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Monday, December 13, 2021

Top 5 Courses to Learn Fullstack Web Development (Frontend + Backend) in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello all, I wish you a very Happy New Year 2024. I am sure you all have made your goals for 2024. Some of you might have already started planning how to achieve those goals, which is excellent. If you do not, you can get some inspiration from my goals about learning in 2024. Anyway, If one of your goals is to learn Web Development or become a Fullstack Web Developer in 2024, then you have come to the right place. I can help you to achieve your goals. There is no doubt that Fullstack Web Development is a fascinating career and financially rewarding, as well. If you are good at creating web apps, you can also create your own website and business and become an entrepreneur.

Web Development is also very important from the freelancing part because you will find many jobs on sites like Upwork, which needs a web developer or involve some sort of web development work.

Now, coming towards learning Fullstack web development in 2024, what is the best way to follow that. Well, there is no doubt that doing the actual work is the best way to learn. So, if you want to become a Web Developer, then develop a web application, but that's easier said than done.

When you start your journey for developing a web app, you would realize that you need to learn a lot of technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks like Angular, React, Node JS, Database stuff like SQL, and NoSQL, some Linux knowledge, and most importantly coding.

That's why it's better to start with a comprehensive book or online course first. They will provide you all the necessary information and teach you all the technologies needed for a web developer.

Earlier, I preferred books, but I have focused on online courses since last year as I found them better for learning. They provide more active education than just reading books, and you also get to know important stuff quickly, but it's challenging to choose the right course, and that's where this article will help you.

Btw, if you are in a hurry and can't read the whole article, just start with 100 Days Of Code: The Complete Web Development Bootcamp 2024 courses by AcadMind and Maximillian Schwazmuller on Udemy. The best course to learn is Web Development. And, If you have time to check out and review some of the best courses, let's start.

5 Best Fullstack Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2024

The Internet is full of online web development courses, but if you are stuck in the wrong class, you end up losing both your time and money. That's it's essential to choose the best course and stick with that until you learn fundamentals.

I have done some research in this regard, and I will share some of the best online courses I am currently using to learn and improve my Web Development skills. Yes, you can take them even if you are familiar with Web Development to fill gaps in your learning. They are great for both beginners and intermediate web developers.

Here is the list of best Fullstack Web Development Courses for beginners to join in 2024

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele

This course is the bible for Web Developers and probably one of the best courses on Udemy to learn Web development in 2024. The instructor Colt Steele has done an excellent job of covering all the technologies needed for web development.

One of the important aspects of choosing the right course is the content and the instructor because if you can't connect with the instructor or he is boring, slow, or less enthusiastic, you won't learn anything.

As Colt says, "This is the only online course taught by a professional bootcamp instructor," his experience as a bootcamp instructor really shows on this course.

The course covers the big three of Web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and explores other mandatory stuff for modern web development like Bootstrap and Node JS.

best course to learn web development in 2021

Since it teaches web development and code, it covers Git and Github, Database, and backend technology. So, it's also great for someone who wants to become a full-stack web developer.

Talking about the social proof, this course has got a 4.6 rating from 376,699 students, which is phenomenal and speaks a lot about the quality. The best thing about the course is that Colt has completely redone with over 500+ brand new videos

2. The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu

Another fantastic online course to learn web development in 2024 from Angela Yu, another professional boot-camp instructor. I first learned about Angela Yu when I joined her iOS and Swift Bootcamp course, and from there on, I became her fan.

She is one of the best instructors on Udemy, and her clear, simple explanations, exciting slides, enthusiastic presentation style, and wonderfully easy-to-listen-to voice just make her course more awesome.

Content-wise also her courses are one of the best. This course has around 40 hours of content and covers all the technologies you need as a web developer.

It covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript quite well, and then jumps into Bootstrap, jQuery, NodeJS, Database, SQL, Git and Github, APIs, MongoDB, Mongoose, and Back-end development work.

She also touches the Linux command line, another essential skill for any web developer and deployment. The course is also very hands-on, and you will develop a web application by yourself.

In short, one of the best and excellent courses to learn Web Development in 2024. It has also got on average 4.7 rating from 30,446, making it the highest-rated course on Udemy.

3. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 Rob Percival

If, for some reason, you cannot connect to Colt Steele or Angela Yu, then this is the course you should join. The instructor Rob Percival is another gem of instructs and has excellent teaching skills.

Like the previous instructor, he is also clear, simple, and easy to understand. I also learned about him from his iOS Development course, which is also an excellent resource.

On content-wise, this course is similar to the previous two courses and teaches you HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but it also explains how to use jQuery, Bootstrap, and WordPress to create a modern-looking website.

On the backend side, it covers PHP, MySQL, and Python. If you like Python, then that backend stack is best for you. Like all Rob's courses, this is also very hands-on and full of quizzes, practice questions, and exercises.

best web development course for beginners

You will also learn to use powerful APIs like Google Map and Twitter, essential for modern web development.

Apart from that, you will get a free one-year web hosting, 3 professional-looking Bootstrap themes, and a copy of his best-selling book, How to Earn $1000 While Learning to Code, and 5 free certifications from CCA (The Cambridge Certification Authority).

Talking about social proof, this course has got n average of 4.5 ratings from 201,803 students enrolled, which is impressive. Overall an excellent course to learn Web Development in 2024 and become the Web Developer you always wanted to be.

4. The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp Course

The last three courses are for beginners who want to learn Web Development from scratch without coding or programming experience. What if you already know the basics of Web Development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to go to the next level?

Well, then this course is for you. This is another massive course by Colt Steele and his steam with over 34 hours of content and covers a wide range of advanced web technologies like CSS Animations, Flexbox, React, Redux, SVG, and Data Visualization D3, etc.

It also covers advanced JavaScript topics like A synchronized JavaScript and AJAX, Single Page Applications, Refactoring JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming, Testing with Jasmine, Functional Programming and ES2015, ES 2016, and ES 2017.

As Colt puts it, this course can easily be divided into 4 to 5 classes, but you get all of that in just one course, paying the price of one course.

best online courses to learn web development

This also means that you don't need to finish this course from start to end; you can choose a different learning path to learn the things you want now and come back later to learn other things. For example, you can start learning React now and come back later to learn testing with Jasmine.

Like other bootcamp courses from Colt Steele, it also has a lot of exercises and quizzes to make sure you understand and grasp those advanced concepts.

Talking about the social proof, the course has an average of a 4.4 rating from 47,584 students, which is simply outstanding. This is an ideal course for someone familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and wants to level up his web development skill to become a better Web Developer in 2024.

5. Introduction to Web Development [Pluralsight]

This is another beginner course for web developers, but it's not from Udemy. I also have a Pluralsight membership, so I also learn there, and this is one course I found, which is excellent for a beginner web developer.

This course covers all of the tools you'll need to create modern websites. It not only covers "The Big Three" web development technologies like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript in-depth but also covers getting started with GitHub and Node.js.

This course gives you the skills you need to be a professional web developer in 2024. Btw, you would need a Pluralsight membership to access this course, which costs around $29 per month and $299 annually (14%) saving.

I have an annual membership, and I can say that it's totally worth it because it provides access to more than 5000+ courses on the latest technologies along with quizzes and exercises.

If you already have Pluralsight membership, you should join this course and if not, then at least take this course as part of their 10-day free trial, which allows you to watch for 200 minutes.

That's all about some of the best online courses to learn full-stack web development in 2024. As I have said, the first three courses are very similar in nature, and you just need to enroll in one of them. I suggest you join Colt's or Angela's, depending on who you connect better with.

Once you are comfortable with Web Development basics, you can join the fourth course, "The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp," to further level your skill as a Modern Web Developer.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best online Fullstack web development courses, please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are keen to learn  Fullstack Web Development in 2024 but looking for some free resources to start with, you can also check this list of Free Web Development Courses for Beginners. It contains the best free courses to learn web development from Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, and other popular websites. 


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