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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Top 5 Free and Paid OCAJP, OCPJP Mock Exams and Practice questions - (Java Certification)

In order to do well on Java certifications, you need good books and a reasonable number of practice questions before you go for exams. Practice questions and mock exams will help you to assess your topic-wise preparation level and help you to identify your strong and weak areas. Based on the result of the mock exams, you can concentrate on areas where you lack expertise like multi-threading is one of the tricky areas. It will also expose you to exam patterns and different types of questions you can expect in examination like multiple choice questions, rearranging code, fill in the blanks etc. Though I highly recommend commercial exam simulators like Whizlabs and Enthuware, I also suggest you take advantage of many mock questions which are freely available.

In general, free practice questions are not as good as those from Whiz labs and they lack explanation, but still, they provide a chance to identify your weak and strong area. 

Since Java 8 certifications are quite challenging and there are not many resources, sample questions and mock exams are available, I thought to collect and publish some of the free Java 8 mock exams which you can take online.

By the way, If you are looking for a course to prepare Java SE 8 certification then Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam! from Udemy is a good place to start it. It explains about new features of Java 8 required for OCAJP 8 exam.

5 Best Free & Paid OCAJP Mock Exams and Practice Questions

Here are some of the mock exams and Practice questions for both OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 exam. They are useful for preparing exam code 1Z0-808, 1Z0-809, and 1Z0-810.

1. Whizlabs OCAJP 8 Sample Questions (20 Free questions)

Whizlabs is known for its quality since I have personally used it when I was preparing for my SCJP exam, I know how useful they are. I strongly suggest you buy Whizlabs simulator, but if you can't or you want to assess the quality by yourself, you can take a look at these samples Java 8 certification questions. 

If you are serious about your exam preparation and want to pass this valuable Java certification in first attempt then you can also buy the paid version from their website, which contains more than 4 full length mock tests with 81 questions on each with detailed explanation. 

Whizlabs is known for its quality since I have personally used it when I was preparing for my SCJP exam, I know how useful they are. I strongly suggest you buy Whizlabs simulator, but if you can't or you want to assess the quality by yourself, you can take a look at these samples Java 8 certification questions. 

By the way, if you are preparing for certification, consider taking Whizlabs subscription which provides full access to all of their online training courses and practice test for different certifications for just $95 per annum (50% discount now). 

I highly recommend this subscription plan as Whizlabs has the best materials to prepare for IT certifications. You can also use coupon code 20off to get 20% discount on any plan.  

Best OCAJP and OCPJP Exam Simulators

2. David Mayer's 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 dumps (10 questions)

David Mayer has also done an excellent job on coming up with Java 8 Web simulator which provides 308 unique questions with explanations for 1Z0-808 exams. In this free test, which is created to demonstrate all the features of their Java 8 web simulator, 

You will be able to access 10 sample questions from their collection of real exam dumps and you will have 20 minutes to finish the test. 

You can even download both 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 PDF dumps from his site. Even if you are not buying you can assess the quality of questions and get a feel of what you can expect in the OCAJP8 exam.  though I suggest you to get the full set to score high on OCAJP8 exam.

5 Free OCAJP8, OCPJP8 Mock Exams and Practice questions

3. Entuware's Oracle Certified Associate - Java SE 8 Programmer I questions (see here)

Enthuware is another reputed vendor which you can trust for your Java SE 8 certification preparation. They are in the same league as Whizlabs and because I have personally used their material earlier, I know they are worth of every penny spent. 

You can download their trial version to try with trial question bank. You also need to install ETS Viewer. The exact number of question may vary, but you won't find repeated questions. I also suggest you buy the full version of their mock exam, as it contains 600+ Questions with detailed explanations.

Best Java Exam Simulators

4. Free Java SE 11 Certification Mock Exam (5 Questions)

Oracle s another reputed vendor for Java certification mock exams. They have several paid Java SE 8 certification mock exams both for 1Zo-815 (associate exam) and 1Z0-809 (programmer certification). 

There Free 1Z0-809 Java SE 8 Programmer II Practice Mock Exam is free of cost and contains 5 sample questions for practice. It's up-to-date mock exam, which requires you to solve those 29 questions in 60 minutes, average exam passing percentage is 65%, which means questions are not trivial.

Even if you are not buying their paid mock exam, this free practice question is good enough for a quick check of your skill and preparation.

5. 1Z0-808 Java SE 8 Programmer I Practice Mock Exam (30 questions)

The MyExamCloud OCAJP 8 (exam code 1Z0-808) Practice Mock Exam is an online test which covers real exam topics for Java SE 8 Programmer I exam (1Z0-808), also known as OCAJP 8. It's the part of MyExamCloud's OCAJP 8 (1Z0-808) Exam Practice Tests Study Plan, but this particular test is not free. 

All you need to do is create your account on the site, you can even log in using Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account. This practice test was created by Java experts to help Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer aspirants and it's one of the better quality mock exams you can get at  cost. This mock exam contains 30 sample questions for Practice.

6. 1Z0-810 OCPJP 8 Upgrade Practice Mock Exam (29 questions)

This is another practice test from EPractize Labs which is designed for 1ZO-810, Java SE 8 Programmer II upgrade certification. This test contains 29 questions and tests your basic skills in each exam objective. 

The time allowed is 60 minutes and you can take the test at an unlimited time, but I suggest you use it in the as much real environment as possible. Passing score is 65%.

Basic OCAJP 8 Exam Information

Here are some basic OCAJP 8 Exam information you must be aware of. I also suggest you to take a look at official Java certification website to learn more about the exam, patterns, and syllabus.

  • Certification Name: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-808
  • Duration of Exam: 150 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 77 (Multiple Choice)
  • Passing score: 65 % (50 out of 77)
  • Pre-requisite: None

Also, there is 20% discount on all Java certifications on account of 20 years of Java, if you happen to schedule your exam before 31st December 2012, don't forget to avail this discount.

More Resources for Java Certification 

If you decide to go for Java 8 certification like OCAJP 8 or OCPJP8 or even the upgrade exam 1Z0-810, then here are some useful resources you will need:
  1. Syllabus and Complete detail of Java SE 8 Certification (OCAJP 8) (see here)
  2. Difference between 1Z0-813 and 1Z0-810 Java 8 Upgrade exams (see)
  3. Link to Register for Java 8 Exam (link)
  4. OCA/OCP: Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer I and II Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff (check here)
  5. OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-808) (Oracle Press) (check here)

That's all in this list of Java 8 certification practice questions and mock exams. This list is my no means complete and I look forward to you guys to suggest any new resource, mock exams or sample questions you come across. I'll also keep this list updated so that anyone who is preparing for OCAJP8 and OCPJP8 like 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-810 exam can benefit from these free resources.

P.S. : If you are looking for a course to prepare Java SE 8 certification then Oracle Java Certification - Pass the Associate 1Z0-808 Exam! from Udemy is a good place to start it. It explains about new features of Java 8 required for OCAJP 8 exam.


Anonymous said...

My only advice to all Java certification aspirants is don't just read the book or mock one time, read it couple of time to get most of it. It's better to read same book multiple times than reading multiple books one time.

Rajiv said...

Can you please share some mock exams for Java web developer certification as well? I am planning for Java EE entry level certification and collecting resources now.

Unknown said...

does 1z0-808 have negative marking

javin paul said...

@Maimuna, no 1z0-808 or in fact any Java certification exam doesn't have any negative marking.

Anonymous said...

I have cleared my java certification with 100% original questions and complete pattern defined with latest syllabus defined by Oracle.

man4man said...

This is what for java 8. But can anyone provide suggestions regarding OCAJP 7 (1Z0-803). I am going to take the OCA7 exam within 1 month and I need helps. please send stuffs in the email address: I am aslo thinking about besides that...any helps are highly appreciated.

javin paul said...

Hello @man4man, sure, I will write a post soon about free OCAJP7 and OCPJP7 mock exams and online test.

Unknown said...
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DocManhattan said...

I don't recommend Wizlabs tests. There are only about 2 multiple choice questions in every test, many times they are written incorrectly (intx = 7), and from the fourth test onwards, many questions are repeated, even in the same test. I don't know about the others, but hopefully they are better for passing the exam.

Unknown said...

I need help regarding ocpjp7 as I am giving upgrading exam to scjp6 can anyone send the mock test please email id is

Unknown said...


I have a question. Is it a big difference between the books listed aat point 4 and 5 for OCA exam? I have only learned from the book OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-808). And also, what was the level of difficulty from 1 to 10 as far as you remember as i can see the post is from 2015? Thanks alot for the useful information :D

javin paul said...

Hello Sinziana Chis, both are study guide and cover the syllabus but Jeanne's book is more focused on exam and if you have to buy one book, I suggest to buy the 4th one i.e Jeanne's book.

The OCA exam is relatively easy, difficulty level 6 but again that's relative, so not a good indicator but its definitely easier than OCP and you can score over 90% of 2 months of hard work. If you use these books and mock exam properly.

Jai said...

Great blog. Is there any waiting time for retake? Also any reference to brain dumps?

surya said...

hii i am preparing for 1z0-808 exam. I want some mockup any please mail me

shreya said...


Gaurav said...

if any one having dump then please share on

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