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Hello guys, if you are looking for Pluralsight discount coupons or discount deals then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best Black Friday deals for developers and online course creators, and in this article, I am going to share the excellent news with you that Pluralsight is currently running its best offer of the year. Yes, I am talking about Pluralsight Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals where they are offering a 40% discount on both annual and Premium plans. If you want to learn new technologies or level up your tech skills then this is the best time to join Pluralsight because you will get access to the whole platform for 40% less price, which you can use to get a few more deals. 

As a software developer, the biggest challenge is to keep yourself up to date as technology changes very fast. Last year people were talking about Angular but now they are talking about React, same with Deno and Node. 

Java releases a  new version every six months and now we are looking for Spring 6 and Spring Boot 3 releases. As a Java developer learning those new features and incorporating them into your code is very important and that's where a learning platform like Pluralsight really helps.

To Give you an example, I have learned most of the Java new features and Spring new features by going through What's new in Java and What's new in Spring 5 courses on Pluralsight. They have these small courses for Java 8, Java 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 that may come soon. 

While Udemy is my favorite place to learn new skills because they offers then biggest collection of courses and I have many of my favorite instructor there, I also have Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, DataCamp, Codecademy and Educative membership as most of my time goes on learning stuff.

Thankfully they are not very costly and with a budget of just $200 per month, I can learn whatever I want. 

Pluralsight 2023 Sales, Deals, Discounts, and Offers

So, if you want to join Pluralsight, join now and save 40%. When you join Pluralsight, you will get access to their 7500+ courses, 20+ projects, and much other interactive learning material. 

They also have courses on almost anything tech-related you want to learn from Java development to web development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, App development, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and even courses to prepare for many prestigious IT certifications. 

Normally, Pluralsight costs around $29 per month or $299 per annum on annual plans and $499 for the premium plan but right now you can get their plan for just $179 and a premium plan for just $269. This is amazing and the best thing is you can also use this opportunity to renew your Pluralsight subscription. 

Pluralsight Black Friday Offer 2021 - 40% Discount on Annual Plans

Yes, unlike Coursera, which is offering their Coursera Plus deal for $1 but only for new subscribers, the Pluralsight black Friday and Cyber Monday deal is for everyone, I mean both new and existing customers. And, you should use this opportunity to invest in your learning. 

10 Reasons to join Pluralsight in 2023

If you are still looking for reasons to join Pluralsight, here are the top 10 reasons to join the Pluralsight online learning platform:

1. With one subscription you get access to 7500+ courses, this is the biggest collection of courses, compare that to Coursera Plus which has more than 3000+ or CodeCademy which has less than 500+, and Educative which has around 250+ courses.  

Only Udemy and LinkedIn Learning has more courses than Pluralsight but they cost higher and Udemy doesn't offer a subscription plan you need to buy courses individually there. 

2. Reputed and Expert teachers and trainers, for example, you will get to learn from Java champions like Jose Paumard and Richard Warburton on Pluralsight

3. Pluralsight premium also offer interactive learning material

4. Hands-on projects

5. New courses will be free to all subscribers and learners

6. Right now, you can also save 50% on the Pluralsight Cyber Monday deal

7. Wide variety of courses covering many vertical and tech stacks like web development, Data Science, Python, Java development, Cloud computing, etc.

8. Learning tracks that provide an organized way to learn new skills from beginner to advanced level.

9. It also contains courses to prepare for popular IT certifications like Google Cloud certifications and AWS certifications

10. They also have practice exams so that you can practice for IT certification in a real exam-like environment. 

11. They have something called the Skill IQ test which you can use to check your technical skill level and then work on to improve that. 

So, these are a couple of reasons to join Pluralsight, and if you want to join there is no better time than now because they re-running the best deal of the year and you can get up to 40% discount on their annual and premium plan. 

Pluralsight Cyber Monday Offer 2021 - 40% Discount on Annual Plans

That's all about the Pluralsight Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal 2021. As I said, this is a great opportunity to join one of the leading online learning websites and platforms and level up your technical skill in 2023. 

I highly recommend software developers, data scientists, and IT professionals to have at least one subscription and if you haven't had one, get the Pluralsight subscription while this offer lasts and save 40% money but hurry up it's only valid until Cyber Monday 2023. 

They also provide a 10-day-free trial so you can check out the quality of the courses before you join them. 

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