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Top 10 Udemy Programming Courses and Certifications for Developers - Best Of Lot

There is no doubt that Udemy is one of the most popular e-learning platforms, and it helps more and more people to learn valuable skills like web development, app development, Python, Java, C++, Data Science, Machine Learning, Node.js, React.js, Javascript and others. Even though Udemy has all kinds of courses from Programming to Photography, from Music to Digital Media, in this article, we have compiled a list of best Udemy Courses and certifications for Programmers and Developers. These lists include Udemy best-sellers for learning Web Development, Java, Python, C++, AWS, Data Science, Machine Learning, Node.js, and React.js, some of the most valuable skills for modern software developers.

Udemy's Best Programming Courses and Certifications

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of some of the best Udemy courses and certifications to learn Java, Python, Web Development, C++, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AWS, React, and Node.js.

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp - Best Udemy Web Development Course
If you want to learn Web development by yourself, join this bootcamp style online course on Udemy. It covers all the technologies you need to know as web developer like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even advanced tech like Bootstrap, Angular, and React. Taught by Colt Steele, a former bootcamp instructor, this is one of the most popular courses on Udemy and trusted by almost half-a-million students for their web development journey.

2. The Complete Python Bootcamp Best Udemy Python Course
Python is another valuable skill for modern software developers, and this is probably the best course on Udemy to learn Python. Created by Jose Portilla, this is another bootcamp style course which you can get at a throwaway price of $10. Compare this to a real onsite Python bootcamp, which would cost you around $10000, almost 1000 times more. Again, it's one of my best-sellers for learning Python and trusted by more than 635,952 students enrolled. This course is probably Udemy's highest-selling course ever.

Udemy's Best Programming Courses and Certifications

3. The Complete Java MasterClassBest Udemy Java Course
Java is my forte and my life and probably the most crucial technology of the last two decades. It has provided jobs to millions of developers as companies, both big and small, uses Java to drive their business. It's still one of the most popular programming languages and learning Java can really increase your chance of getting a job at big Investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Citibank or Morgan Stanley. And, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course to learn Java. It's updated to cover Java 12, the latest Java version. It's also one of the Udemy best-sellers and trusted by more than 500K students.

4. Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond - Best Udemy C++ Course
Apart from Java and Python, if there is another programming language which can provide both Job and satisfaction, then it's C++. It predates Java and withstands the test of time. All the significant software like Operating Systems, Device Drivers, Database, etc. are writing using C++, and that's why there is a high demand for good C++ developers. They are also sought after in big investment banks like Barclays for writing High-frequency trading application. If you want to learn C++, then this Udemy best-seller is perfect. It's trusted by more than 43,872 people for learning C++.

best development courses from Udemy

5. Artificial Intelligence A-ZBest Udemy AI Course
AI is undoubtedly an area which is getting a lot of traction and for a good reason. Just like Electricity transformed business around 20th Century and IT did it a couple of decades ago, the time of AI is coming soon. If you don't want to the left behind than learning AI can be really beneficial for both your career and future and this is the best course to learn Artificial Intelligence on Udemy. Taught by Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, and his SuperDataScience Team, this Udemy best seller is trusted by more than 100 thousand programmers.

6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect 2019 Best Udemy AWS Certification Course
Along with AI, Cloud computing is another thing modern software developer should learn, and there is no better way to start with AWS. Amazon Web Service is a pioneer on public cloud computing, and sooner or later you need to work on AWS console. If you want to learn AWS now, there is no better way than to prepare for an AWS certification like Solution Architect Associate. It will not only provide you hands-on experience, but also in-depth knowledge of different AWS services and this course is Udemy's best course for AWS certification. Taught be Cloud Guru Ryan Kroonberg this course is also Udemy bestseller and trusted by more than 450,000 AWS aspirants.

best AWS course from Udemy

7. The Complete JavaScript CourseBest Udemy JavaScript Course
Starting its journey from a client-side scripting language, JavaScript has come a long way in becoming the darling of web and the only language where you can create real web application front-to-back. It's one of the essential skill for modern web developers, and this Udemy best-seller is perfect to learn JavaScript. Designed by Jonas Schmedtmann its one of the most popular course to learn JavaScript on Udemy and trusted by more than 209,888 students worldwide.

8. The Complete Node.js Developer Course Best Udemy Node.js Course
Node.js has played a significant role in the growth of JavaScript. It has also transformed how a web application is developed traditionally. That's why Node.js is one of the crucial skill for a modern software developer, and this is the best course to learn Node.js in Udemy. Taught by Andrew Mead and Rob Percival, two of the top instructor, this Udemy best seller is trusted by more than 135,000 software engineers for learning Node JS.

best Node JS course from Udemy

9. Machine Learning A-ZBest Udemy Machine Learning Course
Machine Learning is one of the hottest technology in recent years. Programmers with machine learning experience are also get paid handsomely. If you are switching careers or starting afresh, Machine learning in your resume can do wonders, and this online course is probably the best training course to learn Machine Learning. Taught by y Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves, this Udemy best seller is trusted by more than 450 learners.

10. The Complete React MasterClass Best Udemy React.js Course
Frontend development is an important skill and React is an essential technology in this space. If you want to become a frontend developer or a full-stack developer, then learn React.js, it can be really useful for your career, and this is the best course to learn to React in Udemy. Taught by my favorite instructor Maximillian, this course is one of the most popular courses on UDemy and trusted by more than 200 thousands React developers.

best React Course from Udemy

That's all about best Udemy Courses and Certifications for Programmers and Developers. These are Udemy best-sellers for learning popular and in-demand skills like Java, Python, Web Development, C++, AWS, Data Science and Machine Learning, Node.js, and front-end development. If you are looking to make a career in technology and programming field.

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