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Monday, June 15, 2020

Top 5 Books and Courses to Crack Oracle's Java SE 11 Certification | OCAJP 11 1Z0-815 and OCPJP 11 1Z0-816, 1Z0-817

Hello guys, if you are preparing for the OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815)  or OCPJP 11 (1z0-816) exam and looking for some advice on preparation then you have come to the right place. The Java SE 11 Certification is one of the toughest of Java certification at the developer level. It's much harder than OCAJP 8, it's predecessor, and some of the programmers who have attempted it calling it even harder than the professional-level certification like OCPJP 8. In order to crack Java SE 11 certification, you need to prepare hard, but, at the same time, you also need to know which areas you should focus on. What topics should you spend more time on and which books and courses can help you to learn those essential topics?

The feedback I got from most of the developers who have given Java SE 11 certification (half of them have failed) is that Java Module System is a crucial topic, and since they have never really used modules, they really struggle to answer those questions.

Another important thing I learned from feedback is that questions are more in-depth and confusing than the previous Java SE 8 certification exam. You need to know a couple of concepts to answer a single question, and multiple answers questions are tough to get it right.

Before I share my recommended books for this exam, I want to tell you about a critical change that is made into Java certification and which is worth knowing. There is no "Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer" title anymore.

In fact, you won't get any title if you pass either OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815) or OCPJP 11 (1Z0--816) exam, you will only get the title "Oracle Certified Java SE 11 Programmer" if you pass both the exam in any order.

There is another exam, 1Z0-817, Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer exam, for Java programmers who have already passed Java SE 8 certification like OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 or any previous versions up to Java SE 6 like OCAJP7 or OCAJP6. They can give this single exam to upgrade their Java certification to Java SE 11. It's also not easy, but at least you just need to pass one exam to get the title instead of passing two exams.

Now that you know the changes made in the OCAJP 11 exam let's focus on what books you can read and which online training courses you can join to prepare for this exam.

Best Books & Courses for OCAJP 11 and OCPJP 11

If you look at the exam topics, you will find that the syllabus is very similar to OCAJP 8 exam, except for the module part, which was introduced in Java 9, but when you go to the real exam, the questions are much tougher.

This means you really need to have in-depth knowledge of Java 8 concepts and other concepts that are introduced in Java 9, Java 10, and Java 11, particularly Modularity. Another problem is that the syllabus is broad and vague this time around, which means you need to prepare a lot more than just exam topics.

Based upon that, here are a couple of books and online courses you can read and join to prepare well for your Java SE 11 certification, also knowns an OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815), OCPJP 11(1Z0-816), OCP 11 upgrade exam (1Z0-817) or simply OCP 11 on Java development community.

1. Java SE 11 Study guide by Hanumant Deshmukh

At the time of writing this article, this is the only study guide available for Java SE 11 certification. Based upon my own experience of passing multiple Java certification, A study guide is must, and you are lucky to have one available to you, a big thanks to Hanumant Deshmukh for putting together this guide.

It is closely aligned to exam topics but also goes a step further to explain the topic in-depth even if it involved exploring some other related concepts.

Every chapter is full of quizzes and exercise, and color-coding really makes it easy to look into the code, I certainly prefer colored-code in books :-) Hanumant has also shared useful exam tips for candidates like how to eliminate answers, which is really important for answering multiple answer question.

If you can combine this book with The Complete Java Masterclass course on Udemy you will be in good shape to pass this exam. This course also covers the Java Module system, which is an essential topic for this certification.

Top 5 Books to Crack Oracle's Java SE 11 Certificaiton (OCAJP 11 1Z0-815 and OCPJP 11 1Z0-816, 1Z0-817)

Another thing you can do is to combine this book and course with the Whizlabs's Java SE 11 Practice test.  It has more than 600+ questions and will give some real-life experience in solving questions with the difficulty level of Java 11 certification.

It will also be a good test for your speed and accuracy, which is very important if you want to pass the exam in the first attempt with an excellent score. This is the combination I am suggesting to my reader, who wants to pass Java SE 11 certification.

2. Java SE 11 certification Study guide

This is another Java SE 11 certification study guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff, two of the best-selling authors when it comes to Java certification guide.  This book is now available.

If you have read Jeanne and Scott's OCAJP Certification guide, then you know how good they are. Their guides have now become a standard part of the Java SE 11 certification kit as almost all the developers I spoke who passed Java SE 8 exam mentioned there book.

If you are target date is December this year of early next year, you can also buy this study guide to prepare for your OCAJP 11 certification guide. Along with this guide, you can also use Udyan Khatr's Java Certification (1Z0-815) Exam Simulation mock test on Udemy (480 questions) for the best results.

best book to prepare for Java SE 11 Certification

This book is for people who want to sore high on Java SE 11 certification and want to learn Java Modularity in depth. The book provides in-depth coverage of what is Java's Module system and how you can benefit from it. It also has a lot of examples and migration strategies for application who wants to use Modules.

Since modules are a big part of both Java SE 11 certification exams, I mean OCAJP 11 (1Z0-815) and OCPJP 11 (1Z0-816), you just can't ignore the topic. In fact, Jeanne Boyarsky, author of the Java SE 11 Certification guide, read this book to pass both OCP 11 certification this year.

Since Modules are an essential concept for Java developer, you can read this book even if you are not preparing for certification, but if you are, then you should definitely read this book.

best book to learn Java Module System

4. What's New in Java 11 course by Sander Mak

This is a concise course that covers the most important updates from Java 11. There are similar courses like What's New in Java 8, What's New in Java 9, and What's New in Java 10, which covers updates made in those Java versions.

If you are preparing for certification, I strongly suggest you go through these series of courses to get an overview of the most important concepts and features released in the recent Java version.

This is another excellent book on Modularity from none other than Sander Mak, instructor of some of the best Java courses on Pluralsight and a Java Champion. This book is very similar to Nicholas Parlog's book, but I find it easier to read.

I mean both are excellent books, choose the one where you connect to the author, just read the preview of these books on Amazon and you will find it out yourself. For me, this book was better suited because of I already like Sander Mak's courses and familiar with his teaching style.

He also has a course called Java 9 Modularity: First Look on Pluralsight, if you find some of the topic confusing and hard to understand, check out this course, it would be much easier to grasp this concept using a course than reading a book.

top book to learn Java Modularity

That's all about some of the best books and courses to crack Oracle's Java SE 11 Certification or OCAJP 11, OCPJP 11, and OCP 11. As I have said, it's one of the tough Java certifications I have attended so far, and you really need to prepare hard to pass this exam. Though, if you want to score high, I suggest you to consistently practice Whizlabs and Enthuware's Practice exams, they will help you to really score high in your exam.

Other Certification Resources for IT Professionals and Java Programmers

Thanks for reading this article so far. If these books helped you to pass the Java SE 11 certification, then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are new to Java and looking for a comprehensive course to learn Java in depth which is both useful for a job and get this certification then I highly recommend you check out The Complete Java Masterclass course on Udemy. It's one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses to learn Java and covers new features of Java from recent releases.


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Is it fine to complete Java 8 associate exam and appear for Java 11 professional exam? We are getting an upgrade from associate to professional level as well as a version upgrade from 8 to 11.

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@Anonymous, yes, that's absolutely fine and many Java developer go that route given difficulty level of Java SE 11 Associate exam

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