Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Java Certifications are Good for Freshers and Junior Developers?

I have seen many Java programmers in doubt whether to go for certifications or not? Should I go for OCPJP 7 or not, is a common doubt among young graduate and a Java developer with few years of experience under his belt. Well, getting certified and recognized is always good for your career, knowledge and confidence, but its even more important for beginners and junior Java developers, who has just started their career. They are the one who needs something extra, apart from their regular computer science degree to impress perspective employer and get an edge over other candidates. There are many advantages and reason of why Java certifications like SCJP, also known as OCPJP is good for beginners.  Here are my 2 cents :

1) Java certifications gives you an opportunity to learn Java programming language very closely in short span of time. You not only learn about basics but also subtle details of essential Java APIs. Syllabus of  Java SE 7 exams are designed so well that you will be exposed to key Java concept, object oriented design patterns, file input output handling, exception handling, Java database connectivity, Java Generics and collection, Garbage collectors and different GC algorithms, multi-threading and concurrency and many more key topics are part of certification objective. Once a beginner goes through this rigorous syllabus he is bound to get a very good understand of Java programming language.

2) Java Certifications helps beginner to clear written tests. At fresher level, competition is much higher than at experienced level and many programmers applies for same job and companies often use written test to filter those large number of candidates. Once you are Java certified, there is very good chance that you will clear all these Java programming written tests with very little or no effort. Some companies even provides direct interview opportunities to Oracle certified Java developers. By the way, ready to prepare with coding questions, because Sun certification hardly test your programming or coding skill, which is also very important during Java interviews.

Why do Java Certification like OCA OCPJP 73) Many government organizations and consultancy companies who works in government project values Java certification highly. Not every Job says that Java certification is must but there are certainly few jobs out there, who prefer a certified Java developer than the non-certified one. By passing Java certification like OCA or OCPJP7 with good marks, a beginner improves his chances of getting called from these companies.

4) Java certification gives your confidence a huge boost. Even without significant real life Java programming experience, you will feel that you know Java much better, this reflect in your interview and there it matter most. I have seen certified Java programmer performs lot better on core Java questions than normal programmers. They are also very good to answer those fact based tricky questions, about which you don't have any clue. This increase confidence not only helps to clear interviews but also to demand and negotiate better offers. Companies also recognize talent and they has reasons to offer you more.

5) Last but not the least, Java Certification looks very good on resume. Especially if you don't have outstanding academic records or something on extra curricular which stands out, go for Java certification. This will fill your gaps in resume. It also sometime acts as filtering criterion. An hiring manager with 100 of resumes from freshers and junior Java developer has only limited time to conduct interviews. He will certainly call first 10 of them who has either outstanding academic records or Java certifications on their resume.

These are just tips of iceberg, there are many unknown advantages of doing Java certifications which acts time to time depending upon luck. For example, I have one of colleague's family member getting Job for a position, just because they are looking for a sun certified developer and their not a single one from the applications. So things happens and having something on your resume is always good. So if you have time and desire to learn Java better, go and do your Java certification. Do it early in your career to get most out of your OCA or OCPJP 7. All the best.

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arnold graaff said...

Agree entirely. If one of our clients get 2 CV's of juniors, one with the certification and one without, then they will definitely pick the one with certification, however they also need proof of practical abilities, that is why our java Bootcamp has 2 goals, one to pass international certification and two, to build a practical indistiral - grade project.

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