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Monday, July 26, 2021

Linux and UNIX Command Tutorial, Tips and Examples for Beginners

UNIX and Linux command tutorials and tips for beginners.
Hi, this is a kind of revision post where I would like to share some of my earlier posted UNIX commands tutorial. The purpose of this post is to put together all UNIX commands tutorial in one place for easy access to anyone. These are a collection of my favorite UNIX commands which you guys may find interesting. I have been working in UNIX for almost 4 years and I have learned many UNIX commands during these years which has helped me a lot during my day 2 days working on Unix shell.

These UNIX commands tutorials are based on my experience; I have shared UNIX command which I used so these are quite practical tips and tricks.

It may not be in a proper tutorial format like any other UNIX commands tutorial but I am sure this will be useful. This list is by no means complete so please share your UNIX commands experience so that we both can benefit from each other's experience.

10 Unix commands to working fast in Linux

Unix commands tutorials for beginnersHave you ever amazed to see someone working very fast in UNIX shell, Executing UNIX commands with lightning speed, and doing things in milliseconds? Yes, I have seen and I have always inspired to learn from those gems of guys. This article or tutorial or whatever you call it I have dedicated to sharing UNIX commands practices that I follow to work fast, quick, or efficiently in UNIX.

I work for the financial services industry and my work involves the development and support of trading applications in Electronic trading, Derivatives, etc. all our services run of UNIX servers so it’s very important for me to work efficiently and quickly in Linux machine.

By using these UNIX commands I am sure your speed will increase and you would be able to do more with less time. There is no end of learning Unix commands every day you discover something new but you forget something equally important, the best way to keep you updated is to learn new Unix commands every day and utilize them to share them. To read more see here 10 examples of working fast in Linux

10 Examples of using find command in UNIX

find is a very versatile UNIX command and I used it a lot in my day to day work. I believe having knowledge of find command in UNIX and understanding of its different usage will increase your productivity a lot in UNIX. 

If your works involve lots of searching stuff or if you are a Java or C++ programmer and your code resides in UNIX, find can greatly help you to look for any word inside your source file in the absence of an IDE, find is the alternative way of searching things in UNIX.

Grep is another UNIX command which provides similar functionality like find but in my opinion, find is much more powerful than grep in UNIX. 

There are some more UNIX commands which are equally important than find and grep but in my opinion these two cover all searching functionality in Unix and you won’t require any other UNIX commands to run for any searching purpose if you master these two. To read more see here 10 tips for using find command in Linux.

10 Most useful CVS Unix commands

Here is my list of most useful UNIX commands in Linux for CVS. CVS is very popular source repository and heavily used in Java development for source control, most of the time your source code needs to built in UNIX machine for release purpose and you need to checkout and make build in UNIX machine. Having knowledge of essential CVS Unix commands will help you a lot and saves your time.

Checking out code

cvs co –A folder or filename ( -A means head , this will checkout from head)

cvs co -rtag1 folder or filename (-r means tag or branch, this will checkout from tag “tag1”)

cvs co -rbranch1 folder of filename ( checking out from cvs branch)

To read full article please see here CVS Command Tutorial in UNIX and Linux

Top 10 basic networking Unix Commands

These are most useful Unix commands in my list while working on Linux server , this enables you to quickly troubleshoot any kind of Unix connection issues e.g. whether other system is connected or not , whether other host is responding or not and while working for FIX connectivity for advanced trading system this tools saves quite a lot of time . 

Having knowledge of networking UNIX commands is essential for anybody who is working in Investment banking and cash equities area. 

Since financial application built for electronic trading for equities, futures and option heavily used TCP IP and FIX Protocol If you don’t know basic networking UNIX commands like telnet, ping, netstat it would be very difficult to quickly sort out any FIX connection issue.

• finding host/domain name and IP address - hostname

• test network connection – ping

• getting network configuration – ifconfig

• Network connections, routing tables, interface statistics – netstat

• query DNS lookup name – nslookup

To read full list of UNIX commands tutorial on UNIX networking commands please see here Networking UNIX commands tutorial

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like this article then please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback then please drop a note.


Anonymous said...

I really like your Unix command tutorial and I have read your article on find, grep and other unix commands. Can you also write following Unix command tutorial:

Unix Awk Tutorial
Unix Cut Tutorial
Unix Sed Tutorial
Unix Sort Tutorial
Unix egrep tutorial
unix regular expression tutorial etc.

Anonymous said...

hi dude,Can you please post some AWK and SED tutorial. those are commands I like to be perfect because to text processing nature. looking forward to simple and nice AWK and SED unix command tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Great tips for the fresher as well as experience :)

Thanks for the sharing :)

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