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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Top 5 Actionable Courses to Learn Twitter in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you are a blogger, content creator, coach, influencer, digital marker, or online course creator, you may know that you can use Twitter for marketing and sales in 2024. Twitter is one of the best social platforms for marketing and selling eBooks, courses, classes, and anything, including physical products. While the platform is excellent, it's not easy to master and use Twitter effectively, and that's where these resources and online courses help you. I have created this list based upon my own experience as a blogger, author, and course creator, and I have also shared how Twitter helped me sell more of my books. 

There is a good chance that you already have an impressive Twitter profile and massive audience, but if you don't, don't worry; in this article, I will share the best courses you can join to learn some actionable tips to build your Twitter audience in 2024. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Programmers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Artists, athletes, politicians, and people from almost every field are present on Twitter. The platform has become a place for the public to interact with celebrities. 

With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the most visited websites and used mobile applications.

If you want to succeed as an online course creator or blogger, then Twitter can really help you, and I can say this from my personal experience. I have around 28K Twitter followers, and I have been on Twitter for 11 years. 

When I launched my first book, Grokking the Java Interview, and my first Udemy course, Spring Certification test, it was Twitter that brought most of the sales, and that's when I realized the true potential of Twitter.  You can see the below screenshot. Most of my sales come from Twitter. 

It is easy to join and use Twitter. It has a simple interface and mechanism. People follow each other on Twitter. But with an increase in usage, it has become challenging to build audiences these days at Twitter.

For famous personalities such as artists and athletes, building an audience is not a big deal. Still, it is a tough job for common people like bloggers and course creators who aim to build an audience for various reasons, such as promoting their content.

If you wish to have a mass audience on Twitter, you need proper guidance. A person just cannot go and build an audience of thousands on Twitter. It is not easy. So in this article, we will list the top five courses which will help you build a better audience on Twitter. 

5 Best Actionable Courses to Learn Twitter for Marketing and Sales in 2024

Without wasting any more of your time, here is my list of best online courses you can join to learn how to build your Twitter audiences, increase followers, increase engagement and establish yourself as an authority. 

1. Twitter Marketing: 1000% Engagement & More Twitter Followers 

This is a best-selling course for Twitter Marketing on Udemy. In this course, the instructor explains the true meaning of Twitter marketing. You will learn how to gain more followers and increase the reach of tweets by using various social media and Twitter marketing strategies. 

The course is nearly two hours long, and it is a beginner-level course. It is one of the most popular courses online for building a Twitter audience. 

  • A Twitter account. 
  • Interest in social media and Twitter marketing. 
Overall a great course to build your Twitter audience, get more customers, retweets & how to get more Twitter followers, and Twitter ads for 2024

best Twitter marketing course online

2. Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience - Gumroad [My Favorite]

This is my favorite Twitter growth course and probably the most up-to-date course with tried and tested strategies to grow your Twitter account from zero to 40K followers. I know this because I follow Daniel Vaselo, the course creator, on Twitter, and I have seen his follower growth from a few thousand to 50000+ now. 

This popular Twitter audience-building course will teach you how to create and optimize your Twitter account to gain more followers. The instructor explains everything, such as how to write a perfect bio, the name of the account, what to tweet, what not to tweet, and more. 

A Twitter account. 

The course is nearly two hours long. It also has a refund policy which means if you don't like then you can get your money free and keep the tips you learned with you, but this has rarely happened because I have been following some of his tips with great results. 

Building a Twitter audience can be really hard, but Daniel explains what to do and what not to do to make an audience in this video course. It contains real advice from the person who has a real proven success is always helpful.

best online course to build twitter audience

3. Twitter for Business: The Best Lead Generation System - Udemy

This is the best-selling Twitter audience-building course at udemy. It is a very nice course for those who want to understand Twitter and its users. In this course, the instructor explains how to target an audience and engage with them. 

The instructor describes the difference between the different types of audiences present on Twitter and how to turn them into loyal followers.

A Twitter account

It is a brief course with total video content of fewer than two hours. This means you don't need to spend much time learning to grow, and you can actually spend that time growing your Twitter account by implementing the tips you learned in this course. 

best udemy course for Twitter audience

4. Twitter For Filmmaking: Film Marketing and Brand Building - Udemy

Film making industry is booming. Today, it is not limited to the cinema only. People are introducing their talents on youtube and other social media platforms. For self-promoting, an artist needs a huge audience. 

This course at udemy is specially created for those artists who want to gain a mass audience on Twitter for film marketing. In this course, the the instructor explains how to optimize your Twitter account to gain followers who are interested in your project.

A Twitter account. 

It is a beginner-level course with total video content of two hours. Choose this course if you want to learn film marketing on Twitter. But, it also has some general brand building and growing your Twitter account tips which are useful for everyone with a Twitter account. 

best twitter course for film marketing

5. Twitter Business Mastery - Twitter Home Business Empire 

This is one of the best Twitter audience-building resources at Udemy. In this course, the instructor explains how to create a proper twitter campaign for better following and reach. Interests, ads, managing ads, analytics, and insights, everything is described in this course.

This course will teach you how to make 1000s every month from a Twitter account, grow a following, and dominate Twitter.      

Here are key things you will learn in this course:
  • How to grow out a massive Twitter following
  • How to Monetize Twitter 
  • How to sell products from Twitter
  •  How to get paid promotions on Twitter 
  • How to create fire content that hits the viewer every time

The best thing about this course is that you will get actionable content dispensed in nice bite-sized pieces, which you can apply to your Twitter account immediately. 

Best Twitter course on Udemy for beginners

That's all about the best online courses you can join to learn how to build a Twitter audience in 2024. A Twitter account without enough followers is of no use. Only trending hashtags will not help you. A proper strategy is required to build an audience. In this article, we listed the top five courses which will help you in understanding Twitter marketing. 

These courses are selected very carefully, and these are the best courses for twitter audience-building online. I have mostly chosen courses that share actionable tips to increase trust, followers, and engagement because those are the three things that really work. I also intend to keep this list up-to-date, so I will include more Twitter courses as and when I find them, if you have any, feel free to share. 

P. S. - If you are keen to build your Twitter profile and audience in 2024 but looking for a free Twitter Marketing course, you can also check out this Marketing on the Twitter [Freecourse on Udemy.  This 37-minute short crash course is completely free and more than 29,000 people have already joined this course. 

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