Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Apple IPhone4S Siri going to replace the Google Search Engine

I am sure this is one of those most optimistic title you can think of but that is what my first thought after seeing apple introductory video of Siri, there new voice recognition and task completion service integrated on Apple Iphone4s. I was amazed with smoothness and accuracy of Siri as shown on that video. You just say siri what's whether, find me new restaurant, traffic status and you get a response you are looking for, this looks to me a new way of searching web and technology.  Asking questions is more natural than typing on Google and believe if Siri kicks of like that you will suddenly have more search volume via siri than google, though only limiting factor is not everybody has Apple Iphone4s with them :). People are also thinking Siri as Google Killer let's see.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Matt Cutt Revealing Google's Latest Algorithmic Changes

Inside Search: Search quality highlights: new monthly series on a...: Today we’re publishing another list of search improvements, beginning a monthly series where we’ll be sharing even more details about the al...