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Top 8 Courses to Crack AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam (CLF-C01) in 2021

Hello guys, you may hear about the buzz around cloud computing and AWS, and cloud computing is indeed essential for today's programmers, developers, IT professionals, and project managers. And, if you want to know about Cloud computing concepts from scratch, there is no better way than to go for a certification like AWS Certified Cloud Practioner (CLF-C01) or Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900). These are the first stepping stone on Cloud and the easiest certification you can get on Cloud computing. They not only provide an overview of Cloud computing concepts like IaaS, Pass, Saas but also how Cloud works in general and what are cost and agility benefits of Cloud.

The only difference between AWS Cloud Practication and Azure Fundamental is that the former is from Amazon and the latter is from Microsoft, and they focus on their cloud services.
If you choose AWS as your cloud provider then AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Certification is the best way to start your journey.

Why AWS? Well, because Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is the oldest and most popular public cloud platform and AWS cloud professionals are also in high demand. It also has the most significant marketplace and highest out-of-box Cloud services. Since more and more companies are adopting the cloud to reduce cost and improve agility, AWS experience and skills are in demand, particularly for certified professionals.

More and more companies are increasingly looking for certified people who can help with their cloud migration and manage their cloud assets. If you are looking for a job as Cloud Engineer or DevOps Engineer, in particular with AWS, then I strongly suggest you get AWS certified. It will not only give you a good knowledge of essential AWS Services and Cloud Computing fundamentals but also distinguish you from the competition.

To be honest, there is not many AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or AWS Solution Architect, the demand is way higher than supply at this moment, and this is your chance to cash-in. Cloud computing has a bright future, and AWS is the most powerful, most comprehensive, and most secure cloud provider. Everybody from small startups to the unicorn and small companies to fortune 500 companies uses AWS Cloud solution to deploy their application.

If you are already preparing for AWS Cloud Pracitinior certification in 2021 and looking for some excellent online courses to prepare yourself for, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the best AWS certification courses, particularly for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01).

8 Best AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Courses in 2021

Without wasting any more of your time, here are my recommended courses to crack the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam. These are some of the best AWS courses from Udemy, Pluralsight, Youtube, and other places that are focused on AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

They cover most of the topics from Cloud fundamentals, compute resources, storage, network, security, pricing, billing, and scalability stuff. Once you have gone through one of these courses, you should be better prepared for your AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

And if you are looking to get all 9 AWS cloud certifications, here is a nice roadmap to get them all:

Top 5 Courses to Crack AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Certification Exam (CLF-C01) - Best of Lot

1. Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - 2021 [BRAND NEW]

If you are in hurry like you want to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam in one week and looking for one, solid, online courses which cover everything like exam topics, have quizzes and practice test for final preparation then you must join this Ultimate AWS Cloud Practitioner course by Stephane Maarek on Udemy.

I really loved this course and it superly structured, up-to-date, and full of information that will not only help you to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification but also work in any AWS environment.

If you don't know Stephane Maarek is one of the best AWS instructors on Udemy and he has more than 9 AWS and Cloud certifications which means he has gone through the path himself. He even scored 980/1000 in one of the AWS exams which is phenomenal.

In short, if you want to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in 1 week or 1 month then you must join this course. 1 week is while realistic a bit stretch target and requires you to putting more than 12 hours per day but 1 month is much more realistic and easily achieved with 4 to 5 hours of study every day and using this course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner.

best course to pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification (CLF-C01)

2. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2021

This is one of the best online courses to earn AWS from scratch and also pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification in 2021. It's comprehensive, up-to-date, and also contains practice tests for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

This course is designed for beginners with no programming or cloud experience. It is intended for individuals who intend to begin their journey into AWS and give the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification and learn Cloud computing concepts.

With easy-to-understand videos and 170+ practice questions, this course is all that is needed to gain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

Talking about social proof, more than 60,000 students have put their trust in this course, and it has, on average, 4.4 ratings from close to 8000 participants, which speaks about its quality and content. A big thanks to Zeal Vora for creating this course.

best course to pass AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner certification

3. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2021 Training Bootcamp

This is another excellent course for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam on Udemy. IT not just include video lectures but also provide two full-length mock tests for practice.

It covers all AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam topics like AWS CLI, Database, Compute, AWS Lambda, Serverless, Security, VPC, and Networking in depth. It is also up-to-date, and you will get free updates whenever a new topic is added to the exam.

This is an excellent thing because AWS certification is continuously changing, and you may miss out on something if you prepare using an old course.

This course is also packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out as a Cloud Practitioner. You will have labs using AWS free tier to learn how to use different AWS services in a guided manner.

It also contains quizzes in every module and more than 400 PDF slides for download and offline reading. Talking about social proof, more than 17,000 students have already enrolled in this course, and it has, on average, 4.5 ratings from 1258 participants.

best online training course to pass AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner certification

4. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Ultimate Exam Training 2021

This is another excellent course to prepare for the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam from Udemy. It's so good that I could help but to recommend it. This is also one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses, and you will find theory lectures, hands-on labs, practice questions, quizzes, and guided tours, all in one place.

Neal Davis, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Certified Developer from Digital Cloud Training and author of this course has done a fantastic job in breaking down the complexity of the topics into easy to digest and well-structured sections that are backed by logical diagrams that help you visualize your learnings.

With more than 90 Cloud services, it's not easy to find which services are covers in this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. Still, this course keeps check of that as well, and it's closely aligned with the ever-changing AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

You will learn everything from opening your first AWS free tier account to launching the core AWS services and without deviating from the CLF-C01 exam syllabus.

best udemy course to pass AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner certification

It also contains 620 Practice Questions, which is probably the biggest collection of AWS Cloud Practitioner practice questions. They are also offering FREE access to the Exam Simulator on the Digital Cloud Training website (registration required) for a limited time.

The online exam simulator randomly selects 65 questions from a pool of over 500 different questions - mimicking the real AWS exam environment. Overall, a fantastic course to prepare well for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

5. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: All You Need to Know

This is a short but excellent course to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam on Pluralsight. The best thing about this course is the instructor David Tucker who is a technical architect and Cloud consultant. His day job is to advise an organization about their cloud estate, and that shows when he explains core AWS services.

In this course, you will not only learn the foundational cloud computing concepts like the IasS, PasS, SaaS but also AWS services needed to achieve the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

You will first learn core concepts about cloud computing and its differences from traditional data centers. Next, you will review the core AWS services that are covered in the exam.

Finally, you will review techniques for taking the exam that will improve your overall score. When you have completed this course, you will have the knowledge and skills that you need to successfully complete the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Though, you will need a Pluralsight membership to access this course, which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year (14% saving). If you don't have one, I suggest you get one to give your learning a boost becuase you need to keep yourself up-to-date to survive in tech, and Pluralsight helps on that.

I am a Pluralsight member and I also suggest you join it if you can invest that much money in a year for your learning.  Anyway, even if you don't have Pluralsight membership, you can still access this course for free by signing up for the 10-day free trial which provides 200 minutes of access to all of their courses.

6. Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Course (85+ Videos!) by Andrew Brown of ExamPro

Andrew Brown, CEO of ExamPro and an AWS trainer, has created a lot of study material for AWS certification on Youtube, and this course is a collection of 85+ free lectures you can watch on Youtube.

It's good to study material, up-to-date, and covers all topics like essential services, billing, compute resources, storage, global infrastructure, deployment, security, and general technical overview required for this certification.

If you don't mind learning from free resources, then this is an excellent study material to crack your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam in your first attempt. For the best result, I recommend combining this course with some AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice tests from Amazon, Whizlabs, or Exampro itself.

They have their own LMS platform with flashcards, white paper summaries, journey paths, and exam simulators, which can help you to do well on various AWS certifications, including Cloud Practioner one.

7. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course from Whizlabs

Along with the Practice test, Whizlabs also have an online course for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification participants. This test contains 6+ hours of training videos and covers all Exam Objectives (100% Syllabus Covered).

It also has 11 labs for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam to give you some hands-on practice and exposure for essential AWS services like IAM, EC2, S3, RDS, and DynamoDB, etc.

This is an excellent, focused course to prepare for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, and you can use this along with their practice test for best results.

Top 5 Courses to Crack AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Certification Exam (CLF-C01)

8. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test from Whizlabs

The practice test is an integral part of passing any AWS certification, and it's often the difference between successful and unsuccessful candidates. When it comes to buying an exam simulator or practice test, Whizlabs is my trusted place to go.

I have used Whizlabs to pass many Java certifications in the past, and their AWS Cloud Practitioner test is also of the same quality.

This package contains 3 Sets of the mock test with 65 questions in each section. You can use these tests to assess the speed and accuracy required to clear the exam. It will also help you to find your strong and weak areas.

It also contains 11 labs for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, which will give you some hands-on experience. Also, an exhaustive Explanation for every question is provided, and you will have unlimited access, which means no extra payment for new questions. In short, you can use this practice test with any other course to prepare well for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

Best  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test from Whizlabs

Things to Note about AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Here are some of the essential things to know about The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01):

1. The cost of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD, and you can also buy the Practice exam with an additional 20 USD from Amazon.

2. Here are some of the important topics to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification:

AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner exam topics

3. You will get 90 minutes to complete the exam

4. You can take a test at the testing center or from your office or home as an online proctored exam, which means you need to have a web camera on your laptop.

5. The format is multiple choice and multiple answers.

6. The passing score is 700 out of 1000. Your score shows how you performed on the examination as a whole and whether or not you passed. Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple exam forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.

7. You can download the exam guide from the AWS certification portal here.

8. You can also download some Sample questions pdf from AWS by clicking here.

9. One of the common questions is how much time needed to pass this certification? Well, Amazon recommends 6 months of working experience with AWS, but that's not mandatory. If you can work 8 to 10 hours a day, then you should be ready to crack this exam in just 1 week. Alternatively, 2 weeks of moderate effort is enough to pass this exam.

10. Here is a nice table with some of the important information for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam (CLF-C01) exam:

AWS Certification Cloud Practitioner exam guide

That's all about some of the best courses to Crack The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam in 2021. As I said, this is the easiest AWS cloud certification you can acquire, and it can be an excellent platform to learn both AWS basics and Cloud computing concepts. I recommend every developer, architect, project manager, people from sales, people who are working in tech, business analysts, and IT professionals to go for this certification.

It's absolutely critical in today's world to know about Cloud computing, and this course will give you enough knowledge and experience to communicate with your peers and clients. The recognition you will get by completing this exam will go a long way in your career.

Other Certification Resources for IT Professionals and Java Programmers

Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these AWS Courses useful in passing your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) exam, then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are new to the AWS world and looking to kick-start your journey with some free AWS training courses then you can also check out this list of 10 Free AWS training courses to learn Amazon Web Service from scratch.

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