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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Top 5 Courses to learn D3.js for Data Visualization with JavaScript in 2024 - Best of Lot

If you have done any Data visualization work then you might have heard about D3 - one of the excellent JavaScript libraries, which allows you to create beautiful interactive data visualization for the web. It's prevalent among Data Scientists and Data Analysts who often need these visualizations and charts to present data insights to stakeholders and business people. If you are not familiar with D3, no need to worry because, In this article, I am going to share some of the awesome courses to learn D3 in 2024. These courses teach you the basics of data visualization with D3 by binding data to a web page’s elements and customizing the elements based on that very data. You will also learn how to build different kinds of charts like Bar charts, Pie charts, Mind maps, etc using D3.js

To start with, let's start with the full form of D3.js; D3 stands for Data-Driven Documents. It is a JavaScript library for Data Visualization and quite popular among Data Scientists, Statisticians, Mathematicians, Analysts, and anyone wanting to take raw data and create visually appealing graphs and Data-Driven Visualizations such as:
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Line Graphs
  • Bubble Packs
  • Tree Diagrams and more
Effective visualization helps users analyze and reason about data and making complex data more accessible, understandable, and easy on the eye!

Why D3.js is best for Data Visualization?

D3 is not the only option when it comes to data visualization libraries and tools for the web, you also have FusionCharts, HighCharts, charts.js, and even Google Developers Charts and tools like Tableau for Data Scientists, but what sets D3.js apart from these is its flexibility, Elegance, and Community.

D3 is very flexible in loading data from different sources and helps you to make unique visualization. You can make a completely new visualization that has never been imagined before using D3.js.

It's also elegant as you can create awesome visualization, but its most important strength is the community. There is a huge community of D3 developers who can support you if you stuck. There is also a lot of existing code to create a visualization you want, this really makes it easy to create Data visualization using D3.js.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this was never more true than with data visualizations and D3.js.

Top 5 Courses to learn D3 - JavaScript library for Data Visualization in 2019

6 Best Online Courses to Learn D3.js Online in 2024

Now that you know how good D3.js is it's time to check out some of the best courses you can take to learn and master D3 in 2024. Keeping different learning styles in mind like interactive learning, project-based learning, and audio-visual learning, I have chosen courses that provide the right mix of these types. All the courses are great and provide an amazing learning experience with an enthusiastic instructor and awesome content.

1. Mastering data visualization in D3.js

This is currently the best online course if you want to design and build beautiful data visualizations with d3.js. Adam Jones, the instructor of this course, provides a comprehensive introduction to the D3 library.

The course starts covering D3 fundamentals, and then it goes to cover advanced data dashboard visualizations in 7 hours. This makes any beginners follow him and build their own dynamic and interactive charts using D3.js.

It's also a very hands-on course, and you will build a couple of projects along the way, which is great to consolidate your learning and apply the knowledge you have learned.

He is also very helpful and replies to questions on Q & A, all the time. Talking about social proof, the course has more than 8,790 students enrolled in it. It also has, on average, 4.4 rating from close to 1600 ratings which is amazing.

5  Best Courses to Learn D3.js Online for beginners

2. Information Visualization: Programming with D3.js [Coursera]

In this free course on Coursera, you will learn how to use D3.js to create powerful visualizations for the web. Learning D3.js gives you the freedom to create something as simple as a bar chart or design some unique visualization which never exists.

The course has the right mix of both theory and practice and provides a step-by-step guide on using this library to build actual visualizations and understand the theoretical concepts behind them.

The best thing about this Coursera D3 course is that you will build a fully working visualization system to visualize airline routes by applying the skills you have to learn in this course.

This course is also part of the Information Visualization Specialization, which contains more relevant courses to master Data Visualization. Like other Coursera courses, this one is also free-to-audit, and you only need to pay if you need a certificate or want to access quizzes and assessments.

By the way, if you find Coursera specialization and certificates useful then I suggest you join Coursera Plus, a great subscription plan from Coursera which gives you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year but it's completely worth your money as you get unlimited certificates.

best course to learn D3.js in Coursera

3. Learn D3 course on CodeCademy [CodeCademy[

This is a great interactive course on CodeCademy Pro which will teach you how to use D3 for drawing charts and visualization. It's a short, but power-packed course of 2 hours which contains interactive lessons on D3.

The course also has Multiple choice quizzes and a project to really teach you how to use D3 for drawing meaningful visualization. There is a good chance that you already have CodeCademy Pro membership, which means you can use this course for FREE.

But, if you don't have one, I suggest you get one because CodeCademy is home to some of the best interactive courses to learn the latest technologies and programming languages like Python, Java, SQL, Data Science, etc.

Their pro membership cost around $16 per month which you can recover by skipping coffee for two days - also a healthy thing to do :-)

4. Build Data Visualizations with D3.js & Firebase [Udemy]

This is another course on Udemy, which is great for learning how to use D3 and Firebase to create dynamic SVG data visualizations along with Bar charts, pie charts.

Created by The Net Ninjam, in this course I'll teach you how to harness the power of D3 to create a variety of different data-driven visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, bubble packs, and tree diagrams.

You'll also learn about D3 selection, changing SVG attributes & styles, scales, axes, transitions, hierarchical data, and other important D3.js concepts. Talking about social proof, more than 3300 people have trusted this course with a 4.6 average rating, making it one of the highest-rated courses to learn D3.js on Udemy.

best course to learn D3.js in Udemy

5. Master D3.js for Data Visualization on

This AI Powered Master D3.js for Data Visualization is an intermediate-level course consisting of 95 lessons that span over 24 hours. Upon successful completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion. 

This comprehensive program harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to facilitate an immersive learning experience. The course encompasses 140 interactive playgrounds, 6 quizzes, and 82 illustrations, making it a dynamic and engaging learning journey. 

The curriculum commences with an overview and introduction, delving into the essentials of D3.js and data visualization. Covering SVG basics, participants learn about Scalable Vector Graphics, including fundamental concepts such as shapes, paths, and styles.

Each module is reinforced with quizzes to ensure understanding and retention. By the end of this course, participants will have acquired the skills to create their own interactive data visualizations, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their proficiency in D3.js. 

Btw, you would need an Educative subscription to join this course, which not only provide access to this course but more than 1000+ courses to learn essential tech skills, prepare for coding interview and improve yourself as a Developer, including other D3.js courses like D3 Tips and Tricks: Interactive Data Visualization.  If you want to invest yourself and upgrade your tech skill, this is one subscription you definitely need.  They are also offering 20% discount now. 

best interactive D3.js course

6. Build Your First Data Visualization with D3 [Pluralsight]

This is another great course to learn D3.js but on Pluralsight. If you have a Pluralsight membership, then you can use this course to learn D3.js in a quick time. In this course, you will learn the foundations of how D3 creates data visualizations with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Next, you will discover how to create a powerful line chart that you can adapt for your own work. Finally, you will explore how to create powerful hierarchical diagrams with force-directed layouts, and explore how to communicate real-world data with geographic visualizations.

After completing this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of D3 and data visualization needed to get your data into pictures where it belongs. The only catch is that you need a Pluralsight membership to access this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year.

best course to learn D3.js in pluralsight

It's definitely worth the money as you get access to more than 5000+ technical and non-tech courses on their site and I believe every developer should have this kind of membership. Just in case if you are not ready yet, they also offer a 10-day free trial which is enough to access this course for free.

That's all about some of the best online courses to learn D3 - the most popular JavaScript library for Data Visualization. These courses are carefully chosen and have the right mix of both theory and practice. You don't need to join all the courses to learn D3, choose one of two where you can connect with the instructor. If you ask me, the first course on D3 is my favorite course and whatever I have learned on D3.js is mainly because of that course.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best D3.js online courses for Web developers, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are keen to learn D3.js for Data Visualization using JavaScript but need a free online course then you can also check out how to Make a Pie Chart with D3.js on Udemy. It's completely free and you just need an Udemy account to join this course. 

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