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Data were described as the fuel of this century. Taking advantage of it will help you make better decisions in your business, understand your customers, improve your marketing strategies, and more. 

Taking advantage of this data is the data scientist's responsibility, which is also described as the sexiest job in the 21st century if you are looking to work in any job related to data. You probably need to look at the DP-900 certificate and how it can help you in your career.

5 Best Azure Data Fundamentals Courses to Pass DP-900 Exam in 2023

Here is my favorite online courses to learn Azure Data Fundamentals and prepare for DP-900 Certification exam in 2023

1. DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Video Course + Qus

People who want to enter the field of data science, data engineering, data analysis, and use the cloud should probably learn the DP-900 and take the certification, and this course will help you prepare for this exam. This course has 11 hours of video content with a 4.7 good rating score, and no prerequisite experience is required.

First, learn how to create a Free account in the Azure Cloud and use the Azure portal for free, then learn some concepts of the data and database, relational database, the different data types. Later, you will learn how to work with relational databases on the Azure cloud and the various databases systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, and more. 

You will also remember working with a non-relational database such as the NoSQL database systems and using different Azure cloud services with two practice tests at the end.

2. DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals Exam Prep In One Day

You will learn the basics of using the data on the Azure cloud and prepare you for the DP-900 certification exam. The course has only 2.5 hours, and as the author claim, you can complete it in one day and pass the exam with no prior experience required on data, but it will be helpful.

You start the course by understanding the databases concepts and how data processing works and then understanding the relational database concepts and structure. Next, you will learn how to manage SQL database and their security. 

You will also learn about the non-relational and non-relational data types and the NoSQL database and how to manage them and their protection. Finally, learn about data analytics and visualization with a practice exam.

3. DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification 2021

Another good course will deep dive into the DP-900 certificate exam created by Alan Rodrigues. The course contains 10 hours of video content, and it will teach you the essential aspects for what is required from you to pass the exam, but it needs some prior experience with data and databases.

Starting the course with an introduction to data and its types you will move to learn to work with relational data in the Azure cloud, the relationships between tables, deploying Microsoft SQL Server on Azure cloud, connecting to SQL server, and much more. 

Next, you will learn about non-relational data and using the NoSQL database through a service called Azure Cosmos DB and learn using the storage in the Azure cloud. Finally, learning analytics and data visualization with two practice tests when finishing the course.

4. DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals in a Weekend

Another good course claims that you can learn these skills of working with data using the Azure cloud on the weekend. This course contains 7 hours with a 4.6 rating score and will test your knowledge through 8 quizzes as a bonus throughout your journey with no prior experience is required.

As usual, start with an introduction about the Azure cloud and how it works and learn about the differences between Iaas vs. Paas vs. Saas. Next, you will know how data is stored in the database and different data types, such as structured and semi-structured data. 

You will then learn relational databases and use SQL Server and MySQL databases. Also, you will explore the NoSQL databases using the Azure Cosmos DB. Finally, learning data analytics and using the Power BI software for this purpose.

5. DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

Let’s finish this list with this course that will also help you learn the Microsoft Azure Data with more than 7 hours of video content and no prerequisites required to start taking this course, but the skills of using the spreadsheet would be helpful.

You will first start by installing the Azure SQL database on the cloud, then learn the programs used to run the SQL, such as sqlcmd. Next, learn the relational data and how it works, and its concepts such as Tables and Normalizations. 

You will also discover the different relational database systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and learn the non-relational database. Finally, remember the data analytics and visualization using Power BI.


Thanks for reading this article! that was the list of one of the best courses available online to teach you using the data on the Microsoft Azure cloud and prepare you for the exam DP-900 with no prior experience required, which will be suitable for beginners.

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