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Thursday, May 11, 2023

The 2024 Android Developer RoadMap

Hello guys, if you want to learn Android in 2024 or want to become an Android developer and looking for an Android Developer RoadMap then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Android Courses and Books and in this article, I am going to share with you one of the most comprehensive Android Developer RoadMap you can find online. I love these Roadmap as they provide a comprehensive picture of what exactly you need to learn to become a professional Android developer and while they give more than what you need, its still better to have more than less as you can always learn remaining skills to become a better Android developer. 

If you don't know Android is a system developed by Google and based on Linux kernel. This system was released in 2008 and is now used in billion devices, including mobiles, Smart TVs, embedded systems, and more.

Before Android, it was J2ME which was used for creating mobile games and apps and it has huge market. There were many Java developer who were using J2ME platform to create cutting edge Mobile applications but after Android came it and it allows Java developer to create Native mobile apps, all the people from J2ME migrated to Android, I was one of them.

I did Android app development for a short period before moving towards server side development in Java as I found a better job on that area but I always love to create Mobile apps and that's why whenever I get chance, I try to read books or watch courses on Android and iOS development

The thing that made android successful is the apps you can use on your phone, which make you able to do anything like play games, create notes, be more productive, and more. If you want to become an Android development and want to develop Mobile apps which is used by millions of people then this article will help you learn the roadmap for becoming an android app developer.

The 2024Android Developer RoadMap

Here is the Android Developer RoadMap I was talking about , this is one of the most comprehensive Android roadmap I have come across on Internet, while it was created last year but most of the content, tools, frameworks, concepts and libraries still make sense so this is also the most comprehensive Android developer roadmap for 2024 which you can get online. This roadmap is created by skydoves and its also available on Github.

Since just knowing what to learn is not enough but also where to learn and how to learn skills for Android development, I have also shared online courses, books, and tutorials where you can learn the key skills you need to become an Android developer.

Though, for the sake of time, I haven't share a lot of resources to learn every single skills given in this roadmap but will keep updating this RoadMap to add more resources. You can bookmark this article so that you can see those resources whenever I add them.

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So, you can see that this Android developer is one of the most comprehensive resource you will find online but learning these skills can easily take from 1 to 3 years but good thinks is that you don't need to learn all of them now. 

At the moment, you can focus on key skills like programming language, database, and Android app development basics which you need to learn. Now, let's see resources where you can learn these skills. 

1. Pick a Programming Language

Many programming languages are used to create Android apps. Still, we will stick with two popular android programming languages: Java & Kotlin. Let's discuss each language and its learning resources:

1.1. Java Language: 

This is one of the high-level languages, class-based, object-oriented language, that is general purpose and used in many industries like desktop applications, android applications, web apps, and more. 

1.2. Kotlin Language: 

This is a cross-platform and general-purpose language, and it can be used in the web, android apps, iOS/macOS apps, embedded systems, and much more. This language was developed to interoperate with the Java language fully and is also easier to learn than Java.

2. Java Language Resources

Learning android apps development is a good skill set to have. Still, you have to know the Java language first before jumping into developing android apps, so let's first start by recommending some of the java resources to get started:

2.1. Java Fundamentals

This course aimed to teach beginners the Java programming language by learning the basics of Java such as variables, the control flow such as for & while loops, string, and more. Then you will learn to work with classes, arrays, object-oriented programming, and much more until you are an intermediate user of this language.

Many resources are available to learn the Java language. Still, you can search for more if you don't' like them, and probably there are tons of YouTube videos and blogs teaching beginners this language.

3. Learn Kotlin Programming language

Kotlin language is also one of the best and famous languages for developing android apps and creating iOS/macOS apps, web apps, embedded systems, and more. Let's see some of the best resources to get started:

3.1. Kotlin for Beginners

This course is excellent for starting your journey to learn the kotlin language, and you are willing to invest some money in yourself. You will start as a beginner without any skills. You will learn the basics of kotlin language, such as data types, variables, conditional statements, arrays & lists, functions, object-oriented programming, and more.

There are a lot of resources to learn this language if you can't' afford the price of a udemy course. Go ahead and search on youtube for a complete course for understanding the kotlin language and start this journey.

4. Learn DataBase Design

The database stores the data in the android apps and the web. Being an android developer, it is a skill that you need to learn for storing some users' data on their phones, but sometimes it is not required for storing the data because it depends on the app itself. Let's see some resources on how you can design the database:

4.1. Relational Database Design

This course will teach you to create effective relational database design without knowing the SQL language. You will learn the data modeling process, database design, relationships, creating tables & columns, identifying identity for the tables & attributes, and more.

There are many database types, not only relational databases but also NoSQL and more but the most used one in the android apps is SQLite, a relational database that uses rows & columns.

5. Developing Android Apps

I will recommend this excellent Udemy course that will help you to develop android apps using Java and Kotlin languages:

5.1. The Complete Android Developer Course

This is an excellent course to teach you to develop android apps using two languages in only one course. You will learn to add images & files & videos to your app, advanced android features, maps & geolocation, Instagram clone, super Mario app clone, and much more apps.


That's all about The 2024 Android Developer RoadMap. This was an overview of the roadmap to become an android app developer, but you need to practice more and learn many other things to become an advanced android developer. As I said, this roadmap is really comprehensive and you should not scared by just looking at it. You just focus on key skills and then slowly learn the skills you need. 

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Thanks for reading this article, if you like this Android Development RoadMap then please share with your friends and colleagues. IF you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note. 

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