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Top 5 Courses to learn Full Stack Development with Python in 2020 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, If you are a Python programmer and looking to become a full-stack developer using Python programming language then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share 5 best online courses you can join to become a full-stack Python developer in 2020. There is a huge demand for the full-stack developers and there are not many with Python skills, which means a huge opportunity for Python developers.  The full-stack web development is an extended-term that covers different stages of software development like coding, project management, front-end also the back-end technologies, database management systems, and much more.

The front-end technology is the outside covers that the visitor will interact with such as a button on the website or in other words the user interface that will face you when you see website pages.

On the other hand, the back-end technology is what’s going on inside that website when you interact with like when you sign up the website will register your info inside that server or when you use the search bar it will execute some queries to return that exact item that you are looking for.

In the past, I have shared best courses to learn Python 3, Django, Flask, and Data Science and in this blog post, you will see some of the best courses of python for full-stack web development that used to create the back-end of the website and also the front-end so it will be a complete website from scratch.

5 Best Courses to become a Full-stack Python Developer 

Without wasting any more of your time, here is the list of best online courses you can join to become a full-stack Python developer in 2020. These online training courses cover popular Python web development frameworks like Django, Flask, and Web2Py and also contain project-based courses where you will learn by actually building projects and websites using Python.

1. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

This course is designed to be for a beginner with no background experience either for python in order to use Django for the back-end development or the front-end programming languages like the HTML, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and more.

You will see in that udemy course:
  • Front-end technologies such as HTML, JQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript.
  • Back-end technologies such as Django.
  • Build a complete website from scratch.
The course is available on Udemy with more than 32 hours of video content and will walk you through many practical exercises like creating the admin dashboard and how to integrate the front-end with the back-end so it will be a complete sophisticated website.

Top 5 Courses to learn Full Stack Development with Python - Best of Lot

2. Full-stack web development and AI with Python (Django)

If you have no hand experience in python or the front-end languages and you want a quick introduction about them and jump to the full-stack web development then this is the right course for you.

You will see in that Udemy course:
  • Use the Django framework to build the back-end of your website.
  • How to use AWS hosting and integrate it with your website.
  • Learn and use data science, AI, deep learning algorithms inside your website.
The course walks you first on a python introductory then jump into how to use Django framework alongside with front-end technologies. It will show you how to integrate AI algorithms inside your website and data science libraries to make an analysis inside your website which are rare skills to have.

 Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp best udemy course

3. Full Stack Web Development with Python (WEB2PY)

Python has many frameworks to use in full-Stack web development and one of the easiest frameworks to work with is WEB2PY. So if you want to learn this framework consider taking the Full Stack Web Development with Python (WEB2PY) course on Pluralsight.

You will see in that Pluralsight course:
  • Build good design web pages.
  • Design application and databases.
  • Relational database concepts.
The course shows you how to create a fully functional website with just these frameworks since it has all that you need to learn full-stack web development because it includes a web server, admin, bootstrap, and SQLite database. So you don’t have to study front-end and back-end separately to build a complex website.

Btw, you would need a Pluralsight membership to access this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per annum (14% discount). This is a good investment as you will get access to more than 7000 online courses on latest technology but if you want, you can also take their 10-day free trial to access this course for FREE.

best Pluralsight course to learn Full stack web development using Python

4. Python Full Stack Web Development with Google Cloud Platform

If you want to learn python full-stack web development using the flask framework then you are in the right place. The course is designed for intermediate level so you need to take some python introductory course in order to complete with the instructor.

You will see in that udemy course:
  • Built a real-life party web application using the Flask framework.
  • Using Google Cloud Storage, API.
  • Using Mongo DB to store data.
You will develop in this masterclass a social web application such as Facebook and Twitter and you will see how to collect that data inside MongoDB and how to use google location APIs then how to use google cloud service.

best Udemy course to learn Full stack web development using Python

5. Django 3 - Full Stack Websites with Python Web Development

If you want to learn how to create back-end with Django and a front-end with only one programming language then Django 3 - Full-stack Websites with Python is the right course that you take.

You will learn the following things in this Udemy course
  • How to use the Django 3 framework to create the back-end.
  • How to publish your website online with Python Anywhere
  • How to create 3 stunning websites using Python.
The course shows you how to combine Python with frontend technologies into a complete website using the power of HTML 5CSS 3, and Bootstrap 4 as a front-end to create a rich interactive user experience.

Finally, you’ll create a full functional TODO list manager website where users can create accounts where frontend is coded using standard web technologies and back-end Python code.

best online course to learn Django 3

That's all about the best courses to learn Full Stack Development with Python. There is no dearth of powerful libraries for creating websites using Python programming language. Libraries like Django 3, Flask and Web2Py really makes it easy to create a fully functional web application using Python programing language.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you find these full-stack development courses with Python useful then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are keen on learning full-stack Development using Python but looking for free online training courses to learn Django, Flask and other Python web development frameworks then I suggest you start with - Django for Beginners (Free Course) course on Udemy. It's completely free, all you need is a free Udemy account to join this course.

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