Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Top 10 Java SE 17 Certification Practice Questions and Mock test for 1Z0-829 Exam - Free

Hello guys, if you are preparing for 1Z0-829 certification exam to become a Oracle certified Java SE 17 Developer in 2023 and looking for practice question for preparation then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to shared 10 Java SE 17 Practice question from my new Udemy course. It's been a long time since I released any course on Udemy and today, I am excited to announce the launch of my new course - Java SE 17 Mock Test for the 1Z0-829 Exam. I have been working on this course for a long time, ever since this exam was announced and if you follow me on Twitter then you know that as well. If you want to become a certified Java developer in 2023 then you can join this course on Udemy and prepare well to pass this prestigious exam and become  Oracle Certified Java SE 17 developer in 2023.I have spent a lot of time making this course as best as possible to help prepare for this exam and learn Java better.

Here is what you will find in this course:

  1. Five full-length test

  2. 250+ questions with answers and explanations ( I also explained why certain options were not correct)

  3. covers Java SE 17 syllabus

The best part of this course is that I have explained question and answer in bit detail which means when you review the question you incorrectly marked, you will not only learn why the correct answer is correct but also why the incorrect options are wrong. 

This means you can not only use this test to check your actual preparation level but also to learn and fill gaps in your learning right before exam. 

If you are aiming for Java SE 17 Certification in 2023, then you will undoubtedly love this course, and since you are reader of my blog or already purchased one of my courses, here is a special $9.9 coupon for you.

$9.9 coupon for Javarevisited readerJoin Java SE 17 Mock Test now for $9.9

Though, the coupon is only valid for 5 days and if you are interested in this course then you should join now and take full advantage of it as price is also going to increase soon

10 Java SE 17 Practice Question for Programmers

When I was preparing for Java certification, I was looking for practice questions and mock test but I couldn't find anything other than this OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Certification Kit: Exam 1Z0-829 excellent book of  Jeanne and Scott. 

That's why I decided to post few questions from my test for free and here we are where I will share 10 questions for 1Z0-829 exam from my latest Udemy course. 

And here are a sample question from the course for you to practice, if you know the answer, do let me know in comments:

Top 10 Java SE 17 Certification Practice Questions and Mock test for 1Z0-829 Exam

Here is another Java SE 17 certification question based on Modules:

java 17 mock test with questions

And, one more from modules to test your knowledge:

250 Java SE 17 Certification Practice Questions and Mock test for 1Z0-829 Exam on Udemy

and, here is the fourth  question form Lambdas and Stream for you:

My New Course Java SE 17 Certification Mock test for 1Z0-829 Exam on Udemy

And, here is another question from Lambda and Stream to test your skill:

Java lambda and stream question for 1Z0-829 exam

And, here is one question from Text Block, which was there from a long time but official available in Java SE 17

Java mock question for 1Z0-829 exam

and now, let's see the 7th question from my practice test for Java SE 17 exam, if you know the answer post in comments.

free Java Practice test for 1Z0-829 exam

And, now is the time for 8th question, again, if you know the correct answer, just put in comments:

free Java mock test for Oracle certificaiton

And, now let's see 9th question from Java collection framework:

free Java practice questions

And, finally the last or 10 question on this list of Java SE 17 Certification and 1Z0-829 exam:

free Java mock tests

That's all about the 10 Practice question for Java SE 17 Certification exam with code 1Z0-829. If you want to pass this exam in first attempt which you should then practicing solving question is great way to build speed, accuracy and confidence. It also help you to learn better and you will find your strong and weak areas to work on. And, you want to see more question,  you can now join the course for just $9.9 (valid for only 5 days)

Here is your coupon and discount link -  Join Java SE 17 Mock Test now for $9.9

All the best for your Java SE 17 certification in 2023, and let me know how you found this course or if you have any doubts about any concept. If you are a Java developer and want to get certified or want to take your Java skill to next level, I highly recommend you to go for Java certification like 1Z0-829, you will not only learn Java better but also become certified and increase your earning potential.

Thanks a lot, guys, for trusting me, and I hope you enjoy this course.

Once again, thank you all for your love and support. I really appreciate the response you gave to my first book. If you have any feedback or doubt feel free to ask. 

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