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Friday, February 25, 2022

How to Prepare for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam in 2024

Hello guys, if you are preparing for the Google Cloud Network Engineer exam or want to become a Google Certified Engineer in 2024 then you have come to the right place.  In the past, I have shared the best Google Cloud Platform courses as well many more resources to prepare for Google cloud Digital Leader, Google Cloud Developer, Google Cloud Data Engineer, and other exams and in this article, we are going to discuss a step by step guide to prepare for Google Cloud Network Engineer certification. This guide not only gives you information about the actual exam but also shares useful resources like books, online courses, and mock tests, both free and paid which you can take to prepare well for this exam. 

2024 is the current year. And, I've been with people who've been selected by Google in many roles. By being close to these workers, it made me know what an individual should need to clear any exam related to Google. 

I will guide you throughout this article about how to clear the famous Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam. This article is brief but comprehensive, it's not dull-witted. 


How to Prepare for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam in 2024

This article is for people who have completed their main study. Yet, no worries, this article is also inevitable to freshers.

1. What is Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam? 
A Google Cloud Network Engineer maintains the network in Google Cloud. The Engineer would work with a team of experts who design the networking. Some of the engineer's responsibility is to maintain & monitor the Google Cloud Network, VPCs, security, etc. 

Visit the link for further information - link:
How to Prepare for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

2. Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam Question Pattern

  • Certification name: Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Exam fee: $200
  • Language: English only
  • Question type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  • Certification validation: 2 years
  • Total number of questions: 50
  • Pass score: 70% 
  • Prerequisites: None
I would strongly recommend you to have a bachelor's degree in information management or computer science or a typical computer science degree become you take this. As this would help you get a better point of view. 

3. Syllabus of Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

The candidates can get the complete syllabus by clicking here -link:
  • Design & prototype of GCP network & hybrid network.
  • VPC designing
  •  IP address pan.
  • Configuring and tasking VPC. 
  • Firewalls log management.
  • Load and cloud CDN and DNS management. 
  • Interconnecting, configuring security. 
  • Monitor and control network and its optimization. 

4. How difficult is Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam? 

So far, we've discovered the structure of the exam. Now the main question is - is Google Cloud Network Engineer exam hard? 

Yes, it's hard for people who aren't prepared well. You should take this exam only if you have prepared well. The Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam questions are challenging. The difficulty of this exam is brain-draining and requires time management ability. Hence, it's a hard shell to crack.

Yet, with a proper guide and discipline, you can make it. In the following of this article, I'll take you to various junctions to guide you. 

5. Do cloud network engineers need code? 

One of the questions asked to me by friends is “did you learn to code to crack this exam?”. 

But, the answer the Not exactly necessary. Cloud engineers don't just use the old codes. They have a specific type of code to learn. 
Hence, candidates must learn what is necessary. Don't focus on all coding languages. 

6. Best Resources to prepare for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

As I've mentioned earlier, I'll be helping you with best of all time courses, videos, books, other resources in the following. So, keep reading!

6.1. Best 3 courses for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam 

Courses are the ABCDs in helping you understand the basics. It gives you an idea of what the exam is all about. 

#1. Ultimate Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer 2024
Get general knowledge of this exam if you're a fresher. The primary context is explained well. 

It has a good texture. The classes are aligned based on the well-defined theory part, which covers the syllabus with hands-on practice. 
The content is really good but it is not good enough for the exam. The updating process of this course is still going on. 
I would recommend you to just take this course but not completely rely on it. Because the concepts are basic, overview, superficial. 


#2. Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Network Engineer Professional Certificate

The candidates are recommended to enroll in this course for hands-on practice. 

What you'll learn:
  • How to suit up for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam
  • Learn how to implement VPCs, hybrid connectivity, network services, and security.
  • Know the purpose of the Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification and its relationship to other Google Cloud certifications


#3. Google Cloud Certified Professional Network Engineer

A supportive course to enrich your mind. By taking this course, You'll also have the opportunity to practice key job skills using various cloud applications. 
The course is divided and subdivided into 3 sections

• Learn the Core Infrastructure of the Google cloud network. 
• Learn to manage the Hybrid Connectivity and Network. 
• Finally, get Hands-On Practice.


Must watch networking courses!

• Dynamic VPN Gateways - Cloud Routers

• Dynamic VPN Gateways - Cloud Routers

• Multiple VPC Networks

Plenty of qwiklabs courses is available. Therefore, take as many courses as you can. 

6.2. Watch 2 great videos for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Not only books, courses. I'm here with some great videos too. Videos are my evergreen favorites due to their availability and accessibility to everyone and anyone. YouTube videos are no lesser than courses. 

#1. Google Cloud Network Professional Certification Playlist by - Jaroslav Pantsjoha
#2. VPC Deep Dive and Best Practices

This YouTube course teaches you
  • Google Cloud networking
  • Cloud networking for hybrid enterprise
  • load balancing
  • VPC
  • kubernetes
  • Cluster sharing

Make sure you watch out for these videos. 


6.3. Best 3 Books for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Having a hard copy of your subject is always helpful. Though so many books are available for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam, you should be updated with upcoming important books because the previous information of any subject may become outdated. 

#1. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer Guide 

Design, Implement, Manage, and Secure a Network Architecture in Google Cloud
Book by Maurizio Ipsale and Mirko Gilioli


#2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer: Exam Cram Notes - First Edition - 2021

This book has completed the exam blueprint with solid notes. It provides you a quick view of concepts based on the certification exams since it is convenient to use and access. 


#3. Professional Cloud Network Engineer Google Cloud Certified Workbook (Gcpn) Exam Questions And Answers

It has a series set of topics that are covered elaborately. The questions are arranged in the syllabus order. You can find every question which is really difficult to answer. It's really a challenging set of series. If you can answer almost all of those questions v available in this book, the week is done! You've prepared well!


6.4. Best 3 Practice Test series for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

I'm a person who believes in practice than a stock of books and a pile of courses. In such a case, I've hand-picked some best tests manually. I want you to give it a try. How about taking a free test before purchasing the exam? Yes, you heard it right. The given 3 Practice Tests are completely free ones. 

Before we get on to the free test series, take a look at sample questions. So, familiarise yourself with the sample questions. 


#1. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Whizlabs provides you a high-quality level of questions. In this, I've hand-picked manually the best tests of it. It has 170 Questions and 32 Videos. You can access the 20 questions for free. 
By the end of this test, you'll be confidential to clear the exam.


#2. Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer (GCP)

Test prep training offers you 3 types of formats to boost your knowledge. 
Firstly, it has a free test of 5 questions. 
Secondly and lastly, it has paid practical exams with 460 questions. 
These tests help you to gauge your skill.


#3. GCP – Professional Cloud Network Engineer Free Practice Test

This simulator has three sets of tests. You'll get the result at the end of the three. 
Things you've to remember are
  • There might be single or multiple answers. Choose wisely
  • Questions are tricky
  • Maintain your time conveniently. 

7. Other useful resources for Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Many topics are awaiting to crack the exam. Courses, books are just not enough. You've to know many things. I'll cover those in this part. 

7.1. Training

You should need proper training if you're a beginner. There are so many platforms out there to train. Yet, nothing can match the official site. 
Explore it now!


7.2. Whitepapers

Read out the important guidelines and other details from the link. 


7.3. Cheatsheet

Cheat sheets are worth spending time in it. It helps you understand the motive of this exam and other various aspects.



7.4. Prep sheet


8. Common Doubts in Google Cloud Network Engineer Exam for Aspirants

8.1. Can network Engineers become cloud Engineers?

This is a fascinating question. Many network engineers start their careers as cloud network Engineers, and they further move on and enter the fields of cloud computing. All you need to do is to develop knowledge of AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP. If you're interested and ready to put the interest into the effort, definitely you can!

8.2. What code should I learn to be a Google Cloud Network Engineer? 

Most of today's youngsters aren't much aware of this fact. In order to get an effective job, they try to learn everything, instead of focusing on the main thing. You must not do the mistake of learning all programming languages. Learning all computer languages is appreciable and useful too, but not for this exam. Put your maximum focus on Phyton or Go. 

8.3. What's the salary of the cloud network engineer? 

According to the 2021's report, the average salary of an Indian is 7-8 lakhs per annum. And it's pretty sure that the demand for this certificate and job will definitely raise in the upcoming era. Google aces with FAQs on its official page which would be worth sharing. 


9. Why choose to be a Google Cloud Network Engineer? 

GCP-PCNE helps you in achieving your desired pay-check digit in a short period. Because of its role in companies, GCP-PCNE is in demand. Another advantage is - shortage. Due to the switching of banks, equity funds to the cloud, employers are looking for the ones who are well-versed in networking. 

It's always better to have a certificate comprised of experience. You must know to put your knowledge into practice when it comes to working. 

10. To Wrap up: 

Google Cloud Network Engineer is one of the toughest exams of all other Google certifications. Though many certifications are available, Google Cloud certifications make you stand out. It lets you showcase yourself in the market that you're eligible for what they're looking for. 

Furthermore, acquiring 2-3 certifications under your belt provides you with job security, and developing networking skills in your belt will obviously make you feel professional. 

At last, the certificate is just a “piece of paper” and what's most required is the knowledge you developed while earning it. 

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