Top 10 Coursera Certifications for Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization

Hello guys, If you are keen to start your career in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization field and looking for the best Coursera certifications, courses, specializations, and projects then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best Coursera courses and certifications to learn Artificial IntelligencePythonSoftware Development, and Web Development, and, in this article, I am going to share the best Coursera courses, projects, certifications, and specializations for Data Science, Data Visualization and Data Analysis from reputed universities like Johns Hopkins and tech companies like IBM.

These are in-demand skills and there are a lot of jobs for people having these skills in their Resume. Thousands of people around the world have used these online courses and certifications to build these key skills and start their career and you can do the same.

Data is the lifeblood for any company to be successful so they can compete against the other business by taking advantage of this data by earning them and try getting insights so they can understand the way markets work and how the user behaves in a certain situation.

If someone asked me about having a career in data analytics, I will tell him that getting certified is a good choice since it tells your employee that you hold the experiences and education needed in this industry and you are the appropriate person for this position to be in the team that responsible for the success or failure of this company.

10 Best Data Science and Data Analysis Courses and Certification on Coursera

Below this, there are many best Coursera courses and certifications you can have in your resume that can boost your career as a data analyst and expand your knowledge in this industry.

In general, Coursera courses are free-to-audit, which means you can enroll for free and learn but you need to pay for certifications, assessments, and exercises that make sense. If you can afford, by all means, go for certifications but if you cannot you can still learn these key skills by joining free Coursera courses.

1. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This is the best and massive Data Science certification on Coursera to learn everything related to data science and analytics consists of nine courses start by learning python programming then SQL for databases as well as data analysis and visualization using python and apply some machine learning models to your data and finally a capstone project. 

Best Coursera Certification to learn Data Science

2. Data Science Specialization by Johns Hopkins University

The best Coursera specialization to learn data science with R language stating learning this programming language then cleaning your data and visualizing it after that you will see some statistic that you will apply to your data as well as machine learning models and creating data products to automate your complex data analysis. 

Best Data Science specialization on Coursera

3. Modern Big Data Analysis with SQL

The best course to learn data analysis for big data using the SQL query language stating by getting a picture of what is big data and databases systems then learn how to work with SQL language to fetch the data and analyze them and finally managing the big data and loading them into a cluster and more. This course is offered by Cloudera, one of the reputed Big Data Company.

Best Coursera course to learn Big Data

4. Introduction to Data Analytics for Business

Another great Coursera specialization to use SQL language for data analytics in business and begin with an introduction of ow data and analysis works in real-world then learn the technology behind storing the data in the databases as well as learning the SQL language to fetch the data and finally some process to run your analysis more smoothly. This Coursera specialization is offered by the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Best Coursera course to learn Data Analytics

5. COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python

One of the best project-based course where you will use some datasets for COVID-19 and try to prepare the data first before any analysis like merging them to see the relationship between spreading the virus and how people happy are then finally using the python language and seaborn library to visualize that data. 

Best Coursera Project to learn Data Science with Python

6. Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

The best course to learn how to use Excel to prepare and analyze your data and will be starting by introducing the Excel spreadsheet and importing your data then learn some functions to organize the data as well as filtering and pivot tables then finally create visualization like charts and scatter plots. 

Best Coursera course to Data Analysis with Excel

7. Applied Data Science with Python

The best course focusing on data science using python starting by exploring this python language then learn how to use matplotlib library to visualize your data after that you will see how to use sci-kit-learn for creating machine learning models as well as using NLTK library for text mining and manipulation. 

Best Coursera course to Data Analysis with Python

8. Exploratory Data Analysis With Python and Pandas

This is another great project-based Coursera course that will teach you how to use many python libraries such as numpy matplotlib pandas and seaborn to read your data and apply some statistical functions then analyze your data and looking for relationships between two variables and visualization and more.

Best Coursera course to Pandas with Python

9. Data Analysis and Interpretation

Another great course to learn data analysis using python and SAS languages starting by learning what data is and how to use powerful tools such as python and SAS to visualize the data then perform some machine learning models such as regression on your data then finally apply all of this to a real-world data as a capstone project.

Best Coursera course to Data Analysis

10. Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

A great course to start learning data visualization using the famous software tableau starting by exploring the dashboard of this software and navigations then take your data and make visualizations such as line charts and treemap and learn how to use the tableau to add some interactions and much more.

Best Coursera course to Data Visualization with Tableau

By the way, If you are planning to join multiple Coursera courses or specialization then consider taking a Coursera Plus subscription which provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year but its complete worth of your money as you get unlimited certificates.

That's all about the best Coursera courses, specialization, certifications, and projects to learn Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Visualization in 2020. The internet has changed the game and anyone can learn and take courses in any topic and industry and data analysis is one of them so you can get certified having a great career without spending money and years on college education.

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