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Hello guys, if you want to learn Cyber Security in 2023 and looking for best resources like best books and online courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best Cyber Security Courses, Tools, and Skills and today, I am going to share best Cyber Security books for both beginners and experienced IT professionals. You can read these books to learn important Cyber Security concepts and tools. Nowadays, cyber security is fun and increases awareness since the bad guys are attacking users' computers and other devices and other companies for stealing sensitive information and money. If you want to protect yourself from these attacks, I highly suggest taking one of these books t help you understand cyber security.

5 Best Cyber Security Books for Beginners and Experienced 

Here are the best books to learn Cyber Security in depth for both beginners and experienced IT professionals in 2023

1. Mastering Metasploit

Starting this article with the most used and loved tool among all cyber security specialists, Metasploit. This tool can be used for penetration testing for almost anything you can think of, such as desktop systems, windows, Linux, and macOS. You can test the security of the android phones and scan the services in a server to find vulnerabilities and even more.

You will learn making advanced exploitations for different systems and how to automate these attacks using CORTANA. You will learn to scan the services before exploiting them, such as databases and VoIP. Using highly advanced attacks against the target. 

You will also learn how to bypass their security and the anti-virus. You will also learn how to import scripts into Metasploit and use them.

5 Best Books To Learn About Cyber Security

2. The Ultimate Kali Linux Book

There are a lot of tools to use for penetration testing, and it will be a daunting task to get all of them and install them on your Linux system. A company called Offensive Security developed a Linux system called Kali Linux, and it installed hundred of penetration tools in this system, so you don’t have to.

You will first explore the fundamentals of this field which is ethical hacking since you are new to this. Then install the system on your computer and move on to perform network discovery and vulnerability assessment. 

You will also exploit the trust in an active directory domain service, perform advanced and wireless hacking techniques, and advanced website exploitation.

best book to learn Kali Linux

3. The Hardware Hacking Handbook

Hacking is not only for the systems but can also work for the hardware and the embedded systems. The embedded systems are the devices connected to the internet, such as security cameras and more. These devices can also be hacked by exploiting their hardware.

You will start learning about the architecture of the embedded devices and threat modeling. You will explore the hardware interface, ports and communication protocols, and electrical signals and analyze the firmware. 

You will also learn the electrical basics to help you understand this science. Leveraging the timing and power analysis to attract the passwords and cryptography keys, and more techniques for hacking these devices.

best book to learn hardware hacking

4. Hacking For Dummies

We all use phones and laptops almost every day. They hold sensitive data about us, such as pictures, social media credentials, credit card info, and more, so keeping this data secure should be necessary.

This book Hacking For Dummies, is one of the best books for teaching you how to protect your privacy and how the bad guys think before penetrating you so you can keep them away from you.

You will learn first the foundation of security and understand the hacker's mindset and the hacking methodology. Then learn how to gather information about your target and how you can attack him with social engineering. 

You will also learn the network security and hacking web applications. Finally, how to get a report about specific target security.

best book to learn ethical hacking

5. Web Application Security

The web application is software that runs on the web via your web browser and will offer a service for you. This type of website can be attacked like any other type of website. There are many tools to find their vulnerabilities and many professional people who are specialists only in this area and the web application security that will help you secure your app.

You will first start exploring the most known vulnerabilities in web applications and learn the essential techniques for attacking these weaknesses in the software. 

You will also learn to develop a solution to bypass this type of defense. How to protect this web application against hackers and some tips on improving any web app security.

best book to learn web application security


Thanks for reading! We’ve seen some of the best books for learning ethical hacking that can be used to understand the hacker's mindset and protect your own business and personal devices or maybe get a job in the future as a cyber security specialist.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like these best Computer Security books to learn Cyber Security and Information Security in depth then please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.

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