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Top 5 programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence in 2023 - Best of Lot

Hello guys, if you want to do AI Development or want to create Artificial Intelligence based apps and looking for best programming language then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared best programming language for web developmentapp development, and data science development and today, I am going to share best programming language for AI Development. All programming languages are not created equal. Only a handful of programming languages remain and serve the community out of countless. The programming languages we'll be discussing presently have stood the test of time. For decades, they've been used for a variety of undertakings.

In the field of AI/machine learning, several programming languages are having a big influence. The following are the programming languages that you should learn. You can learn these languages from the Udemy website which offers thousands of courses according to your level and preference.

5 Best Programming Language for AI Development  in 2023

While there are many programming language which can be used for AI Development, there are not many which has great library, online support, huge communities and growing number of users. Based upon those criterion, these are the 5 best programming language you can use for AI development. 

1. Python

Python has been the most acceptable and most popular language for creating AI and machine learning solutions over the last few years. Most of the rankings in this category place it first. Python is the most popular option among AI engineers due to its user-friendliness more than anything else.

 It is, however, a high-performance and widely used programming language capable of complex procedures for a wide range of activities and platforms.

Another benefit to consider is the unending assistance from libraries and online communities. Imagine what you can do with machine learning libraries like NumPy and SciPy to construct desktop programs in Python using the Tkinter GUI framework.

It includes a machine learning framework that shortens its time to go from research prototype to production deployment. You can learn Python from the experts from Udemy and can search according to your preference. 

If you need a recommendation then The Complete Python Bootcamp course on Udemy is a great course to start with. This course from Udemy not only covers all of the important principles of the Python programming language, but it also includes online instruction using Python 3. 

Over 26k people have reviewed the tutorial, with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.After successfully completing the popular introductory Python course Online, you will earn a certificate of completion, just like with other Udemy courses.

Is Python best programming language for AI

2. Java

Java is one of the world's most widely used programming languages. It's a general-purpose programming language. Thus it's pretty adaptable. Java is gaining popularity among AI programmers due to its versatility, ease of use, and extensive support.

Java has strong support for huge projects (which is critical in AI/ML), visualization, debugging, and seamless user interaction. Thanks to its large online community, you may readily obtain assistance.
Java is simple to debug. Its excellent user-friendliness and flexibility to function on a wide range of platforms make it a favorite among software developers.

Java is also a relatively secure and scalable language, making it an excellent choice for large-scale applications. Java's benefits and easy to learn code make it one of the most excellent programming languages available when it comes to artificial intelligence.
You can learn Java from the renowned Coursera website, which offers thousands of courses, you can choose some according to your level. If you need recommendation then this Java course from Udemy  is a nice one to start with. This course will teach you all you need to know about the Java programming language.

It serves as a review of teachings and a refresher course for Java specialists. You'll learn how to utilize the graphical user interface (GUI) to construct new applications and how to design programs with large amounts of data.

Top 5 programming language for Artificial Intelligence

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that is increasingly commonly employed on secure and dynamic websites. JavaScript's AI skills are mainly focused on the interaction that is compatible with other source codes, for example, Html and CSS. It can handle both frontend and backend tasks, including anything from buttons to video to data storage.

It has a few high-level Machine Learning tools and libraries. It runs directly in the browser and gives developers a lot of additional options. It also allows users to view the outcomes of machine learning algorithms on a web-based dashboard.

If you want to learn JavaScript then there are many options, both free and paid, If you need a recommendation then you can join this JavaScript course on Udemy by Jonas Schmedtmann today.  

This course covers variables, loops, functions, and even a little bit about debugging tools are covered in this course. You'll learn how JavaScript uses the Document Object Model (DOM) to identify and alter particular components of your page, as well as how to interact with it.

Is JavaScript good for AI Development

4. C++ Programming Language

C++ is a widely-used programming language among software developers. C++ is a high-level object-oriented programming language with a quicker execution time than most others. This is due to the fact that it is more similar to machine language.

Compared to other programming languages, C++ offers a faster run-time, making it ideal for machine learning, where rapid and consistent feedback is critical. C++ also offers a lot of library support for machine learning.

It is widely used among programmers and is relatively easy to learn and use with the right masters and techniques. Udemy C++ course is always a cherry on the cake for the students to learn C++ code as their specially qualified teachers is expert to teach you C++ from beginning to end quickly.

Similar to Java and Python, there are plenty of resources to learn C++, both free and paid, but if you need a recommendation then this C++ course from Udemy is great place to start with.  This is a fantastic course for learning C++, and it's available for free on Udemy. This course will teach you how to write in the powerful, fast, and widely used C++ programming language from the ground up, requiring just a basic understanding of computers.

Is C++ can be used for AI Development

5. R Programming Language

R is a programming language designed to solve numerical and statistical issues. When it first came out, it didn't have a lot of fans. But with the emergence of AI, machine learning, and data science has boosted its appeal tremendously.

R is simple to learn, especially for those who have previously coded in another language. It does not need a high level of expertise because it includes a large number of ready-to-use packages, libraries, and resources that may assist you in practically every phase of the software development process.

DPLYR is a sophisticated package with a simple syntax utilized in the data manipulation process in R.
R is your go-to programming language for analyzing and expressing data. It's an open-source program that can analyze data, shows trends and changes, and assist in forecasting.
You can learn this popular language from the learned professors of Udemy and can choose any course according to your choice. If you need a suggestion then this R programming course from Coursera is great for beginners. 

The course will teach you how to code in R and how to use R to data analysis. You'll learn how to set up and setup software for a statistical programming environment, as well as describe how to use generic programming language ideas in a high-level statistical language.

Is R Best Programming language for Artificial Intelligence

That's all about the best programming language for AI or Artificial Intelligence Development. While there are several programming languages available today that may be utilized for various AI-based solutions, but we must remember that no one programming language is a one-stop-shop for AI.

Because today's IT industry necessitates a unique strategy for each project, you should think about which one would best match your needs before choosing one.

Learning a programming language has several advantages. It will improve your chances of finding a job in the field of AI/Machine Learning. Apart from that, you may use that talent in a variety of industries, like data science, enterprise software development, web development, and so on.

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