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Monday, July 12, 2021

Tibco RV Tips and Commands with Examples

This is the third post on series of "Tibco tutorials" , In this article, I am posting some of the most useful commands which I used while working in tibco rv in many application , they are extremely useful and must be in developers top of head who is working in tibco rv.

Before writing these "tibco tutorial" series I looked for some introductory simple tibco tutorial which explains concept of tibco rv in simple word and give us working knowledge of tibco but I did not found any. tibco is most heavily used middleware solution on enterprise world and form backbone of many large enterprise including global banks.

these are few tips/commands/concept which essential while working with tibco rv  for resolving day to day problems or issues.

How to send message from command prompt using tibrvsend ?
tibrvsend -network "" -service "5420" -daemon "tcp:7500" "TESTING”

How to receive message in command prompt using tibrvlisten ?
tibrvlisten -network "" -service "5420" -daemon "tcp:7500" 

How do you identify whether tibco rv  is running in your host or not ?
ps –ef | grep rvd (in linux) , for windows check rvd in task manager. ,if tibco rv is running then rvd must be a live process.

How do you identify which services are subscribed from localhost?
netstat –g

How do you identify which services and clients are connected to your host via Tibco RV ?
We can use Tibco rv  admin webpage, which listens on some predefined port e.g. 7542 http://host:7540, and then we can get all the details

Can we specify which NIC card to use while specifying network parameters?
Yes, we can specify e.g. eth1; , if don’t give any NIC card name then it will bind to the default eth0 card.

Tibco RV Tips and Commands with Examples

What will happen if the same service e.g. 5480 tries to register with two networks e.g. 190.230 and 192.230 ?
Tibco RV  will not allow that, it will throw exceptions while creating transport you can see that exception in Tibco RV log via a webpage.

What is the standard location for applications using TIBCO RV (Rendezvous)?
The latest TIBCO RV libraries will always be available through the following location:
• /opt/tibops/rv/lib
Previous versions of the libraries can be access through:
• /opt/tibops/RV//lib

How to change reliablity parameter ?

This is a startup parameter , you can see it by greping in ps –ef | grep rvd, for chaning it you need to disconnect all the application connected to that RVD and restart that


Anonymous said...

Can you include tibrvsend and tibrvlisten command , those are most useful but I don't see in your list ?

Anonymous said...

Hi ,Pleaes see here tibrvsend and tibrvlisten

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