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Top 5 Online Courses to learn Amazon AWS EC2 in 2024 - Best of Lot

Hello folks, if you have been working in AWS, you definitely know about Amazon EC2, one of the most essential and popular AWS services. If you are new to AWS, don't worry, I'll give a brief overview of Amazon EC2 and why you should learn it. And, If you are looking for online courses to learn more about AWS EC2 service, then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best AWS courses for beginners and several classes to pass AWS certifications for programmers. This article will share the best online AWS courses from Udemy and Pluralsight to learn the AWS EC2 service in depth.

These are very focused courses created by AWS experts to teach EC2 in-depth, and you can join them online from your home or office. Anyway, before going into the classes, let's first see what AWS EC2 is and why it's essential to learn.

Amazon EC2 is basically a virtual server or computer like any computer, and it also has a hard drive to store data, an operating system to run the data, a processor, a network card, and pretty much everything except it's so powerful than the regular computer that you may have in your home.

Looks simple? No? Yes, that's essentially AWS EC2 in a nutshell but let's go into more detail. Amazon EC2 has something called an instance, a tiny computer inside a giant computer, so to make this a little bit clear for you, let's imagine that you will host your website a was. You only need a little power to use, so you will buy a small instance to host your website and save you money.

Every instance has some power like the storage and the processor, and it's won operating system whether Linux or Windows, or Mac, and you have to pick one of them to host and run your website on this instance.

If you are a business owner thinking if Amazon EC2 is the best choice to host and run your website, keep reading this article for some courses that will teach you how to use Amazon AWS EC2 in-depth.

5 Best Online Training Courses to learn AWS EC2 in 2024

Without wasting any more of your time, here are the best online courses to learn AWS EC2 in 2020. These are the best online courses created by experts and trusted by thousands of developers online for learning AWS EC2. You can also join them online to know about this essential AWS Service in depth. 

1. Amazon EC2 Master Class (with Auto Scaling & Load Balancer)

In this AWS EC2 online course, you will be introduced to the Amazon EC2 basics, such as connecting using ssh and so on. Then moving to the amazon machine image and how to choose the right instance type for your next project, the security and networking, and many more topics you will be discovered inside this course.

This is simply the best Udemy course to learn AWS EC2, and its created by none other than Stephanie Maarek, one of my favorite AWS instructors on Udemy. Having attended Stephane's AWS Solution Architect courses, I was pretty sure that this is a great one, and I must say I wasn't disappointed.

Here are the essential skills you will learn in this course:
  • Amazon AWS ec2 instances.
  • Security and networking.
  • Deploy your application.
If you want to deploy your website or project on Amazon AWS EC2, you are confused about how to do that. Well, you can see this course on how to achieve this and much more.

Top 5 Courses to learn AWS EC 2 in depth - Best of Lot

2. Introduction to AWS — EC2 Deployment Fundamentals

This is another great online training course to learn AWS EC2 on Udemy. If you have already a project ready to be deployed and you are confused about how to achieve that using amazon AWS ec2, then you could watch this Udemy course to do that.

Starting with understanding AWS EC2 and some of its basics, then moving to the most crucial part, which is deploying your project on EC2 and how to do it in Linux and Windows instances. Also, you will see how to do monitoring and reporting as well as security and much more.

You will learn in this course:
  • How to deploy your project.
  • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Creating applications on EC2 instances.

5 best Courses to learn AWS EC 2 in depth

3. Managing AWS EC2 Instances

Let us say that you have chosen amazon AWS for hosting and running your application, and you want to learn how to manage and configure it; you can see this best Pluralsight AWS EC2 course.

You will start by exploring the difference between amazon instances and how you can decide the best one that suits your project needs, such as the power and the operating system that the server runs on as well as learning how to do backup and recovery of your data to make it safe and secure.

You will learn in this course:
  • The differences between amazon instances.
  • Choosing the best server that suits your needs.
  • Make a recovery and backup of your data.

By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to watch this course, which costs around $29 per month and $299 for a year (14% discount). I highly recommend this membership as it gives access to this course and 7000+ other online courses on the latest technology. Alternatively, you can also watch this course for FREE by using their 10-day-free-pass.

5 best Courses to learn AWS EC 2 for beginners

4. Amazon AWS EC2 Masterclass

If you want to learn amazon EC2 and understand the whole amazon AWS ec2infrastructure and how it operates and the differences between instances, and much more, you can take this top Udemy AWS EC2 course.

You will deep dive into the Amazon AWS infrastructure and the instance's lifecycle and the amazon machine images (AMI) how to create one and share it. Also, how to monitor your EC2 instances and networking security, and more.

You will learn in this course:
  • The AWS infrastructure.
  • Networking and security.
  • Amazon machine images.

5 best Courses to learn AWS EC2 for experienced developers

5. Deploying web apps for new developers on AWS ec2

Another massive course on how to deploy your web application on Amazon AWS EC2 on udemy aimed to be for new developers and anyone who is a beginner and wants to learn deployment on AWS.

You will get hands-on experience on how to deploy your projects and front-end projects, as well as using some protocols such as FTP and dealing with databases and permissions, and deploying a flask project.

You will learn in this course:
  • Deploy front-end projects.
  • Using some protocols.
  • Dealing with the database.

best udemy course to learn Amazon AWS EC2

That's all about the best online courses to learn AWS EC2 in depth. The web nowadays empowers every business around the globe, and no company or organization can run their businesses correctly without having a website or a web application. Hence, they need a powerful server to host their websites. Here comes the Amazon EC2 into play.

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P.S. - If you are keen to learn AWS and looking for a free online training course to start with, then you can also check out this Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Zero to Hero course by Backspace Academy on Udemy. This course is entirely free, and you just need an Udemy account to join this course.

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