside Instructor and this is one such project-based course.

Created by Jon Friskics, In this project, you’ll follow along with our instructions and build a simple quiz component with React 16.x. You’ll create several components across different files, pass data as props, and propagate events up and down a chain of components.

This will enable you to apply whatever you have learned so far.

best Pluralsight course to learn React.js with projects

6. Create Apps with React and Flux

This is another top-level React.js course on Pluralsight and well suited for intermediate React developers. This course is created by React expert and one of my favorite Pluralsight instructor, Cory House,

This intermediate and advanced React.js course will teach you how to use React, React Router, and Flux by building a data-driven application that manages Pluralsight course data. This course uses a modern client-side development stack, including create-react-app, Node, Webpack, Babel, and Bootstrap.

best advanced pluralsight course to learn React with Flux

7. Create Apps with React and Redux

This is another intermediate and advanced level React.js course, well suited for experienced programmers and people who want to learn React.js in depth.

This course is also created by Cory House, a popular React instructor on Pluralsight. This online course will teach you how to use React, Redux, React Router, and modern JavaScript (ES6) to build an app with React.

You will also learn how to use Webpack, Babel, Jest, React Testing Library, Enzyme, and more to build a custom React development environment and build process from the ground up. In short another awesome React.js course on Pluralsight for learning React in depth

best advanced pluralsight course to learn React with Redux

8. Styling React Components

If you want to know how to style React.js components, this is a great course to learn them in-depth. Created by Jake Trent, this Pluralsight react.js course provides a nice overview of popular options so you can choose a method that works well for you on your project.

You will also discover many popular methods of styling React components and use them by implementing a small styling project in each.  After completing this course, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to style your React component using CSS or Bootstrap.

best pluralsight course to learn React with CSS

9. Securing Apps With Auth0

Authentication is another must thing for any web project, and with this course, you’ll be able to connect your React apps to Auth0 with ease.

Created by Cory House, this course will teach you how to handle authorization and authentication in your React app. Implement login, signup, and secure API calls using modern security protocols including OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and JWT tokens.

best pluralsight course to learn React with Auth0

10. Advanced React.js

This is another advanced level React.js course on Pluralsight. Created by Samer Buna, instructor of REact: Getting started course, this Pluralsight course takes a deep dive into full-stack JavaScript with React.js and learns advanced concepts like the context API, HOCs, external state, performance optimization, asynchronous APIs, testing, deployment, and more.

best course to learn React.js  in Pluralsight

Btw, if you miss the Pluralsight free weekend then you would need a Pluralsight membership to get access to this course, which costs around $29 per month or $299 annually (14% discount).

If you don't have Pluralsight membership, I encourage you to get one because it allows you to access their 7000+ online courses on all the latest topics like front-end and back-end development, machine learning, etc. It also includes interactive quizzes, exercises, and the latest certification material.

That's all about the best React.js courses on Pluralsight. Once you’re done with those, you’ve learned to build some serious applications. So some combination of these puts you right where you need to be to start developing React applications. You won’t be an expert, but you’ll be able to develop applications. You’ll have already developed quite a few in the courses

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P. S. - If you missed the Pluralsight Free Weekend then also you can try a couple of these courses by using their 10-day-free-pass which is always on. It's good to take the first course on this list to get started with React.js in quick time.

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