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Hello guys, if you are preparing for technical interviews for Software Engineering job then you may be aware of  Software Design or System design. It is one of the most important but at the same time very tough topic to master and many programmers even experienced developer struggle to solve System design problems during interview, particularly while interviewing with top tech companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix etc, popularly known as FAANG. If you are also preparing for programming job interview and looking for best System design and Software design resources then you are at the right place. Earlier, I have shared best System Design Books, System Design Questions and best Places to learn System Design and in this article, I am going to share best System Design Interview courses from Udemy, one of my favorite place to learn programming and technical stuff. 

A couple of years ago, you can hardly find any decent System design course on Udemy, the ones which are available hardly touch the topic which matters like scalability, resiliency, and flexibility but things have changed since. 

Nowadays there are so many System design courses you can find on Udemy but again not everything is great and you need to be careful while choosing the right course for you.

A lot of my readers asked me about which System design course to join on Udemy to prepare for programming interviews so I decided to share my recommendations. The list includes System design interview courses from those who have been part of those interview and has experience from both side of table, as a candidate and interviewer. For example, Frank Kane, whose System Design interview course is one of the best on Udemy is an ex Amazon hiring manager.

You can join one or more of these System design courses to prepare well for your System design interview. One of the best thing about Udemy is that its very affordable and now is probably the best time as they are running the biggest sale of the season where all the top courses are available for almost 85% discount and you can join a couple of nice courses with a price of one.

Anyway, let's jump into best System design courses form Udemy and find which one is right for you.

6 Best Udemy Course for Software Design and System Design Interviews in 2023

Without wasting anymore of your time, here is a list of best online courses you can join on Udemy to learn about essential System design concepts and prepare for System design interviews in 2023. As I said these courses have been created by System design experts and people who have cracked FAANG interviews and worked on those companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google etc. So you will be learning from the best and also get a first hand experience about which System design topic to prepare to do well on your System design interviews.

1. Mastering the System Design Interview by Frank Kane

This is my personal favorite and one of the best Udemy course to prepare for System design interviews. This course is prepared by none other than Frank Kane, one of my favorite Udemy instructor, and a Big Data and System Design expert. He is also one of the ex hiring manager of Amazon so he knows what is expected from a candidate during System design interviews, which he has shared in this course.

In this course, you will learn everything about designing a system that scale, often known as Google's scale to handle millions and billions of users and transactions as well as Algorithms and Data Structures like Bloom Filter which plays a critical role in large scale system. The course will also teach you System design strategies which can be crucial even if you don't know the answer. 

Apart from System design essential, This 5 hour long course will also give you insider tips for your system design interview from a former Amazon hiring manager as well as 6 mock interviews for practice!

Top 5 System Design Interview Course

2. Rocking System Design by Rajdeep Saha

This is another system design course you can join on Udemy to learn about System design and Software design in general. This course is created by Cloud Architect Rajdeep Saha. In this course, you will learn how to solve any system design problem by mastering the basics like scaling, sharding, hashing, microservices, load balancers, security, well architected framework, and more.

You will also learn about how to answer system design interview questions which is an important skill if you are serious about cracking System Design Interview of FAANG companies. The best thing about this course is that it will also teaches you AWS implementation of the design using Kubernetes, Lambda, API Gateway, EC2, ALB, NLB etc.

The course also covers important topics about software architecture like pros/cons of different design decisions, bad vs. good answer, pitfalls to avoid, and more. It also contains many quizzes to test your knowledge with up-to-date system design quizzes. Overall a nice course to learn about System Design and Software architecture in 2023. 

best Udemy course for System Design

3. System Design Interview Guide for Software Architecture

This is another amazing System design course which is created by Facebook engineer Sandeep Kaul. This 8 hour long course covers a lot of essential System design topics as well as solution of common System design problems like how to design Facebook and how to design Instagram etc.

Here are the common System design questions which are explained in this Udemy course:
1. URL shortner design
2. AirBnb Booking System design
3. Amazon System Design
4. How to design WhatsApp
5. Uber System Design 
6. Twitter System Design
7. How to design YouTube
8. How to design Zoom
9. How to design Google Map
10.How to design a notification system like NetFlix

The best thing about this course is the different case studies it share which can be used to learn how to design modern system which can scale as well run 24x7 all the time. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for System Design Interview. 

best Udemy course to learn System design

4. Pragmatic System Design by Alexey Soshin

If you are looking for a to-the-point course which covers all key System design topics like Concurrency, Scalability, SQL vs NoSQL, Microservices etc then this Udemy course is the perfect course for you. It also teach you how to solve most popular FANG interview questions like Yelp Design, NetFlix Design, and Amazon System design questions. 

Here are key topics you will learn in this course:
  • Scalability concepts
  • Common communication protocols
  • Caching and Redis
  • Concurrency
  • Database design and PostgreSQL
  • Sharding strategies
Even if you are not preparing for Technical interviews, you can join this course to improve your knowledge about System design and Software architecture in general. I particularly recommend this course to e senior engineers who want to learn about system design. 

best System design course on Udemy


5. Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems

If you are an experienced developer who not only want to crack System design interview but also learn about Software architecture to become a Software architect or solution architect then this Udemy course is perfect for you. Created by Michael Pogrebinsky this Software architecture course will teach you how to design large and distributed system in 2023.

here are things you will learn in this course:
1. How to design large scale systems which can handle millions of requests/day
2. How to design for scalability and high avaibility. 
3. Software architectural patterns, building blocks and best practices
4. How to define the system's technical requirements, high level components and API
5. Software Architecture & Technology of Large-Scale Systems

After going through this course, you will also gain confidence for your upcoming System Design Interview. I highly recommend this Software architecture course to experienced Java developers. 

best Udemy course to learn Software architecture

6. Software Architecture & Technology of Large-Scale Systems

This one is another Software architecture course on Udemy which is worth checking out. It's one of the most comprehensive System design course with more than 25.5 hours of content while other course only provides content of 5 to 8 hours. It also covers key system design topics like how to create Software Systems with High Performance, Scalability, Availability, Security using Modern Technologies.

The course start with a basic three tier application architecture then move along with advanced and modern software architecture like Microservices and distributed system. You will also learn how to cater Non-Functional Requirements like How to design architecture considering Performance, Scalability, Reliability, and Security.

You will also get exposure of highly scalable technology and tech stack like Nodejs, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, Hadoop, Elastic Search etc. More importantly you will learn how to use Docker and Kuberentes for large scale production deployment, a key skill in this era of cloud computing. 

best course to learn Software architecture on Udemy

That's all about the best System Design Interview course on Udemy in 2023. To be honest these are the top resources and its hard to leave anyone out but considering the time I recommend you to join only one or two of these courses as price is not a problem. 

If you like to learn from multiple resources then you can also join all of them but make sure you use them judicially as you will not have enough time to go through every course. I generally make one course as corner stone and the keep referring others to solidify different topics. 

If I connect to one instructor better than I stick with that course more because when you connect to the instructor you tend to learn better, faster and in-depth. You can also watch previews of these courses to see if you are connecting with instructor before joining these courses to save your time and money. 

If you cannot withstand previews then you won't enjoy the course either. So make sure you watch the preview System design lesson to see if the course deserve your time and money. 

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P.S. - If you are looking for free online courses to learn Software Design and System design to learn this useful skill then you can also checkout this list of best free Software design courses where I have shared best free Software design courses from YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, ByteByteGo, and other websites. 

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