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Top 5 Courses to Crack Confluent Apache Kafka Developer Certification (CCDAK) in 2023 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to become a certified Kafka Developer in 2023 then you have come to the right place. You will be glad to know that Confluent offers Apache Kafka Certifications and one of them is the popular Apache Kafka Developer Certification also known as the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka, or Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) exam. If you already know about this exam and preparing for it but need the best resources like online courses, books, and practice tests then stay tuned. Earlier, I have shared the best Apache Kafka courses for beginners and In this article, I am also going to share the best online courses and practice tests to prepare for Apache Kafka Developer certification in 2023 and become a certified Kafka developer.

If you have been following tech then you may know about Big Data, good chance has that you already work with Big Data frameworks like Hadoop and Spark, etc. There is a reason it is called Big Data. Because there is pretty much a lot of it. And by a lot, I mean a lot. And you need to manage it. Data is only valuable if you can move it around, right? Well, that is where Confluent comes in. 

But what the hell is Confluent, I hear you asking. Don't worry. I got you.

Okay, you are a developer, right? This means that when you use the Confluent platform, you also get to use Kafka without the need to set it up on your own servers. What Confluent essentially does is that it hosts Kafka for you. And you get to use it. For a small fee, of course.

Apache Kafka is a framework for streaming data between internal systems. Simply put, Kafka makes it easy to use your data by streamlining it and works through a publish-subscribe pattern.

Confluent also has a lot of useful plugins that make it easy for you to access and manipulate your data. They also have the ksqlDB, which is a nice product that helps build applications for real-time streaming.

5 Best Apache Kafka Developer Certification Courses in 2023

Now, if you want to prepare for Confluent Don't worry. We have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best Apache Kafka developer Certification courses available on the internet. These Kafka courses are very helpful in preparing for Confluent certification and they have been curated from popular sites and online learning platforms like Udemy. 

Check out the list below.

    1. Apache Kafka Series: Confluent Schema Registry and REST Proxy [Udemy]

    This is one of the most popular courses on the Udemy platform with more than 16,000 students enrolled and giving the course a 4.5-star rating. You will learn all about the Confluent Schema Registry, which is called Avro, and the Kafka REST Proxy.

    By the end of this course, you will be able to build both simple and complex Avro Schemas as well as create, write, and read Avro projects in Java. As a student, you will learn how to write a Java Producer and Consumer using the powerful features of Avro data and the Schema Registry.

    This course will also enable you to perform Schema evolution using the command line and in Java and to utilize the REST Proxy using a REST client.

    Course Duration: 4.5 hours
    Course Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
    Course Instructor: Stephane Maarek
    Course Price: $14

    Here is the link to join this course - Apache Kafka Series: Confluent Schema Registry and REST Proxy 

    Top 5 Courses to Crack Apache Kafka Developer Certification by Confluent (CCDAK)

    2. Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners [LinkedIn Learning]

    As you know, Kafka is the world's leading open-source data streaming technology. It will enable you to move around your data seamlessly and without any hassles, completely removing the need for any integrations between multiple sources and target systems. And this course will introduce you to the enchanting world of Kafka.

    This course will help you with all the fundamental Kafka operations like performing key tasks and creating your own producers and consumers. You will learn how to start a personal Kafka cluster on Mac, Windows, or Linux, as well as master fundamental concepts like partitions, brokers, producers, and consumers.

    Course Duration: 8 hours
    Course Instructor: Stephane Maarek
    Course Price: $12 Monthly Subscription

    This course also has a number of practical use examples like extracting data from Twitter feed and ElasticSearch.

    By the way, you would need a LinkedIn Learning membership to watch this course which costs around $19.99 per month but you can also watch this course for FREE by taking their 1-month-free-trail which is a great way to explore their 16000+ online courses on the latest technology.

    best LinkedIn Learning course to learn Kakfa

    3. Apache Kafka Series - KSQL on ksqlDB for Stream Processing [Udemy]

    This course will teach you how to use SQL on Apache Kafka with Confluent ksqlDB and build a complete taxi booking application based on KSQL Stream Processing. By doing this, you will get a practical and hands-on experience of all the fundamentals of KSQL and ksqlDB.

    By taking this course, you will learn how to create streams, tables, and generate data with ksql-datagen. You will also receive an understanding of all the advanced operations like Joins, Windowing, Aggregations, and Geospatial.
    You will have to deal with all kinds of data formats like CSV, JSON, and Avro.

    You will be able to create and use UDF and UDAF, as well as receive tips on how to move KSQL to production. By purchasing this course, you will get lifetime access to more than 4 hours of on-demand video lectures and other educational resources.

    Course Duration: 5 hours
    Course Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5
    Course Instructors: Stephane Maarek and Simon Aubury
    Course Price: $14

    This is an exhaustive preparation course for the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) certification exam. But the important thing to note here is that this course was also selected for Udemy's collection of top-rated courses that the top companies of the world, including Apple, Volkswagon, and Netflix, offer to their employees.

    The course comprises 3 high-quality practice tests, each of which has 50 questions, that will help you clear the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka Tests certification exam. This means that you will be able to assess yourself and ensure that you are completely prepared for the exam.

    Course Duration: 3 Practice Tests
    Course Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
    Course Instructor: Stephane Maarek
    Course Price: $14

    It is advised that you gain a thorough understanding of Apache Kafka used the other courses on this list before purchasing this course. The topics covered in these practice tests include Apache Kafka Fundamentals, Kafka Extended APIs, and other Confluent components.  

    best Practice Test for Apache Kafka Developer certification

    5. Practice Exams: Confluent Certified Apache Kafka Developer [Udemy]

    This course is also similar to the earlier one in that it also offers 3 practice tests for the Confluent Certified Apache Kafka Developer certification exam. But the key difference here is that it also has a Real World Exam Simulator, answer explanations, and reference materials.

    Course Duration: 3 Practice Tests
    Course Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5
    Course Instructor: Manuel Muller and Laura Reinhold
    Course Price: $14

    You will also have access to detailed descriptions and explanations and extensively researched Kafka documentation to get you on top of the subject matter and fully prepare you for the exam.  All the practice questions fully reflect the Confluent exam syllabus as well as the official documentation.

    best Practice Test for CCDAK Confluent Certified Apache Kafka Developer exam

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Now, let's see a couple of frequently asked questions about Confluent, Kafka Certification, and Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka CCDAK exam

    1. What is Confluent? 

    Confluent is the company that provides the Apache Kafka platform. It is used in a variety of fields like manufacturing, technology, retail, and financial services. 

    2. Who uses Confluent? 

    Confluent has a list of reputable customer bases including JPMorgan Chase, Audi, and Capital One. 

    3. Is Confluent a database? 

    Confluent provides what can be called a data streaming service. This enables companies to gain valuable insight into their companies. 

    That's all about the best online courses to prepare for Confluent Apache Kafka Developer Certification in 2023. All of these courses will fully prepare you for the Confluent Certification exam. You can use the first 3 courses on the list to get a complete understanding of all the topics and then use the practice exams to test yourself. 

    This will make sure that you are ready to pass the exam with flying colors. If you liked this list of the Best Confluent Certification Courses, why not share it with your friends and family? Also, feel free to drop a comment if you have any doubts or questions.

    Other Certification Resources for IT Professionals and Java Programmers

    Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these Apache Kafka Developer certification courses to prepare for Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) exam, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

    P. S. - If you are new to Apache Kafka and want to learn Apache Kafka from scratch and need a free resource then you can also check out this free Apache Kafka and Spring Boot (Consumer, Producer) course on Udemy. This is a great course to start with Apache Kafka for free. All you need is a free Udemy account to join the course. 

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