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Review of Udemy Best React Complete Guide Course by AcadMind and Maximillian Schwarzmuller

If you want to learn React.js and looking for the best online course to join or want to learn more about React - The Complete Guide Udemy course then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared the best React and Redux courses and in this article, I am going to review, Udemy's best React course, React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) by Maximillian Schwarzmuller and AcadMind. This 72-hour long course is one of the best resources for people wanting to learn to React and Max has just re-recorded all lessons making it the most up-to-date course to learn to React.js library in depth. 

If you are a web developer and you have learned the basics such as HTML/CSS and maybe you’ve expanded your knowledge to JavaScript so you can make more interactive websites and better user experience but what if you want to learn more about front-end development and confused about which library or framework you start then I highly suggest learning a framework called React.

React is a JavaScript library developed by the Facebook team for building interactive UI (User Interface) and now considered as one of the most used libraries for building the user interface more than Angular and Vue.js. The react framework can be used to build a single-page application that will deliver a better user experience as well as creating a mobile application.

If the above introduction has convinced you to start learning this library and you are trying to find some of the best courses to learn to react then I highly suggest seeing this course called the React — The Complete Guide on Udemy and this article is all about the review for this course.

My Review of The React Complete Guide Course on Udemy

Without wasting any more of your time, let's deep dive into the review of this awesome React course. The review is structured in three main parts, the instructor reputation because you must connect to the instructor's teaching style if you want to learn, second the structure of the course and what is actually covered in the course, and third what other people who have joined this course is saying about it, the people's review. 

1. The Instructor Reputation

Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller is a freelance web developer with years of experience starting his journey in web programming back when he was 12 years old. He learned programming by trial and error way with few resources at that time, but he has a knack for teaching. 

He is one of my favorite Udemy instructors and he is also one of the best-selling ones, taught over more than 1.4 million students so far and counting. He can make complex things simple and then explain them in an interesting and engaging way with the help of animations to make the learning experience enjoyable. 

Also, he has created various udemy courses talking about web development as well as mobile development using Flutter, Data visualization using Microsoft Power BI, database technology using MongoDB, and much more.

The bottom line is that you are in good hands if you want to learn React.js online using courses, but if you are in doubt just watch some preview lessons and I am sure, you will fall in love with Max's teaching style.   

Review of Udemy Best React Complete Guide Course by AcadMind

2. The Course Content

The course contains around 30 sections talking about React from the beginning to be an expert in around 40 hours of video content. Let’s explore the course:

2.1. React Introduction
Starting by a refresher for a JavaScript course if you are not familiar with this language and then moving to learn React and its syntax by building your very first React code and app by understanding the functional component, working with props, stateless and stateful components, React elements, styled components, and much more.

2.2. Real Web Application
After learning the basics of the React framework and understand its component you will move to create an app called The Burger Builder that contains the React components and architect as well as some of the other front-end languages such as HTML and CSS.

2.3. React and The Web
Congratulation! you have created your very first React app and now what you have to do is making this app accessible over the internet by understanding how the HTTP request can be done when using the React in your app as well as using the Firebase backend within your project.

2.4. Single Page Application
Most of the websites contain many pages in the menu and when you navigate through the pages you see that the browser every time you change the page and that’s not good for the user experience. This section will teach you to use React to build a single-page application where the only component will be refreshed and loaded without loading the whole website.

2.5. Form Validation
Form validation is the process of validating the user data before sending it to the website for further processing like registering the user's credentials and more. This section will teach you how to implement these techniques using JavaScript language.

2.6. Redux
Redux used most of the time in the application state management and helps you write applications that can be run on different environments such as client-side server-side and more. You will learn about this technology and even more advanced techniques before moving to implement it in the previous Burger Builder project that you have created earlier.

2.7. Adding Authentication
When you create a website or an online service you need to make sure that people are able to create accounts within your service. This section will teach you how to create the authentication process and make people able to sign in as well as sign up in your web application.

2.8. Deploy The Application
After creating your application and make the authentication you are now ready to make it accessible to people by deploying it on a server. This section will teach you how to do this process and deploy the burger builder project on firebase.

2.9. Bonus
Until this section you have achieved a lot in the development using the React library and these few sections are teaching you some of the interesting things that can help you improve your application like adding webpack, making animations to your website, adding Next.js to your project, and more.

3. People Review

With over 322k enrollment and a 4.6 rating score, you can say this is probably the best course to learn the React library from the beginning until you are a professional in this language and around 65% of the students have rated five starts for the course which means that they are very satisfied with the content and loving his in-depth explanation.

Here is the link to join this awesome React.js Course -   React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) 

Review of Udemy Best React Complete Guide Course by AcadMind


That's all in this review of Udemy's best React.js courses for beginners and intermediate developers, The Complete React Guide by Maximilian Schwarzmuller and AcadMind. Learning React library can add more value to your resume especially if you are looking for a freelance job among this huge competition and also can be useful as well to build a very good user experience for your visitors using this library.

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