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Monday, April 4, 2022

How to prepare for AWS certified data analytics specialty Exam in 2024?

Amazon AWS's "AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty" certification is one of the most prestigious certifications in the field. Professionals in the area of data analytics now have official recognition in their resumes and job applications. To become an Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect, applicants must pass an exam administered by the company. An AWS credential certifies your ability to use Big Data ingestion, storage, and processing on AWS. AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty is expected for people with experience and mastery working with AWS administrations to configuration, fabricate, secure, and keep up with investigation arrangements.
In order to develop, create, operationalize, and secure AWS-based data analytics solutions, applicants are required to pass the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam. Data analytics services supplied by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are also tested as part of the application process.

This exam is proctored online and may be taken from any computer with access to the internet and an internet connection.

How to prepare for AWS certified Data Analytics Specialty?

Here is your step by step guide to prepare for WS certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam in 2024 with links to relevant resources, docs, tutorials, white papers, books, and online courses. 

1. Why AWS Data Analytics specialty?

In order to develop, create, operationalize, and secure AWS-based data analytics solutions, applicants are required to pass the AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam. Data analytics services supplied by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are also tested as part of the application process This exam is proctored online and may be taken from any computer with access to the internet and an internet connection.
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Number of questions: 65
  • Format: Multiple-Choice questions with one correct option or more than one correct option.
  • Language: English
  • Eligibility: Anyone can appear in the exam who has the knowledge and wants a career in this industry
  • Exam Delivery methods: Can be an online-proctored exam from a remote location or an onsite-proctored exam at the testing center
  • Validity of Certificate: 2 years
  • Result : No percentage just pass or fail

How to prepare for AWS certified data analytics-specialty Exam

2. Previously Recognized AWS Skill Sets

  • This exam is a pass or fail test for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certification. In order to finish the test, you have 170 minutes to spare. There are around 65 questions in the test.
  • There are two sorts of questions on the exam: multiple-choice and multiple-choice.
  • Questions that are left unanswered will result in a failing grade, however guessing is not penalized.
  • Unscored tasks may be included in your exam as a means of compiling statistical data. On the form, there are no indications of these elements.
  • There is a passing score requirement for the test of 750 out of a possible maximum of 1,000 points. For this test, you don't have to "pass" each particular section, but rather the total examination.
  • Obtaining this certification requires more than just two years of hands-on expertise with AWS; it also calls for at least five years of familiarity with standard data analytics tools.

3. Steps to Exam Preparation

With 5 years of expertise in data analytics and 2 years of hands-on experience with AWS, AWS recommends applicants obtain this certification. This suggestion is based on the premise that applicants with this level of expertise are more likely to be familiar with AWS's data analytics services, including how to design, manage, and protect them.

To succeed in this test, applicants must have a well-thought-out strategy in place in addition to the desired level of experience. The following are the most critical actions that each aspirant should do in order to succeed on this test.

3.1 Information Gathering

On the certification's official website, you may learn the basics of the test. AWS provides a comprehensive study manual that includes an overview of the test's content. This link will take you to it. If you'd like to see some example questions from AWS, you can find them here. Once you've gone through the study materials and practice questions, you'll have a better idea of what to expect on test day itself.

3.2 Utilizing AWS's Learning Materials

It is possible to discover hundreds of lessons on AWS services and use cases that will help you acquire and refresh your knowledge. This link will take you to the tutorials. You may use the domains described above to search for learning materials. In addition, it is recommended that you read up on all of the key AWS cloud products' descriptions and use cases.

3.3 This is a practice run on Machine Hack.

In order to prepare for professional certification examinations, MachineHack, India's top hackathon and assessment platform, provides a range of practice exams. The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam practice exam is also available. 

Because it is based on actual exam information provided by AWS and comments from past test takers, this simulated exam will help you prepare for the real thing. You may use this practice test to see how well you've prepared for the real thing.

Candidates will be able to check their knowledge and degree of preparedness after taking a mock on MachineHack. They may take the exam if they do well in practice tests. For those who like, they may re-learn from AWS resources and then take a second mock test.

4. Helpful Hints and Advice

We have a remark area where we may write down important information throughout the exam. When you're not sure what to do, this method might help you narrow your alternatives. The usage of any written content is prohibited.

5. Courses to take for the test

5.1. AWS Data Analytics Speciality Exam Readiness Self Learning

An overview of all of the important services and when to utilize them was provided in this module
AWS documentation was linked to as a reference to help explain and deepen topics.
What to look for in a question and how to limit down the answers
It's completely free! The course has been meticulously put up.
The practice problems and the explanations for picking the correct answer are excellent.

5.2. AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty 2021 — Hands-On!

In-Depth Training for the AWS Data Analytics Specialty 2021 Certification Exam
This course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on practice.
As a former student of Frank Kane and Stephane Marek, I've always enjoyed their teaching methods.
Even if the practice questions aren't up to the standards of the Specialist test, they're nevertheless useful for brushing up on what you learned in class.

5.3 Data lake in AWS

A data lake enables you to store any kind of data whether structured or unstructured in large or small scale. You can save data as - without having to format it - and do various forms of analytics, such as dashboards and visualizations, as well as big data processing.

By attracting and retaining customers, increasing productivity, proactively maintaining equipment, and making educated decisions, people will be able to recognize and act on opportunities for business growth faster.


6. Frequently asked questions

6.1.AWS data analytics Specialty training takes how long?

You should estimate a total time commitment of 20 hours. You'll often find yourself stopping to jot down notes or doing online research on a certain subject. You can get it at the end of the first month if you put in 5 hours a week of work.

6.2.What does the AWS certification for those just getting started look like?

The simplest Amazon Web Services credential is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. There are no prerequisites for this certification, making it ideal for those who have never worked with AWS or the cloud before.

6.3 How difficult is it to get certified in AWS big data?

If you're looking for one of the most demanding AWS certifications, this is it. All you have to do is learn about the various technologies and how they work together. You have three hours and 65 scenarios to respond.

6.4 How much money can you make with Amazon Web Services?

The salary and perks of AWS-certified experts rising as the demand grows. The highest-paying qualification in the United States is AWS solutions architect, with an annual compensation of $118,266 on average.

6.5 Is there still a need for AWS?

Skills in Amazon Web Services (AWS) are among the most sought for by employers. There are more than 70,000 full-time jobs available on if you type "Cloud" into the search box. 25,361 available positions in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) field are a result of these AWS capabilities

6.6 Where can I find more information for this exam?
You can always check AWS's official certification page about AWS Data Analytics exam here

7. Book for AWS certified data analytics-specialty exam

AWS Certified Data Analytics Study Guide: Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam

It helps you move your journey to access and equip for updated Aws certified data analytics-specialty exam. This book is for business analysts and IT professionals who tackle Big Data problems. It comprises key exam concepts and topic reviews.


8. Practice tests to crack AWS certified data analytics-specialty exam

8.1 AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

It has practice exams, lectures, hands-on lab practical experience. It consists of 265 Questions, 87 Videos lectures, and also 8 Labs workshop.
I've just tried this video course. And it's just amazing with a Very well-organized, clear, crisp and useful way. Nearly, 10% of the questions in this practice exam would appear on your real exam.


8.2 AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

It has 65 total questions with certifications, which covers all the factors required for all five domains defined in the exam. With this practice exam course, you can interpret the concepts asked by exam questions.


8.3 By giving mock test on machinehack

Machinehack is the India's leading assessment platform, which gives you a chance to do a variety of mock tests with professional certification exams. It also performs mock tests on AWS certified data analytics exams. With the help of this, you get the experience of doing the main exam as the mock test is based on the real exam details. 

This helps in the self-assessment of the candidate. After doing that mock test, candidates will be able to know how much knowledge they are having and how much they are prepared. If they give their best in mock then they will go ahead and can appear for the main exam. If not, then they should not take risk of doing the main exam and should prepare for the mocks first.


9. Wrapping UP

Here's all about AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam. Before taking the exam, make sure you're ready for it with proper sleep, breakfast. Some questions take a long time to read, at that point, you've to make sure that your answers are chosen carefully. 

Review and revise the questions if necessary. AWS certification of data analytics specialty course will not only boost your knowledge but will also add a star to your resume and will upgrade your CV. AWS certification is a difficult exam but with these tips and hints, we hope you can clear your exam. Happy learning and all the best for your exam!

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