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Thursday, September 21, 2023

15+ Spring Framework Quizzes for Java Programmers (Free)

Hello guys, ever since I have started creating practice test on Udemy a lot of people ask me if I can practice a few questions as quiz in my blog here for free. I though its a great idea because it allows my readers to not just see the questions but also practice it and that's why I am creating this kind of quizzes. If you guys like it then I will probably create many more. Any way, preparing for IT certification like Oracle's Java certification or VMware's Spring Certification required a lot of hard-work. I have seen many experienced Java developers failing these certifications and losing money and time due to overconfidence and lack of preparation. A structured and complete certification preparation involves reading books, joining course and doing practice questions

When it comes to Spring certification, practice questions are quite hard to find and that's why I created my Udemy course with 250+ Spring Certification questions. This course has helped more than 9000 students in their Spring certification preparation journey

Since many of you asked me about Free Spring certification questions, I decided to post 50 practice questions from my paid Spring certification course for FREE, just for you, my readers and motivates.

This also makes a lot of sense because I have in past used many free resources to pass my own Java and Spring certification and this way I can give something back to the community. 

It also helps me to get more feedback to improve the paid course even better to provide better learning experience to people who have trusted me with their money. 

In the full course you will get:
  • 5 Full length practice tests
  • 250+ Questions with Answers and explanations
  • Topic wise questions like you can practice all spring boot or spring security questions
  • Lifetime access
  • 30-days money back guarantee with no questions asked
If you like to buy the course you can use this link to buy the course with the best price available. I usually give $9.9 discount coupon to my readers, so if you ever need, you can always ask in the comments below or you can drop me an email. 

50 Free Spring Professional Certification Practice Questions with Answers and Explanations

15 FREE Spring Framework Quizzes with Answers for Java

Anyway, enough of words, here are the 15  Spring questions you can solve or practice as part of your Spring professional certification. These questions are from full length test which means they cover almost every topics like Core Spring, Bean lifecycle, AOP, Spring Boot, Testing, Microservices, Spring Data JPA and more.

What is the core functionality provided by the Spring Framework?

Answer: b) Dependency Injection (DI)

Which annotation is used to mark a class as a Spring bean?

Answer: c) @component

In Spring MVC, what is the role of the DispatcherServlet?

Answer: c) It maps incoming requests to the appropriate controller.

What is AOP in the context of Spring?

Answer: c) Aspect-Oriented Programming

Which of the following is NOT a module in the Spring Framework?

Answer: c) Spring Hibernate

What does the term "Inversion of Control" (IoC) mean in Spring?

Answer: c) It means that the control over the creation and management of objects is shifted from the application code to a container.

Which Spring module provides support for JDBC-based database access?

Answer: c) Spring JDBC

What is the purpose of the `@Autowired` annotation in Spring?

Answer: b) It injects dependencies automatically into a Spring bean.

Which Spring feature is used for managing transactional behavior in applications?

Answer: d) Spring Transaction Management

Which annotation is used to declare a method as a request handler in Spring MVC?

Answer: d) @RequestMapping

Which Spring feature is used for implementing cross-cutting concerns?

Answer: b) Spring AOP

What is the primary purpose of Spring Boot?

Answer: c) Simplifying the setup and development of Spring applications

What is the role of the `@Qualifier` annotation in Spring?

Answer: c) It resolves ambiguity when multiple beans of the same type exist.

What does the Spring Boot starter dependency do?

Answer: c) Automatically configures common dependencies and settings.

What is the purpose of the `@RestController` annotation in Spring MVC?

Answer: c) It marks a class as a controller that handles RESTful requests.

Score: 0

You can also use coupon "JAVAREVISITED" to get the course for just $9.9 (best price), I mostly created best price coupon using this code but if its not working or expired, feel free to ask in comments.  If you have any other spring questions or spring certification memory dumps to share with other developers preparing for this certification, feel free to share on comments.

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Thanks for reading this article so far. If you like this Spring Framework quizzes. , then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any questions or feedback, then please drop a note.

P. S. - If you are a new to Spring framework and want to learn the Spring MVC from scratch, and looking for some best online resources then you can also check out these best Spring MVC courses for beginners. This list contains free Udemy and Pluralsight courses to learn Spring MVC from scratch.     

And, now your turn? Did you liked these quizzes and question? Do you want me to create more of such quizzes? which topic you want me to cover, let me know in comments


Anonymous said...

Nice Quiz but can you make the Score more visible? At the moment, its not clearly visible. How do I know if score all correct?

Anonymous said...

This is amazing test, keep doing that, you are helping a lot of java developer, Thanks

javin paul said...

Thank you Anonymous, sure will create more of these quizzes, I am planning for Java 1Z0-811 and 1z0-819, and 1Z0-829, if you have anything else in request do let me know.

Have a great day ahead !!

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