Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to get google plus invites free

google + (plus) invites free

Hi guys as you know that google plus are a new social networking buzzes a google answer to facebook. But it’s different than facebook in terms of joining the site. It’s not open like facebook instead you need invites to join the google plus many of you might be already in google plus but for those who are not yet join google plus I have something to offer.

I have just joined the google plus thanks to my friend who invited me to join google plus and now I have many google plus invites left with me which I would  like to give you , my readers and anyone who is interested to joining google plus. I have been reading on google plus now and seeing how it is different than facebook. One good thing is that it provides more on privacy front and idea of google circle is quite nice. I am sure it will take a lot of time to topple facebook and its definitely a challenge for google but its a good networking service to join.

google plus invitees free

What you need to do to get google plus invites

Just drop your name and email address as comment and I will send you google invites. if you don't want to publish your email then let me know and I won't publish your comment but will send you the invites in your email.