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Monday, April 4, 2022

Top 6 Courses to Learn AWS Lambda and Server less Framework in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, you might have heard about the Serverless architecture and AWS Lambda function as more and more software developers are talking about. AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services. There is another serverless computing platform like Microsoft Azure that has Azure functions and GCP also has Cloud Functions. With Serverless frameworks like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions, a developer can write scalable, fault-tolerant code that runs in the cloud without provisioning or managing servers. I mean, you don't need to get an EC2 instance or a virtual machine to run your app. 

This also means you won't get billed for every hour even if your app is not running. AWS Lambda will only launch a container if there is a trigger like an HTTP request which needs to be processed.

Since your app is not running on a server that is constantly up, this architecture is known as Serverless and nowadays every cloud provider supports it.

For example, AWS supports serverless development using Lambdas, Azure has Azure Functions and Google Cloud has Google Cloud Functions. If you are interested in learning about the Serverless computing platform and particularly AWS Lambda then you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll share some of the best courses to learn how to create, deploy, and manage event-driven, serverless applications using AWS Lambda.

Serverless Computing is one of the top-paying cloud skills today. Serverless is also a key focus area in AWS Certification exams, both at Associate as well as at the Professional level. And these online courses will help you master all the different pieces to the serverless puzzle.

Serverless computing will shape the future of web development since it allows you to get rid of many issues "traditional" web hosting poses. Now's the time to dive into this exciting new technology!

Unlike in traditional web hosting, where you spin up servers, configure them, and then deploy your code, in serverless applications, you don't manage any servers! Instead, you only provide your code and define it when it should get executed. Done!

Without managing any servers, you typically pay way less (since you got no overhead capacity), can react much better to incoming traffic spikes, and don't have to worry about server security!

For these very reasons, it's no wonder that serverless computing is on the rise, with more and more companies adopting it! Learn it now to gain an edge and either uses it for your own projects or apply for high-paid jobs!

6 Best Courses to learn Server less Architecture and AWS Lambda in 2024

AWS Lambda allows you to create serverless applications on AWS. Yes, there are other ways to create a serverless application like you can use Azure Functions on Microsoft Azure cloud and GCP also have similar services. Though I have included courses on AWS Lambda in this article and I may write other articles to cover Azure functions and GCP cloud functions.

Anyway, without wasting any more of your time, here is the list of best courses to learn both Serverless architecture and AWS lambda

1. AWS Serverless APIs and Apps - A Complete Introduction

This is one of the first courses I have joined to learn AWS Lambda and Serverless. It's created by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller, one of my favorite Udemy instructors, and will teach you everything you need to know about Serverless architecture, APIs, and apps.

You will learn how to build, secure, and run APIs without managing any servers using AWS API Gateway and Lambda. You will also learn how to add user authentication to serverless applications, run code on-demand in the cloud, and host single-page applications (SPAs) without managing any servers.

If you are a web developer then I highly recommend this course to you as Serverless computing will shape the future of web development as it allows you to get rid of many issues "traditional" web hosting poses.

Talking about social proof, this is one of the Udemy best sellers on AWS lambda, having trusted by more than 47,440 students and with an average of 4.6 ratings from 7,740 learners, which speaks loudly about the quality of the course.

Top 6 Courses to Learn AWS Lambda and Serverless Framework - Best of Lot

2. AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework - Hands-On Learning!

Ther is no list of AWS related course which is complete without including any of the Stephane Maarek's course. The guy has created awesome courses on AWS concepts, certifications, and services and this one is no different.

This is probably the best Udemy course to learn AWS Lambda function and Serverless and in this 7-hour long course, you will learn everything you need to create serverless applications using Lambda and deploy them in the cloud.

Here are the key skills you will learn in this course:
  • AWS Lambda function and Serverless framework
  • YAML to write and manage code
  • AWS S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2, and CloudWatch
  • How to properly deploy AWS Lambda functions

Along the way, you will also deploy several real-world apps on AWS lambda like an automated thumbnail generation service on S3 using Python,  a REST API using AWS API Gateway & Lambda using NodeJS, and EC2 automation to start and stop instances on schedule using Python.

I highly recommend this course to people who are already using Lambdas without knowing in-depth or a complete beginner who wants to start with AWS Lambda functions and serverless, you won't be disappointed by joining this course for sure. It's already trusted by more than 25K students and it's one of the Udemy best sellers.

best AWS lambda course on Udemy

2. Build a Serverless App with AWS Lambda - Hands On!

If you are looking for a project-based, hands-on online course to learn AWS Lambda and Serverless concept then this Udemy course is perfect for you. Created by Frank Kane and Brian Tajuddin, this 7.5 hours long online course will teach you how to create a chat web application using Amazon Web Services - Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3, Cognito, CloudFront, and more.

Along the way, you will also learn the following key skills
  • How to architect and design serverless applications
  • How to serve static resources to browsers using AWS's S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • How to use Javascript to dynamically modify web pages
  • How to manage permissions and access policies using IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • How to manipulate and vend data in the cloud using AWS Lambda
  • How to use CORS to manage client-side security in serverless apps
  • How to store and retrieve data with DynamoDB
  • How to model API's and create SDK's with API Gateway
  • How to create a user login system with Cognito
  • And most importantly, how to speed up your web app with a CloudFront CDN
Talking about social proof, more than 11,000 students have joined this course and it has on average 4.5 ratings from more than 1300 participants which is amazing. If you love building things to learn a new skill then you will really love this course.

best AWS lambda and Serverless course on Udemy

3. AWS Fundamentals: Building Serverless Applications

This is probably the best Coursera course to learn  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and serverless architecture online. In this online course about building serverless applications, instructor Rick Hurst will teach you the fundamentals of Serverless architecture and applications.

This course is offered by none other but AWS itself speaks a lot about the quality and authenticity of this course. It's also a complete practical course and you will learn to build and deploy the serverless application through demonstrations and hands-on exercises,

Here are the key skills you will learn in this course:
  • AWS Lambda service
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Amazon DynamoDB
This course is also part of Coursera's most popular AWS Fundamental Specialization which is a great resource to build your AWS skills and is trusted by more than 42,000 programmers and developers. You can either take this course for FREE or join the Coursera Plus to get more than 3000+ popular Coursera courses, certifications, specializations, and guided projects to learn any tech skill. 

best Coursera AWS lambda course on Udemy

4. AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive

This is another great course to learn AWS Lambda on Pluralsight. Created by Dror Helper, a Software developer, architect, and consultant who likes to help software developers write better code, this course will teach you how to write scalable, fault-tolerant code that runs in the cloud without provisioning or managing servers.

In this course, AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive, you will learn how to harness event-driven, cost-efficient functions that scale on-demand to perform tasks without provisioning or managing servers.

You'll start with how to create serverless applications using AWS Lambda functions. Next, you'll learn how to use step functions to coordinate complex flows. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage and deploy Lambda functions in production and even run them on your local machine.

Here are the  main things you will learn in this AWS Lambda course:
  • How to create Lambda functions
  • How to use AWS services
  • How to use step functions
  • How to use the serverless application model. 
After completing this course you will have a good understanding of AWS Lambda functions that will help you create event-driven, serverless applications. Btw, you need a Pluralsight membership to watch this course which cost around $29 per month or $299 per annum (14% discount) but also provides access to more than 7000+ online courses on the latest topics  Alternatively, you can also use their 10-day-FREE-Pass to each this course for FREE.

best course to learn serverless in AWS

5. AWS Lambda and Serverless Architecture Bootcamp (Build 5 Apps) 

This is another fantastic course to learn about AWS Lambda and Serverless Architecture on Udemy. Created by Riyaz Sayyad, an AWS expert, this course will teach you all essential things bout AWS Serverless Architecture, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Step Functions, SAM, the Serverless Framework & CI/CD.

In this course, you’ll learn Serverless Computing from ground zero. You will start from scratch, and then we’ll dive into all its core features and into many advanced features as well. We’ll learn how it works, why we use it, and how to use it. No prior knowledge of Serverless Computing is necessary!

Talking about social proof, this course is one of the highest-rated AWS Lambda courses on Udemy and is trusted by more than 13,704 students. The course also has on average 4.6 ratings from close to 1,760 learners which is amazing.

best porject based course to learn AWS lambda and serverless online

That's all about some of the best courses to learn AWS Lambda and Serverless architecture. Serverless computing has a lot of potentials as it takes care of any infra-related issues which are present in the traditional model of development and it is also very cost-effective.

AWS Lambda in particular is an amazing service and it also lets you scale with zero effort and helps you execute your functions in your choice of languages. It comes with a lot of flexibility and has typically become a choice for stateless operations like file processing and image processing which can be easily scaled up. 

The free tier in Lambda comes with one million free requests, making your code execution free in most cases.

Other AWS Certification Resources you may like to explore

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best AWS Lambda and Serverless framework courses then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note

P. S. - If you are keen to learn AWS Lambda function and want to build a Serverless application but looking for a free online training course then you can also check out this Serverless Concepts course by LinuxAcademy on Udemy. This is a great course for beginners and it's completely free, you just need a free Udemy account to join this course.

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