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Hello guys, if you are not living under the rock, you would have definitely heard about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is one of the most in-demand skills, and there are not many people out there. If you want to learn Blockchain and related technologies like Etherium, Solidity, Hyperledger, etc. and are looking for Blockchain training courses and certification, you have come to the right place. But, before that, let get a quick overview of what Blockchain is and why it's popular, and why you should learn Blockchain in 2022.

Blockchain is nothing but a set of blocks open for anyone and contains information, the block's hash, and some other info. Every block will store data depending on its work. For instance, if that block is used for money transactions, it will store the information of the sender and receiver and the amount of money that is transferred.

There are many uses of the Blockchain, not just transferring money as an example, such as online voting because this is a more secure way and stock trading, food production, and more, just to name a few.

Many companies now see that the Blockchain is the future technology they should adapt to a more secure way of dealing with users. The salary for a blockchain developer can be $68k annually and can reach up to $150k for expert developers.

After reading this small introduction about the Blockchain, you will see some online courses and certification recommendations to help you become a blockchain developer and make the work better and more secure.

In the past, I have shared free courses to learn Blockchain. Today, in this article, I will share the best Blockchain certifications and online courses to learn Blockchain programming from UdemyCourseraPluralsight, and other websites.

6 Best Blockchain Certifications & Online Courses in 2022

Without wasting any more of your time, here is a list of the best online courses and certifications you can take to become a Blockchain developer in 2022. These are the best online training course to learn Blockchain, and it not only covers the theory part but also shows you how to create a Blockchain project step by step with real-world code.

1. Blockchain Specialization [Best Coursera Courses and Certification]

Moving to extensive courses that will teach you as a beginner to an advanced level of Blockchain and how to create smart contracts and secure channels developing decentralized applications, you could take this specialization in Coursera.

If you like the Coursera learning platform, then this is the best Coursera Specialization to learn Blockchain. If you don't, Coursera Specizliation is a collection of courses and projects, and after completing them, you will receive a Blockchain certification.

Start as usual by the concepts of blockchain cryptography, then create smart contracts that let the user define some rules. When that rules are met, it will execute some codes and then develop a decentralized application and much more to do.

You will learn in this course:
  • The Blockchain basics.
  • Creating smart contracts.
  • Developing a decentralized application.
After completing this Blockchain specialization on Coursera, you will also learn a certification to add to your CV or put on your LinkedIn profile. 

By the way, if you find Coursera specialization and certifications useful, then you should also join the Coursera Plus, a subscription plan from Coursera which provides you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specialization, professional certificate, and guided projects. It cost around $399/year, but it's completely worth your money as you get unlimited certificates.

best Blockchain Certification from Coursera

2. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional [CEBP - Best Blockchain Certification]

This is another comprehensive online course and training program to become an enterprise-level Blockchain Professional. It's a 4-week program with 3 to 4 sessions each week to learn Blockchain in-depth with proof of work and become a certified Blockchain developer.

Here are the key things you will learn in this program:
  • understand the core concepts of Blockchain technology and its ecosystem
  • learn how to approach the blockchain implementation
  • learn up-to-date tools to become an effective Blockchain professional
  • pubic and private Blockchains
  • how to create smart contracts
This course is a bit expensive at $397, but it's trusted by many organizations like IBM, Capgemini, Cisco, Cognizant, and other industry players, which makes it worthy of joining. Due to the current global situation, they are also offering a 30% discount now. 

If you are joining this course, you can also use our coupon code BCHIAN30 to get a 30% discount as gratitude from our side, thanks to 101 Blockchain.  You will also get a certification as shown below, which you'd use to add in your Resume of LinkedIn profile to showcase your Blockchain skills and experience. 

best online Blockchain Certification for beginners

3. Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide [Udemy Best Course]

If you like Udemy courses hen this is the best Udemy course to learn Blockchain. This course is designed for programmers that have a solid understanding of javascript and npm because you will be exploring step by step how to create the code and every bit of syntax to make sure that you fully understand what you are doing.

You will learn in this course:
  • Learn concepts about Blockchain and Ethereum.
  • Build, design, and deploy your application.
  • Create secure smart contracts.
You will start by exploring what Ethereum cryptocurrency is and some concepts, then move to the code phase and start implementing javascript to create the smart contract with solidity building interactive front-end infrastructure of the project deploying your app, and much more.

Top 5 Online Courses to learn Blockchain - Best Blockchain Certifications

4. Blockchain A-Z™: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain [Udemy Course]

This is another comprehensive and hands-on course to learn Blockchain from Udemy. Completing and developing secure blockchain technology with another class that will teach you how to Blockchain and understands cryptocurrency transactions' theory.

Starting with some theoretical lessons on what the Blockchain is, how it works, the cryptography fundamentals. You will begin the environment development by installing the environment on your machine, creating intelligent contracts design, developing a decentralized application, and finally deploying your app.

You will learn in this course:
  • Theoretical lessons on the Blockchain.
  • Develop your own smart contract and Blockchain.
  • Create your own Cryptocurrency
In short, one of the best courses to understand what is Blockchain and how whole cryptocurrency things work. This course was created by Kirill Eremenko and his SuperDataScience team, behind many excellent Machine learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence courses.

best Udemy course to learn Blockchain

5. Blockchain — Principles and Practices [Best Pluralsight Course]

This is one of the best Pluralsight courses to learn Blockchain. Developers who have a solid understanding of the C# programming language and want to develop blockchain technology, then I highly recommend starting with this Pluralsight course as a beginner then moving to more advanced courses.

Starting by understanding the cryptography that protects the user's identity and ensures a secure transaction, then moving on to how to store one single transaction inside a block then how to do it with multiple transactions. You will also learn how to like blocks together and avoid block tampering and more.

You will learn in this course:
  • Understanding the cryptography used in Blockchain.
  • Adding multiple transactions into one block.
  • Link the blocks together to create the Blockchain.
Btw, you would need a Pluralsight membership to watch this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year. If you don't have a Pluralsight subscription, I highly recommend you get one as it's excellent for learning and provides access to more than 7000+ online courses on the latest technology. Alternatively, you can also take their 10-day-free-trial to access this course for free.

best Pluralsight course to learn Blockchain

6. Learning Blockchain Development with EOS and C++

The last targeted C++ developers to create a solid blockchain technology designing and deploying smart contracts and learning the dApp ecosystem.

Using different libraries inside your code will start with a refresher of the C++ programming language fundamentals and then build the blockchain Etherum technology and the decentralized application, and much more.

You will learn in this course:
  • Learn the basics of Blockchain.
  • Learn how to code using the C++ language.
  • Building the decentralized app.

7. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) [Best Blockchain Certification for Experienced]

This is another popular Blockchain Certification from 101 Academy, designed for professionals who want to become Blockchain Architects. If you want to learn more about Blockchain architecture and advanced concepts related to Blockchain development, this certification is perfect. 

Here are the main things you will learn in this certification course:

1. How to use Blockchain in the real world and choose the right Blockchain system based on your client's need.

2. What is Etherium, when to use Etherium?

3. What is Hyperledge Fabric and when to use it?

4. What is R3 Corda, and how and when do you use it?

This course is ideal for solution architects, software architects,s and software engineers, application developers, I.T. administrators, or anyone wanting to obtain the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification.

It's very well priced for pricing, and you can enroll now for just $299. You can also use code BCHAIN30 to get a 30% discount. It may sound a bit pricy, but it is definitely worth it. It's one of the rare Blockahin certifications for software architects and experienced developers. 

Best blockchain certification for experienced developers

That's all about the best Blockchain courses and certifications in 2022 which you can join to learn Blockchain in depth. Blockchain isn't just a way for sending secure money. Still, it is used for other things such as monitoring supply chains or for people who want to control their digital identity, which means that they can access financial services in the poor regions in this world. 

I have also tried to include online courses to learn Etherium and solidity and add more courses on hyper ledger fabric shortly to make this list more comprehensive and valuable. If you guys like, please suggest in the comments. 

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Thanks for reading this article so far. Please share these best Blockchain online courses and certifications for beginners in 2022 with your friends and colleagues if you find them useful. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P.S. - If you are keen to learn about Blockchain and how to create your own Blockchain and smart contracts, but you are looking for free online training courses to start with, you can also check out this Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and  Blockchain course on Udemy. It's completely free, and you just need an Udemy account to watch this course, which is also free.

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