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CodeCademy vs Udemy vs OneMonth - Which Platform Beginners should Choose to Learn Coding?

Online learning, particularly online courses, has completely changed the way people learn things as whoever I speak from beginner to professionals; everyone seems to prefer learning online. This is a nice change, but, with so many choices available, there is also a lot of confusion which often pops up when I discuss with my readers. One question which has been keeping coming in the past is which platform to choose for learning online? CodeCademy, Udemy, or OneMonth? Well, there are many other platforms like Coursera, Pluralsight, and Lynda, but I will keep this discussion on these three because they are the most popular ones, and they also represent three different types of learning to offer online.

Sometimes the questions change a bit, and Youtube also comes into the picture, but I won't go there just now. The credit to create an online learning platform does go to Youtube, but it's just too broad a platform. You will find the resource to learn almost anything there, but I generally use Youtube for entertainment than for serious learning.

Coming back to the original question, which one to choose between CodeCademy, Udemy, and OneMonth? Well, the answer depends upon your goal. What do you want to learn, and why? How much time you have in hand, and what is your budget? Though, budget matters less because all three are quite affordable.

Udemy vs CodeCademy vs OneMonth

Without wasting any more time, let's deep dive into each of these three online learning platforms for programmers and figure out their pros and cons to compare which platform is better for beginners and experienced programmers.

All online learning platform like Udemy, Codecademy and Onemont have their own unique advantage and disadvantage in terms of price, learning experience, type of courses, instructor quality, and better support, you will learn about their strength and weakness to make an informed choice when it comes to learning new skills and programming languages, framework and technology online.

1. CodeCademy

Let's start with CodeCademy, which is the best platform for interactive learning. I first come to know about that site when I was learning JavaScript, and I was impressed with its interactive teaching, where you can just type and get feedback in a browser.

Codecademy has grown since then and now offers several online courses to learn Web Development, Programming, Design, Data Science, and much more. They also have language-specific courses to learn HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby, and C++.

They have many skill paths that are focused on skill-based learning. It provides a short roadmap to help you master a new job-ready skill. Some of the examples are Analyze Data with SQL and Analyze Data with Python.

Another good thing about CodeCademy is that they also have some exciting career paths like Code Foundations, Computer Science, Data Science, where you will not just learn a programming language or tool but a skill. For example, there Computer Science path will teach you Python, Data Structure, Command-Line and Git, a pretty decent curriculum for beginners.

So, if you prefer path-based or skill-based and interactive learning, CodeCademy is the right choice, and to get the best out of CodeCademy, I suggest you join their Pro Plan, which costs around just $15.99/mo, very affordable, might just be two days worth of your snacks.

CodeCademy vs Udemy vs OneMonth - Which Platform Beginners should Choose to Learn Coding?

2. Udemy

This is my favorite place to learn new things, it's more like a Youtube because you can learn almost anything. It also has the biggest collection of online courses on the planet.

This works best for people who already know something and have a knack of self-learning. For example, if you want to learn Web Development, there are many great courses to choose, like The Web Developer BootCamp by Colt Steele.

Not just programming, but you will find all kinds of courses in Udemy and that too at a very affordable price. Most of the classes I have bought has cost me just $10, which is probably the lowest you pay for something valuable.

Pricing is another advantage for Udemy because unlike CodeCademy which works on a subscription model and cost around $16 per month for the 12-month subscription you can just buy a course here and keep with you for a lifetime in Udemy like I bought The Python 3 Bootcamp by Jose Portilla last year which I still go and refer and watch many times on the go.

Udemy vs CodeCademy

3. One Month

Since I have mentioned beginner in the title, the discussion will be from there point of view. If you are someone who wants to learn to code in Python, Ruby, HTML, and JavaScript in a code-focused and guided way, then one month is probably the best platform.

At One Month, you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python in just one month; in a bootcamp style teaching, which costs only a fraction of the money compared to in-person bootcamp classes.

Each online bootcamp also comes with access to their Slack channel, one-to-one coding support, some real-world projects. The also give homework with deadlines like due every Sunday night and provide personal mentoring.

This is serious learning, much like a real Bootcamp but at a much lower price. So, if your goal is to learn Python or learn Ruby in one month,  I just you to join Learn Python in One Month course, you won't look back. It's perfect if you need some push with your learning.

Udemy vs OneMonth vs CodeCademy for learn to code

That's all about CodeCademy vs. Udemy vs. OneMonth and which site a beginner should choose for his learning. As I have told, it totally depends upon what you want to learn. Udemy has courses to learn almost anything, but there is no one-to-one mentoring coding support and deadlines.

CodeCademy offers a career path and skill-based learning, but OneMonth provides the one-to-one support a beginner needs when they first start their journey.

There are other platforms as well, like Coursera, which provides well structured, academic like learning experience with much lower cost and Pluralsight, which is like Udemy but with a subscription model.

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