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Review - Is Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course on Worth it?

Hello friends, if you are looking for an object oriented design interview course or wondering whether you should join Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview on Educative, you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared several Object oriented design courses, books, and OOP design interview questions and today we are gonna review a course that focuses on OOP Design! Object Oriented  Design is very important in software development as OOP is the most popular way to solve real world problem using code but its even more important when we are considering interviews! Many companies including big 3, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, they all put high importance on candidates design skill including object oriented design and that's where Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview course helps. 

Grokking the Object Oriented Design course is very engaging and interview course, It not only teach you how to solve common OOP design problems but also gives you all the tools, techniques and mindset you need to solve real world challenges using object oriented way. So what's the wait? Let's start!

This course is offered by one of my favorite learning platform, It's relatively new online learning platform particularly to learn technology and in- demand tech skills when you compare with Udemy, Coursera, and Pluralsight but it has impressed me a lot in short span of time due to its Grokking courses like Grokking the System Design and Grokking the Coding Interview Patterns.

These are the courses which provides immense value to anyone preparing for coding interviews. Instead of you just memorize questions and solutions these courses teaches you real tools, techniques and pattern identification skills to solve many unseen real world problems.

The good thing about Educative is that it gives you choice, you can either buy these courses individual or you can join their Educative unlimited program which gives you unlimited access to all of their 350+ highly interactive coding courses and you can get all of this for just $14.9 per month on their annual plan, which makes Educative totally worth it.  I highly recommend this Educative Unlimited plan to anyone preparing for coding interviews 

Anyway, let's see the detailed review of Grokking the OOP Design Interview course on Educative. 

Review of Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course on Is it Worth it?

Review of Grokking the OOP Design Interview course On

Writing object-oriented programming over monolithic code became popular in the 1990s, although the history of OOP goes back much further. SIMULA 1 and Simula 67, both introduced in the early 1960s, were the first object-oriented languages. 

The languages were created by two researchers at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo, Norway, Ole-John Dahl, and Kristen Nygaard. However, Smalltalk, a language created by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC in the early 1970s, was the first to implement OOP as we know it today. 

Smalltalk is generally credited with bringing the OOP paradigm into the public, although OOP didn't gain widespread acceptance until the early 1990s when C++ was released along with a bunch of other languages adding support for OOP.

To be honest, the only time I was asked an OOP question throughout my years of interviewing in the Bay Area and abroad was at AppDynamics (bought by Cisco) and Box. For years, "create an elevator" has been a common ask at Box. FANGs and other major tech companies aren't renowned for asking these kinds of inquiries. In fact, they appear to be more popular among Indian IT firms than among US firms

The purpose of OOP design questions is to assess a candidate's thoughtfulness and analytical abilities. Let's assume you're given the task of designing a Car class. Depending on the application, you'd take a different approach to design. 

If you were developing a class for a car repair business, you'd probably split down the Car idea into several dozen constituent classes like tire, seat, and engine. Then there's more, depending on the component's complexity; for example, the engine class might include hundreds of objects that make up an engine.

The interview questions are in general is highly open-ended and does not contribute much value to assessing a candidate's qualifications for a job. Only the most unimaginative and restricted responses assist an interviewer raise warning lights about a candidate's ability, but the majority of responses are either too high-level or too hand-waived to rate.

Another flaw with these questions is that candidates have a tendency to wander into rabbit holes when addressing a specific component of the system, leaving them with little time to address the other elements of the topic.

Here is the link to join this course - Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview

Class diagram of Library Management System in Java

Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course Structure

This course is divided into two main sections in this OOP Interview course, the first section covers the fundamental skills, tools, and techniques you need to solve OOP design problems and second section covers real world case studies of solving common OOP design questions. 

Section One:
Object-Oriented Design and UML. Starting with the basics, you’ll get a refresher on some key object-oriented programming concepts. From there, it goes over:
  • Unified Modeling Language – visualizing and documenting software systems using a set of diagrams Object-Oriented Analysis and Design – identify, define, establish, build
  • Use Case Diagrams (UCDs) show what the system performs from the perspective of the user.
  • Describe the roles of a system using a class diagram.
  • A comprehensive flow for a given use case is depicted in a sequence diagram.
  • Model the flow of control from one activity to the next using activity diagrams.

Section Two:
Section two consists of the 16 design case studies which are listed below. Each case study revolves around designing the system efficiently with OOPS concepts in mind along with the HLD (high-level design) and LLD (low-level design). This also includes diagrams, class diagrams, UML diagrams too.

Following is the list of questions covered by the Exudative's course.
  1. Design a Library Management System
  2. Design a Parking Lot
  3. Design Amazon — Online Shopping System
  4. Design Stack Overflow
  5. Design a Movie Ticket Booking System
  6. Design an ATM
  7. Design an Airline Management System
  8. Design Blackjack and a Deck of Cards
  9. Design a Hotel Management System
  10. Design a Restaurant Management system
  11. Design Chess
  12. Design an Online Stock Brokerage System
  13. Design a Car Rental System
  14. Design LinkedIn
  15. Design Cricinfo
  16. Design Facebook — a social network

Two of these problems Design a Parking Lot and Design A Library Management system are freely available and you can check that without login or entering your credit card details, I highly encourage you to check them out to see the quality of the course and whether you connect with it or not.

Review - Is Grokking the Object Oriented Design Interview Course on Worth it?

Is Grokking the OOP Design Interview Course worth it

So, you guys must be thinking, is the course worth it? Well, This course is a must-take if you have a FAANG interview coming soon. You must be prepared to accept, navigate, and solve whatever difficulty they throw at you. And they know what to anticipate because of these 16 questions culled from genuine FAANG interviews. Plus, there are ample code snippets and diagrams you can use to study.

So, again, Is Grokking the OOP Design Interview Couse worth it? on whole yes, not just because of amazing questions it covers but also the approach it takes to solve those questions and the tools and techniques it teaches you to solve any problem using object oriented way. If you want to crack your next coding interview or just want to become a better software developer, joining Grokking the OOP Design interview course will take you one step closer to your goal. 

When it comes to joining this course, you can either buy this course directly or you can take a Educative subscription which provides access to all of their 350+ courses for just $14.9 per month on their annual and biannual plans. They also provide a 7-day free trail which is another way you can explore Educative platform for free. 

Hope you guys now have clarity on what to do next and if you guys need this course or not. So, happy designing, until next article, keep learning.

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