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Friday, May 6, 2022

How Long does It take To Learn Linux?

Hello guys, if you want to learn Linux but not sure how to start then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best places to learn Linux and best Linux books for beginners and Linux interview questions with answers and in this article, I Am going to share the best way to learn Linux and answer frequently asked question, how long does it take to Learn Linux. In general, you can learn Linux in one weekend but it can take weeks before you become a Linux master as there are a lot of Linux commands and concepts to master. In this article, I will answer this question objectively depending upon your goal, for example, for a developer it can take a  week to Learn Linux but for System Admin it could be months because they need more in-depth knowledge. 

Linux is an open-source system developed by Linux Torvalds in 1991, and it became is a massive success since it is secure and open-source, so many companies use it in their servers. Now you can find it in IoT devices, smart television, android phones, and more. This article will help you estimate the time to learn the Linux system and its commands line.

1. How long does it take to understand Linux?

First of all, you need to define why you want to learn Linux system? is it for personal use like you want to uninstall windows and switch to another secure and lightweight system? Or you are looking for a career that involves using the Linux system, such as a Linux administrator who has advanced knowledge in this industry.

For the basic use of the Linux operating system, you could learn its command line and system architecture in a week, but if you are looking to have more advanced knowledge like managing the operations such as maintaining the system, creating different users, more advanced command line than it may take two years of learning and practicing to get a job as a Linux administrator.

How Long does It take To Learn Linux?

2. Can you learn Linux by yourself?

Either learning this operating system m for personal of you want to work as an admin administration, you can learn this system through tons of tutorials that will help you understand everything related to Linux system. Many YouTube videos and online courses show you even the advanced use of this system and its security and how to manage servers using Linux.

3. How much time will every skill take to learn?

No specific skills or tech background is required if you are learning this just for personal use and running it on your laptop so I will only suggest learning how to use the command line and the interface of the Linux system:

3.1. Linux Commands: Linux depends a lot on using its command through the terminal like macOS have and windows, cmd. You can use the interface to interact with the system, but if you are going to do operations requiring permissions or deep things, you need to use the command line. You can learn the basics of command lines in these free Linux Fundamentals courses which can take just a week to learn.

free resources to learn Linux

3.2. Information Technology: it would be helpful if you want to work with a Linux system or work in any tech job to have a simple understanding of computers and how the machine works and understand commands. This course, Google IT Support, will help you acquire these skills in three months.

best way to learn Linux online

Still, Linux administrator has to learn everything related to Linux, and I will suggest some other skills you need to master in this operating system before jumping to a career as a Linux administrator:

3.3. Bash Scripting: after you learn the command line of this system, you need to understand the programming language used for creating its kernel, which is the central core interface between the computer hardware and the system process. You can learn this language in this course called Linux Shell Scripting through many projects, which will take you around two weeks to a month to complete.

3.5. Networking: server infrastructure is connected to the internet, and it would be good skills if you have some understanding of how the packets and networks work, the network architecture, and maybe even some security related to networks. This course, Computer Communications, will help you learn all of this in just three months.

4. Coursers Recommendations

The skills I’ve mentioned above will help you to learn the basics of Linux and also to acquire the skills needed for a job as a Linux administrator but let me suggest some other courses that will help you learn this system more in-depth:

4.1. Linux and Private Cloud Administration: RedHat is a Linux distribution used a lot in the server environment by companies to manage their cloud infrastructure. This course will help you learn to use this system as a Linux administrator.

4.2. Complete Linux Troubleshootingevery system and software in this world has some bugs or dependencies that can’t work well with some computers hardware, and you may not be able to use the system correctly. This course will help you learn to fix the most widespread problems.

4.3. The Linux Command Line: this book will help you learn the Linux command line as a beginner, even writing a complete script using a language known as bash language. You will learn advanced command lines, so it will be helpful if you want to become an advanced Linux user.

How to learn Linux online


That's all about how long does it take to learn Linux. As I said, it could take from a weekend to few months to learn Linux depending upon your goal. If you are a developer and just want to learn basic commands in Linux like finding files, checking disk spaces, and copying files you can easily learn Linux in one weekend but if you want to learn Linux in depth like how Linux works, what is kernel, shell, and bash scripting then it could take months. 

Whatever your goal is I suggest you to start small like typing Linux command in shell. If you don't have Linux installation like in a Virtual Machine or Docker image then you can also use web based Linux terminal or interactive online courses like this free Linux course from CodeCademy where you can practice Linux commands online for FREE. 

Linux is a very important technical skill for programmers, system admins, DevOps Engineers and anyone who want to work with machines and operating system. You will need Linux for Cloud Computing as well as most of the Cloud server runs on Linux. 

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Thanks for reading! This is an overview of how to learn Linux system, which is become an essential part of the big organization infrastructure that will help them manage their servers and make them secure, and you can even learn its basics in just a few days.

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