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Hello guys, Happy New Year. It's that time of the year when we all start making our goals for better health, improving ourselves, and learn new things. Last Year, I focused mainly on the Web Development side and spent time teaching React, Angular, and Node JS, but this year, one of my goals is to explore the mobile world, particularly iOS and Android. At least that's a thought for now, and I am not sure how long I can go given the limited time I get to upgrade myself, but I'll try my best. Btw, if you also have the same goal and want to become an iOS developer in 2021, then you should start your journey by learning iOS 14, the latest version of Apple's Operating system which runs on iPhone and iPad, and Swift 5, Apple's programming language for creating iOS apps.

One of the important things in achieving goals is making a plan and having the right resources to meet them. So, I started doing some research on the best way to learn iOS 13 and found that there is no better way than joining an excellent online course.

I first thought about in-person boot camps, but the cost and time commitment was high, and I don't know I could make it. Online courses address both those issues, first, they are way cheaper than classroom training or an in-person Bootcamp class (Compare 1000$ to $10, yes they are that cheap), and second, there is no time commitment.

You don't need to travel to attend any class at any particular time. You can learn whenever you have some time. If you have a smartphone and a good internet connection, you can even watch these courses while commuting, well that's what I do, and it works really great for me.

You can also learn from the comfort of your office and home, and that's why I thought that online courses are the best way to learn, not just iOS 14 or Swift 5 but any new technology.

Though, the biggest challenge with online courses is choosing the right course. The Internet is full of online classes, both free and paid, but not all of them are of good quality. If you end-up enrolling in an ordinary course, then you will waste a lot of your time, and sometimes even may get bored and discouraged to learn.

That's why in this article, I am going to share some of the best online courses to learn iOS 14 and Swift 5. You can choose any of these courses, my personal favorite is the iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp course by Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy to kick-start your journey.

Top 5 iOS 12 - 14 and Swift 5 Online Courses for Programmers 

Before I share online courses to learn iOS 14 and Swift 5, let's talk a bit about iOS 14 itself.

The iOS 14 is the 14th major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple, which runs on their iPad and iPhone. It's a successor to iOS 13 and was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference in September 2020. 

The best thing is that iOS has completely redesigned widget and packed with some really cutting edge technology and API, which allows you to create some awe-inspiring and awesome apps like Pokemon Go. The technique I am talking about includes Core ML 2 and  ARKit 2, Apple's machine learning, and Augmented reality API.

It's essential to choose the course which explains these two key API in reasonable detail, particularly if you want to create an awesome modern app.

1. iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

In one word, this is probably the world's best iOS developer course out there. It's so good that it even inspires me to create a class, that's another story, but it's a damn good course.

The instructor Angela Yu is very experienced and enthusiastic. She teaches iOS development on Bootcamp, and this course is an online version of those Botocamps, which cost anywhere between $8000 to $12000.

The course is very well structured, well explained, and well delivered. Content is a remarkable and excellent use of animation, and graphics make it easy to understand new iOS concepts like Core ML 2 and ARKit 2.

The course is also very comprehensive, with 524 lectures and over 59.5 hours of material, but don't worry, you won't get bored. It's also very hands-on, and you will develop almost 25 apps; yes, you read it right 25 apps, which includes your own Pokeman go, a Harry Potter-style Newspaper app, and a lot more.

Here is the link to join this awesome iOS and Swift course - The iOS and Swift Bootcamp

best Udemy course to learn iOS and Swift for beginners

They also provide free graphics and other material worth $5000, which you would need to create some professional apps, and I got all this for just $13; would you believe that.  Well, that's why I like Udemy. You get the online version of a Bootcamp course, which costs around $12000 in just $10 and that too for a lifetime.

Talking about social proof, the course has got 4.7 ratings from close to 41000 students, which are really impressive.

In short, the best course to learn iOS 14 and Swift 5 in 2021, and you probably won't need any more classes if you complete this. Her course on  Web Development  "The Complete 2021 Web Development Bootcamp" is also equally good, and if your focus is on the web dev side, you will love that as well.

2. iOS 12 & Swift 4: From Beginner to Paid Professional

If, for some reason, you not able to connect to Angela Yu, then this is another comprehensive iOS Developer course on Udemy. The course contains over 88 hours of quality material.

Like Angela Yu, the instructor of this course, Mark Price is also an experienced iOS developer and trainer, having trained more than 3000 students on online and in-person boot camps.

Similar to the previous course, this will also teach you all the features of iOS 12 like ARKit, CoreML, App Design, but it will also show you how to code in Swift 4 and Advanced Programming Techniques, including Algorithms.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to become an iOS developer and has no programming experience. You will not only learn iOS 12 and Swift 4 but also Programming in general.

The course will not only help you to get a job as an iOS developer but also to create your own iPhone and iPad apps to become an apppreneur or whatever they call. This course also has, on average, 4.5 ratings from around 4000 students, which is excellent.

Top 5 courses to learn iOS and Swift in 2019

3. The Complete iOS 12 & Swift Developer Course - Build 28 Apps

This is another great course to learn about iOS. It's also comprehensive and covers more than 44.5 hours of material and designed and delivered well by instructors like Rob Percival.

Like the previous two courses, you will also learn about iOS 12 features, Xcode 10 & Swift 4 to make real iOS 12 apps like Uber and Instagram, with CoreML & ARKit, the machine learning and augmented reality API from Apple.

It also includes AWS Credits and some graphics and apps material to create your own professional iOS 12 apps and launch on AppStore.

In short, an excellent course to learn iOS 12, but most of the lessons are from their iOS 11 version, and you may find them here and there. Talking about social proof, the course also got on average 4.5 ratings from close to 9000 students, which is excellent.

4. The 10 Day iPhone App Bootcamp - NEW iOS 12 and Xcode 10

This one is also an excellent course to learn iOS 12 and Swift 4 and become an iOS developer. The instructor Nick Walter has done a great job in explaining iOS concepts from ground zero to more advanced topics like machine learning in just 10 days.

The time condition makes this course really interesting, all you need is 2 to 3 hours daily to work along with the course, and in 10 days, you will have your own iOS app in Apple's app store.

It's not as comprehensive as previous courses and contains just 12 hours of material, but still, it teaches you iOS and programming from zero experience.

If you can connect with Nick, then you will enjoy this course and your journey to becoming an iOS developer in 2021.

The course also has, on average, 4.7 ratings from close to 3000 students, which is impressive.

best courses to learn iOS and Swift in 2019

5. iOS 12: Learn to Code & Build Real iOS Apps in Swift

This is another course to learn iOS on Udemy. Like all the courses in this list, this one also teaches Swift 4, XCode 10, and iOS 12. The course starts by explaining the basics of Swift 4 programming and then moves to the fundamentals of how to create an app for iOS.

But, it not just covers the basics but also advanced technologies like machine learning using Core ML2 and Augmented reality using ARkit 2, which are some of the cool features of iOS 12.

The course is co-authored by instructors Caleb Stultz and Jonathan Burgoyne. Both instructors are very enthusiastic and bright. The course is also professional, and you won't feel bored or went to sleep watching lessons.

The course also has, on average, 4.6 ratings from close to 2000 students, which is not bad, given Angela Yu's course's popularity.

Top 5 iOS Developer Course to learn iOS 12 and Swift 4 in 2019

That's all about some of the best online courses to learn iOS 14 and Swift 5 for iPhone and iPad application development. These are the truly best iOS courses from Udemy, Pluralsight which you can join in 2021. You can create iOS apps, games, tools, and much more by learning through these courses. You can join many organizations looking for trustworthy iOS developers to work with them.

Again out of these 5, my first favorite is the first one, "iOS & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp" and I highly recommend you join that course if you want to become an iOS 12 developer in 2021.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these iOS13 and Swift 5 courses, then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are looking for free online training courses to learn iOS and Swift programming language then you can also see my list of free iOS and Swift courses for Programmers, which contains a lot of free courses to learn both iOS and Swift programming language to create awesome apps which you can use to make your technology portfolio.

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